Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Timing is everything and wistful memories

You've probably heard the old saying that "time is everything"? Well, sure you have. It is so true! I'm not even going to ask what next because you just never know what could happen.

So, Annie and I set off for work this morning, you know, like any other morning. Ignorance is bliss. It's the first day that the doc is out of town for a family reunion in the midwest. Yeehaw!! Like any other self-respecting hourly employee, I'm hoping for a nice, peaceful day. You know, do what needs to be done, but hopefully have some time to kick back - take life easy and enjoy a little downtime at work.

That's what I get for hoping. Sheesh!! The minute I walk in, the phones are ringing off the hook and all helter-skelter is breaking loose. I deal with things here at the clinic pretty much like I do in every other aspect of my life - take a deep breath, and then take everything one step at a time. It'll all work out in the wash is what my momma used to say. Wise woman.

Anyway, shortly before noon things begin to quiet down and I start to relax. At lunchtime, Annie and I head out to the park and hit the trails. It's pretty warm and sultry today, so the walk was awesome, but by the time we make it back to the truck...yep, I'm sweating like a pig! Not a pretty sight at all. I have time to open up the clinic and take a drink of cool water and my cell phone rings. It's my hay man. He's gonna drop off our hay tonight and what time will we all be home? Oh, around 6, I say...just how much hay is coming tonight I ask? Oh, I'll probably get maybe 10-12 tons tonight and the rest at a later date. Ohhhhhhkay!! Just ducky!! I guess I know that a lack of personal exercise won't be a problem on this date in history. Oh, and did I mention that my dear, sweet hubby is having all his upper teeth and a couple of the bottom ones removed today. Uh-huh...I'm thinking he's not gonna be much help at all. Note to self: do not - repeat - DO NOT forget to pick up the pain pills before going home. And...thunderstorms are predicted for our little valley this evening and throughout the night. Great.

So...I panic just a wee little bit. And then I get on my phone and start calling all the able-bodied, young men I can possibly think of to enlist some obviously needed help. I use pizza and ice-cold drinks as my snare. Said the spider to the fly. Anyway, long story short - I have 4 wonderful, sweet suckers, er I mean helpers coming to help us out. Bless their pea-picken' little hearts!!!

All is well that ends in a well!!

Wish us luck will ya?

On another note, I just want to mention that today is my sweet daddy's birthday. I was planning on making his favorite dessert tonight in his honor, but I probably won't have the time for that now. He would understand. And if he were here today, he'd no doubt be on his way to help us load our hay in the barns. Bless his sweet and precious loving heart. Dear God, I miss him so much. Don't think it's ever gonna stop. If he were here, all I'd want to do is wrap my arms around him and tell him one more time how very much I always did love him...and then we'd probably go get a bowl of ice cream or something.

I may be middle-aged, but I'll always be my daddy's girl. Rest in peace, and I'll see ya in the mornin'!!

Blessings from c-ingspots


fernvalley01 said...

ATTA girl , bait them with food! works every time !
Hope it went well.
Sorry you are sad today It must be so hard to not have him physically close, but he is clearly forever in your heart. It is a testament to what a truly wonderful man he muast have been to have raised such a treasure as yourself!Hugs to you my friend from another Daddy's girl.

Paint Girl said...

Sounds like a hectic day, good thing you found some strong guys to come over and unload all that hay! Nothin' like pizza and a cold drink to lure them in!
Sorry you couldn't make your daddy's dessert tonight, sounds like he was a wonderful father, and so dearly loved.

Kate said...

Nice that you remember your father so fondly!

Good thinking on how to cope with a day that looked like too much - and even better thinking on recruiting some strong young men to help with the hay!

Hope things calm down a little (or a lot)!

Carolynn said...

The upside to days like that is that they tend to fly by. Good thing you had some able bodied lads to help out with the hay. I must say, your husband timed his dental appointment very well! Crafty fellow... ;o)

Hugs to you & your Dad on his birthday.