Monday, October 29, 2012

Land ho, it's been a gullywasher!!!

Whoowee!!  This past weekend was so wet, I do believe that we've made up for the last 4 months of dry weather we enjoyed in one fell swoop.  Much more and we'd be searching for higher ground, I do declare! So, if any of you webfoot Oregonians were fretting and fussing or harboring any concerns about a assured, I believe we are out of the woods for the foreseeable future.  And then some!!

We didn't let a little ole rain stop us from making progress on that "to do" list though.  No siree!!  We took the dogs to the local "You Do Doggie Wash" and they got their quarterly buff and fluffs, mani-pedis and they are sweet-smelling and silky to touch!  Annie is positively glowing with knowledge of her beauty and grace.  I love how they seem to feel so much better, knowing that they've had a special salon treatment.  You know it just doesn't matter what the species - girls like to feel pretty.  I'm sure of it!  :)

Afterwards we went out for a relaxing lunch and watched the rain come down in torrents from our window with a view.  Seriously it was a gullywasher and then some.  Impressive!  Even by our standards.

Before we left, we had turned the horses out after they enjoyed breakfast in their stalls.  By the time we arrived back home, in the mid-afternoon, they were more than ready to come back inside their warm, cozy and dry stalls.  So, they had a light flake and spent some time relaxing and drying off while it continued to rain and rain and then rain some more.  I'm so thankful for our barn!!

The next morning the rain had slacked off, and the weatherman was predicting a break from the rain until early afternoon.  So, we decided it was now or never to go get another cord of firewood for our woodshed stash.  We worked in a light rain for a little while, but overall it was pleasantly dry and quite warm.  We packed the truck with the wood and were back home in about 3 hours time.  We managed to unload about half of it before the rain started again - in earnest!  We decided it was a good time to park the truck in the shed and head indoors for a little break.  I enjoyed a nice, warm shower and got dressed in cozy, warm lounging clothes.  We decided we'd done enough hard work for the day and settled in for a little football and a movie on tv.

Nothing exciting, but the weekend was quiet, laid-back and it always feels good to accomplish something.

I might complain occasionally about our weather, and especially the quantity of rainfall that we get; but I'm also very thankful that most always, when compared to so many others, we don't really have anything to complain about at all.  While up North on our West coast, there was an earthquake and the scare of a Tsunami, and on the East coast, Hurricane Sandy...we're blessed.  I'll be keeping everyone back east in my prayers.  Prayers for protection and prayers that the hurricane is nothing more than an overblown, over-rated windstorm...with a little rainfall.

Blessings, Lorie @ Cingspots



Grey Horse Matters said...

No it's a real hurricane. We're getting hammered right now. Lots of wind and rain and lots of branches down and hitting the house. Sounds like a war zone out there. We have no power but the generator is working well. Seems like there's a lot of flooding but we're not in the path of that. Glad you had some rain though.

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

Oh Lorie I'm envying your rainy weekend just a bit. Your description of working in the light rain made me wistful. That's one of my favorite things to do. We've had humidity without the benefit of rain and we get a bit grumpy with just humidity (mostly Hubby). We were supposed to get some of that rain by Halloween but I think that system has stalled, darn it.

Paint Girl said...

I am one of those that always complains about the rain and mud but when you see what is happening on the east coast it sure makes me thankful I am not there.
Although I am hearing a big storm is moving this way with rain, wind and flooding.
I do enjoy those storms when I can just relax and take a lazy weekend sitting by the woodstove with my hot chocolate and a good book!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I've always felt that Oregon was a special and most beautiful place to live, and now I am sure.

Sounds like a fun, peaceful, and productive weekend.


C-ingspots said...

GH: Keeping you all in my prayers. So glad to hear you're not in the flood zone.
Cindy: Yes, we actually enjoyed getting our firewood. It was a beautiful location at a friend's house, quiet and peaceful. We even saw some deer cruising through her property stealing apples. :) Will try and blow a little of our rain your way!
PG: Yes, I am so guilty of complaining about the rain and all the mud, but...I need to learn to be thankful that's all we have to deal with!
Jen: Our state is beautiful, no doubt about that...we're blessed with so much diversity. I just wish we could share some of our rain with others who need it. :)