Thursday, February 24, 2011

Look momma, it's snowing!!!

That's what I felt like saying when I first climbed out of bed this morning and peered out my bedroom window...snow. Beautiful. White. Perfect. Snow. If only my mom were here to share this winters' morning with me - it really would have been perfect.

It always amazes my senses at how pristine and oh, how so very quiet the world seems after a snowfall. This was only the second time this winter that we've had snow, and it's so very pretty. It's real snow too, you know, powder. Not our usual, white rain. It won't last long, so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots off. Got some good ones of the dogs frolicing in the backyard too. Ruby needed to go out for "poddy on the grass", but when I opened the door for her - freeze frame - what the heck is this stuff?? It was so cute! Didn't take her long though, to figure out that this stuff is pretty darn cool!! And off she went...her and Annie both. Oh, to be a kid again, and to feel that excitement of a "snow day". Wouldn't it be grand!?

But, no snow days for this gal, so I grabbed a cup of coffee and enjoyed a few glorious moments in my rocker by the woodstove before heading for the shower and off to work. Have I mentioned lately how much I long to be able to spend some time without having to head out the door every single day of my life? Yes? - well okay then...

The drive to work was beautiful; but a bit dicey at best. This lunatic picked the worst possible spot on the highway to - sort of - pull off the road and have a little chat on his cell phone...on an incline and on a corner where those needing to get around him, had to pull into the oncoming lane just to try and see if there was traffic coming. Fortunately, for me, a truck pulled onto the roadway from a sidestreet in front of me, which let me know no traffic was coming and I was able to safely go around joker boy in his cute little car...grrrr...I gave him my best scally look as I drove by him. Then the guy pulls out and rides my bumper all the way into town. This, however did not bother me in the slightest because I have a very large and very heavy steel hitch protruding from the back end of my truck. I might have felt it a little, if he were to hit me...but, you can bet it wouldn't have done the front end of his cute little car any good at all. I pulled into a parking lot and allowed him (still chatting on his cell phone) to go around me, and from there I poked all the rest of the way to work. I didn't slip a tire, but was in 4-wheel drive and going very slowly all the way to the clinic. Why, I'm here - I have no idea - there was one call on the appointment book and the client called and is having the doc come to her house instead. *sigh* At least I'm collecting my pay, even if there's nothing to do...but you never know if something might come up. Life of the veterinarian, I guess.

I'm still a bit lame on my leg, but doing much better after the dogs plowed me over last Saturday while we were out on a walk...Ruby crouches down and awaiting the perfect moment for her attack...catapults herself towards Annie when she's not paying attention...Annie (purely out of self-preservation), wheels and runs in opposite direction of ensuing assault...forgets about mom existing, momentarily...and like a freight train, mows mom down like a summer lawn. You get the picture...the doc says give it a week or so, it should be much better...can you say Aflac???
Diagnosis: strain of the lateral collateral ligament of the right knee (LCL)...collect $150.00
Yay me!!! I gotta get something for my pain and suffering - am I right?

Anyway, the snow is melting as I type, and the sky is bright blue and the sun is shining. It could get even more entertaining around here if it re-freezes tonight. Who knows - maybe I'll get that snow day yet! Hope it's interesting wherever you are at!!



Carolynn said...

Oh I so covet your cosy rocking chair by the fire. I feel the same way about having to drag my butt out of bed every morning to go to work where it's crazy slow. So much so, I'm going to be approaching my bosses about reducing my hours to a 4-day work week. We'll see how that goes. Wish me luck.

No snow days for us. We're having record breaking cold weather and more on the way, but no snow. Brrr....

Lisa said...

You are right about how quiet everything is after a snow. I am always amazed by that as well. I have had my fill of snow and look towards warmer days. I'm pleased to hear your leg is doing better.
Take good care,

Diamond in the ruff said...

Isn't that the best part of new new snow? When you very first wake up and look out the window and for just a brief moment everything is muted, it's like everything has been wiped clean, you know? Purified. I love that. Glad to hear you made it to work safely! ;o)

allhorsestuff said...

I am soo very happy that you stopped by today..or was it yesterday or even the day before?! I have gotten rid of some links on the computer as it was getting so slow to load.I figured you always came by and thay would remind me to come by. I I got so ovcerwhelmed visitng everyone, I decided to only vsit the folks that visited me.
All that aside...I've missed you!

Good to see you, and that all seems to be well. I will try to catch up.
I hope we ride together this summer too...there is no reason I can't come to your place or we try to meet if I ma already at the beach!

I enjoyed the light dusting of beautiful snow today as well. I did not have to drive in it as you did though. Gald that worked out!My client was at 2pm..though it was still snowing, it stuck not.

Well, I appreciate you and am thanksful too, for the nice words of encouragement you always give to me!

Leah Fry said...

Never a dang dull moment, but I'm glad to say we had temps in the 70s today. Hang in there — spring is coming.