Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Neskowin Beach trip

Well, we've had our first rainfall of the fall this past Friday.  The dust has been dampened, the air is refreshed and pleasantly cool, and I'm hoping for some Indian Summer weather to continue.  It's rained a little bit most days since then, but today is absolute perfection!  Around 70 and just an occasional puffy, white cloud in an otherwise brilliantly blue sky...sigh.  I adore fall days like these!  You just can't ask for anything better.  It's a perfect day to do just about anything you set your mind to.  Except be cooped up at work.  That's not my idea of wonderful.  It's been super quiet all this week so far.  Tell me again, exactly why am I here?  Oh yeah, the almighty dollar - now I remember!  Bummer.

At least I got a break from working last week.  I took a few days off and went to the beach.  :)  Just me and the dogs.  Yep...awwwwesome!!!!!  I did whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  And it was splendid weather!  I couldn't have wished for anything better.  There weren't very many people there either.  That's another thing I like about the beach in the midweek - it's so quiet, and so peaceful.  Just perfect.

I took a lot of pictures.  I'll probably break the pics up into groups so as not to bore you, but I took a lot. of. pictures.   Just sayin'...

 My quiet and cozy little cottage away from home on Neskowin Beach.  I loved it!!  It was clean, quiet, comfortable, and the dogs were welcome too.

 See that flooring in the kitchen?  It was beautiful!  That's pretty close to what I'm thinking of putting in my kitchen, nook off the kitchen (wood stove room), laundry room and mudroom.  It has no red tones in it at all, just brown.  Not too dark, and not too light.  That's what I want.

 The cute and cozy living room area with a small patio.  The fireplace was electric and was just enough heat to warm up in the evenings.  A fake fire is certainly better than no fire at all.  It's all about the ambiance...

The view from the patio.  This is called South Beach and that big rock just to the right in front of the ocean is called "Proposal Rock".  The name originates from one of the long ago residents who proposed to his bride-to-be after an exhilarating hike to the top for a romantic and picturesque view of the Pacific ocean far below.  How romantic is that?  The name stuck and it's been Proposal Rock ever since.  To the right of the rock is beautiful Neskowin Beach.  On this beach you can walk for over 7 miles all the way down to Cape Kiwanda, the beach in Pacific City.  Home of the Dory Festival, and more recently the local surfer's hangout.
When my hubby and I lived on the beach, our home was just a couple of miles on the other side of Haystack Rock on Cape Kiwanda.  This is my most favorite section of beach on the entire Oregon coastline.  From Neskowin Beach, up north to Tiera Del Mar.  It's just gorgeous, and the beach is huge.

 There were lots and lots of sand dollars everywhere.  Most of them get broken up by the sea, but some of them you can find intact.  I found two perfect ones, but one of them broke in my pocket.  Guess I need to go back again to find a replacement.  :)

 Beautiful Proposal Rock.  During low tide you can still make the trek all the way to the top.  It's not a hike for the faint of heart handrails here.
It was fairly early in the morning and the fog was just lifting to reveal a beautiful fall day.

 The tide was on its' way back out.  The evening before we walked at low tide and the beach is much larger then.  This is looking south towards South Beach.

 The ocean is the most relaxing place I've ever been to.  A place to carry all your worries away...

 Looking North towards Cape Kiwanda at Pacific City.

This always troubles me a wee girls a little too interested in something they've found on the beach.  Notice the seagull looks none too amused.

I love the subtle colors of the greyish-blue of the ocean in the morning before the sun has fully burned the fog off.  Such a peaceful color.  Wouldn't that be lovely in a bedroom?  So tranquil and relaxing.

Nice homes for storm watching or just enjoying the ocean view huh?  I adore the variety in the houses on the beach.  But what I especially enjoy are the quaint and cozy little beach cottages that Neskowin Beach is famous for.  I'll save those for another post.  In my rental there was a book with history on the town and a lot of the cottages since the early 1900's.  There were pictures of the original cottages and how they look today, including stories of the people who built them and lived there, many for numerous generations.  It was such fun walking around and taking pictures of those adorable beach cottages and knowing some information about the families and their stories.

 Seagull feet...

This house is a beauty, a little large for my tastes, but lovely all the same.  I loved how the morning sunlight was streaming through the fog.

 A nice little spot for a rest and some contemplation.

Annie and Ruby exploring and checking out all the wonderful sniffs that the beach has to offer.  I can't imagine going to the beach without my girls.  :)

 Ruby has matured into a lovely young lady.  She's a little over 2 years old already - my how time does fly...

Can you even imagine how wonderful it must be to take flight, and soar above the ocean waves?  I've had two dreams in my life where I've been able to fly of my own accord, and I must admit that I really didn't want to wake up.  It was magical!

 Even the seagulls contemplate the world; and life whilst gazing upon the ocean so's mesmerizing!

 Not sure what, or if, Ruby's contemplating anything other than what lies around the next bend.  Every single dog she sees, she's convinced it's her long-lost best friend.

While Ruby goes gallavanting off in search of her next grand adventure, Annie's much more content to walk by my side.  Always has been a momma's girl - think she always will be.  I love this dog so much! She really is my best friend and my constant companion.

 And here comes Ruby full speed!!  Oh, the exuberance and the sheer joy of running!!

 I can't ever resist rolling up my pant legs and wading in the water, feeling the sand sift between my toes and shift beneath my weight.  I love it.  And the water wasn't even cold.  Well, on my feet anyway.  :)

The lovely trail that led us back through the enchanting little town of Neskowin and all those delightful beach cottages.  It was time for a warm shower and a hot cup of coffee while taking in the view from the comfort of a cushy chair on the patio...hmmmm, I could get used to this.

Blessings everyone!  Hope you all get the chance to get outside and do something fun or out of the ordinary while it's inviting and enjoyable.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Sometimes we come across a post that just soothes our soul...mine in fact. And thank you for this.

Reading your post is like being back there, it's one of my most favorite places in the world.

And to see the seagull footprints, brings me back to memories of our beach in White Rock..

I used to get up early in the morning and catch the sunrising, illuminating the footprints.

I live in a different world, just equally beautiful here, and it's my choice, and has been my wish for so long...but the ocean has a very large part of my heart, and it always will.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

Annette said...

What a beautiful place! The dogs look like they were in heaven.

Paint Girl said...

Beautiful!! Awesome pictures!! I just love beaches and the ocean of course!! I miss spending time at the ocean (my parents lived in Ocean Shores for years and years, have a lot of memories!!)
The dogs look like they had a blast, I mean what dog wouldn't? That is one thing I haven't done, is take my Aussie's to the ocean. Must put that on my long to do list!!

Strawberry Lane said...

Wonderful pictures! Such a beautiful, peaceful place ... it's a "sigh moment" just looking at the photographs. So glad you shared this!

Jenn said...

What a beautiful, relaxing, zen place to spend some much-needed alone time. Thank you for sharing your ocean-side nirvana!

Gail said...

I'd rather be there anytime as the big city.

Fantastic photos.

C-ingspots said...

Jen - thank you for the nice comment. I'm glad that you enjoyed the pictures. You do live in a beautiful place!
Annette - Yes, the dogs had so much fun!! Of course, they always do. :)
PG - You should take your Aussies, they'd have such fun, and so would you watching them!
Marvel - Glad you enjoyed them! You're most welcome.
Jenn - Yes, it was much-needed time
for me, but more from work than being alone. I would have enjoyed my hubby's company, but he had a chance to earn a few $$ and we need the income. *sigh* so, I had to go it alone. :)
Gail - Amen!!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Oh Lorie, I could be so jealous. I am not but I could be. What beautiful pictures. The beach houses are so awesome. Next to my horses, I love the ocean. I am so lonesome for the smell of salt water. Please pray for Katies baby Justin. He has some problems that could be heart breaking.

Jane said...

My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
I was looking for blogs about Neskowin to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
Hope to hear from you soon!