Monday, October 8, 2012

Simple pleasures

We enjoyed a nice, quiet weekend around home with family.  It was nice to have them visit because since they moved to Nez Perce, Idaho, we don't see them nearly as often as we used to.  The grand kids are growing up so fast, it's just amazing to me.  Jack is 13, David is 11 and Kaylee is 6.  That makes me old.  Oh well, growing older is for the most part, pretty ok.  Of course there are some aspects that I'd prefer were  a bit different, but overall it's good.  It's the natural order of things...right?  It just happens so dadgummed fast!!!  I understand that statement my grandma used to say, about waking up one morning and this old woman was staring back at her!  I'm starting to get the picture.  

It was so nice having all of us together around the kitchen table for coffee, hot chocolate and good conversation.  That's what I miss the most...

David on the left, Ruby (of course) in the center, and Jack (all awash in sunlight) on the right.

This is where David spends all his have to threaten him with severe beatings to get him out of that pasture.  :)  I do believe that if he could, he would stay out with the horses all the time.  Seriously, the kid just loves hanging out with them.  And truth be told, they enjoy being with him too.

Harley loves David.  Of course, Harley pretty much is a big, lovable pushover.

Kaylee is almost as bad as David.  She's also a tree monkey...they both want to come and spend some time with us next summer.  I think we can probably arrange that.

It's a 2-day work week for me.  Yay!!!  I'm going to the beach for a couple of days, just me and the dogs.  We're going to the quiet little beach town of Nestucca.  I'm sooo looking forward to it.  Nice walks on the beach, a fireplace and a view of the ocean.  It's supposed to be nice weather, but they're predicting some rain this coming weekend.  So my beach trip is perfectly timed.  I just wanted a few days off to enjoy this spectacular fall weather we're enjoying.  It's just too nice to work!!

Hope your fall is beautiful, and you're all enjoying this season.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

It certainly is beautiful weather...

How nice to see the family, and spend time together.

Enjoy the beach trip.

I am still drooling over your comment, and I have just finished dinner, that must have been delish.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

C-ingspots said...

Oh Jen, yes it was amazing! There are so many good things that my mom used to make that I miss so much.
Thank you!

Heather said...

Thanks for visiting my blogs... always happy to have comments... you have beautiful horses no wonder your grandson could stay in the pasture all day, LOL! Enjoy the last of the beautiful fall weather... we finally got some snow here... ugh!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Indian Summer has been great - it is supposed to end this weekend. Oh well, it is the middle of October. We really really need some rain. The leaves are beautiful. My kitten is doing well, Baxter really was a Gabby. Oh well, Bob would rather have a she. Grandkids are so fun, Ours our growing up, or grown up but the Great's are little and fun to have around. Life goes on, ups and downs - in and out but the Lord is with us as we go on our journey. Hope you have a fantabulous time at the beach. I am jealous though.

Nicku said...

So precious! I love the pics of the kiddos with the ponies, that's wonderful!

Strawberry Lane said...

Ahhh... so wonderful. Family! Isn't it wonderful to see how the children love the Harley. Enjoyed the photos.