Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reporting from paradise...x

Ha gotcha!! You probably thought I meant from some tropical luxurious beachfront villa didn't ya??

Not today!! :) (insert snarkey grin here) is my little piece of paradise. We've been having glorious, spring-like weather!!!! I can hardly believe it myself - get this - I've been wearing my sunglasses for over a week now! And I've seen people kicked back in their cars with their sunroofs open soaking up the rays! Seriously - in February!! Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming!!

Never fear those of you who are turning green with envy...our rain is expected to be back this weekend, but only light rain is forecasted. I can dig it!! It is the middle of winter - right!?

So the point of this post today (besides gloating about our weather) is to post a few pics taken recently around our little piece of paradise.

God bless this horse!!! She simply has to be the sweetest horse ever!! My Kadie, aka "the sugar princess". Just look at that beautiful blessed to share my life with her.

The amazingly gorgeous and kind-hearted...St. Annie...goddess and protector divine. She surely deserves our adoration! Love this dog - she's my loyal bestest friend and constant companion. Mercy, I just cannot say enough about how wonderful she is... Just look at her smug confidence. The girl knows she's beautiful!

My dearest friend Betty and I went a-walking the other day, and we spied this beautiful and unusual tree - a Madrone or maybe it's Medrone. I think it's lovely, but Betty says they"re quite common in these parts...who knew?

Our weathervane at sunrise...a gift from a very dear friend. It makes me smile.

Our beautiful little herd enjoying their breakfast at sunrise. Another reason to smile and offer thanks. I always feel blessed to watch over their care. Love that color!

My whacky, beloved honey during choretime...what a goofball! He makes me smile too.

My honey's big, red horse...Shad. He's the most playful and animated horse I've ever known. He's sure to bring a smile to all and he gets the award for the best buck around. Suckers what we used to call a sunfisher. Not an honest bucker, but twists and turns and shows his belly to the sun. You won't catch me riding him - I've seen how he can buck! I have to admit that he shows a fair amount of self-control when hubby's aboard though...just be prepared to bale if he starts to grit his teeth and his veins pop out. Then, look out!!

Our resident chunky monkey...Little Siri. She turned 29 years old last January 1st! She looks fantastic for her age. We've had her for 15 years now, and she's not been lame once ever, nor has she had an injury or been tough old broad!! Fantastic little trail horse too!!

Harley horse. He'll turn 14 this coming hard to believe that he was the last of our babies. Time sure does fly! He took out a whole section of our corral this past week...must have mistaken it for the gateway. Thankfully though, he only got a couple of scrapes on his face, no other damage that I could find. Every morning before I leave home, I ask God to watch over our little herd and keep them all safe...with a special little prayer for Harley's safety.

Our very pretty Mt. Hood as seen from my car the other day.
I've been thinking about purchasing, if I can find something anyway, some sort of goggles or visors for Harley to wear when he's in the pasture on a daily basis. What a challenge! Seems that it's not very common to want to protect horses' eyes. But, I did find a couple and one of the links is below. Does anybody have any experience with horsey eye protection, or have any ideas where something might be purchased? I'd appreciate any information that you're willing to share. I found an Argentinian company that's called is - they manufacture goggles of several types.

And the mounted policeman website below. Their's is more like a full-face visor/noseguard rather than a goggle. Neither type that I've found is cheap...but it they work, I'm willing to give them a try.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, so I expect most of you will be celebrating this coming weekend with your honeys...enjoy!!

Peace and Love to all...Cingspots


Carolynn said...

Thanks for the guided tour. It's always a pleasure to spend some time with your herd. What a lovely family you have. St. Anne is a sweet girl.

Diamond in the ruff said...

I absolutly loved the pics, thank you so much for sharing them with the world. I love what you said about the praying over your herd, I try to pray psalms 91 over mine everyday. Also, thank you so much for the kind comments you left on my blog.:o)

Tracey said...

Your little paradise is better than any tropical luxurious beachfront villa! Your animals are beautiful. Hope you and your hubby have a sweet Valentine's Day...I am still in search of a valentine...someday maybe :)