Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thankful this day...

... for so many things. Thankful it's Friday. Oh yeah!!! I say that every week. Thankful that tomorrow is Sabbath...I'm ready to enter into rest. Thankful that we have absolutely no plans for this weekend (other than go to church), and that I get to spend some time at home...doing a little cleaning, a little laundry, sleep in and get up when I want to get up, maybe watch a movie of some sort...perhaps get a little creative and cook something special for my hubby, or bake something...who knows, the possibilities are endless. Well, the "inside the house" pursuits are endless anyways...but then again, taking a little walk with the poochies outside in the fresh air sounds delightful as well. I am positively giddy at all the possibilities!!! or...maybe at all the nothingness!!! I'm just giddy!!!

My sweet and most precious baby boy...Harley. Soooooo thankful for him!!
"Mr. Speck - Tac - ular" That's what Brad Cameron calls him...clinician and mule trainer from Montana...tis so true!

Is it suppertime yet? Cuz...we're kinda hungry and wuz just wonderin'... :) And - very, very, very thankful for these two mugs - my hubby's boy, Shad on the left and my big boy, Ladde (aka the grand eating machine) on the right.

Thankful for apple pie - yum! My momma made the best apple pie in the entire world - I'd guarantee that! This may not have been the prettiest apple pie I've ever baked, but it sure was tasty!!!

I'm thankful for sunrises. I'm thankful for our pastures. I'm thankful for snow...even if it is just a light smattering.

I'm thankful that God gave us the apple. Yummy and nutritious in its' own regard, but when peeled, sliced and mixed together with a little butter, a little sugar and some *wink* "secret" concoction of spices, turns into a heavenly divine treat used for making those wonderful apple pies! We went to an apple orchard one day and picked about 80# of apples and this is what I did with some of them...tucked them away in the freezer for quick and easy pie-making later.

I'm thankful for our woodbox. (thank you craigslist!) We keep it just outside the door on the deck for handy dandy access.

I'm ever so thankful for this winters' supply of firewood - oh yes indeedy, am I ever!! We went into the woods and cut and split our own this year. $10.00 at the local forest service office for the permit buys you 2 cords of wood. What a deal!! And...we had fun in the process - can't beat that with a stick!!

Oh yes, can't forget about these beauties!! Nothin' beats a garden fresh tomater, especially if it comes from your very own vegetable garden. This was the last of the pretty.

I am eternally thankful for this guy. God broke the mold when he made this horse. And, I'll never, ever understand how I got picked, out of all the people in the whole, wide world to be this big brute's caretaker...I am truly blessed! My Ladde...

I am thankful to live in this beautiful little valley...I took this shot one afternoon when we were headed home from a woodcutting trip. The area where we went for the wood was about 35-45 minutes drive from home - not so many miles, but slow-going on the narrow and winding mountain roads.

My hubby - "head logger". I am so thankful to spend my life with him. He's almost as stubborn as me. :)

I'm thankful that, among many other things, my momma taught me how to make a "mean" pot of chili...yep, yep, yep - it's that good!

More of them maters... I'm thankful that I found a "killer deal" on my leather couch and matching loveseat at a garage sale...and that I'm a savy enough bargainer to get the seller to throw in this kitchen table for free!! That's right - I'm bad!!

I'm still thankful for this guy...and his ability to use a chainsaw...oh, thankful for the chainsaw too! Sure makes woodcuttin' easier!

Thankful to the United States Forrestry Department for having these tidy decks of logs right next to the road for our woodcutting enjoyment! Hubby calls this "pecker pole" logging! *wink* I, however, have no idea what he means by that...
Have a wonderful weekend everyone...


Kate said...

Lots of wonderful things (and people and horses!).

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Weso much to be thankful for don't we. Love your list of things that are every day but wonderful. I need to do that one day.


Greetings from Southern California :-)

I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You, ~Ron