Friday, June 5, 2009

A Storm was Brewing

Here in the mild mannered pacific northwest, we rarely have storms. And when we do, they're generally not real exciting. Positively boring compared to most other places. You see, we're really blessed with a very temperate climate most of the time. We do get more than our share of rainfall, that's a given...but as far as real storms go - we're positively blase'. We don't have tornadoes, or hurricanes, or fires. Very rarely an earthquake will happen somewhere in the vicinity, but they're usually harmless. We're really quite lucky. So, in the future, if I complain too loudly about our rain or our mud...somebody please, just slap me. Okay?

You remember that I had said that the last several days had been very hot and quite humid. Unusually so, for our area, and that the weather forecasters had been predicting thunder and lightening for a couple of days. When we were loading our hay into the barns, the skies were particularly colorful and exotic looking; and the clouds were definitely ominous. At one point in time that evening, a strong wind came blowing through, and then it was gone. We thought we were in for a storm then, but nothing materialized.

Fast forward to Thursday around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. It had been a hot and humid day, and it was very quiet...nary a breeze. I'm sitting at my desk at the clinic when all of a sudden it looked rather dark. So, I went outside to have a look. The skies were very dark and it was very, very still. You know, kind of like the calm before the storm. All of a sudden, the wind picked up and hot dog, did it ever blow. We have a landscaping place behind us, with mountains of top soil, sand, barkdust and that sort of stuff. Well, rather quickly this stuff was flying through the air and the visibility dropped to about a hundred feet. Totally freaky!! Some of you are probably thinking, no biggie, but this just doesn't happen around here. Everybody in this little area of businesses was outside, rolling up car windows and such. All of a sudden a tree goes down, quickly followed by another and our large trash can goes sailing across the parking lot depositing its' contents from here to the next county. This was getting exciting!! The power lines are whipping in the winds and then the power goes out. Seems like it came out of nowhere, but apparently this storm had been brewing for a while.

So, after the major winds had subsided, the torrential rains and hail began. What a rain shower, it was pelting down with such force that all the storm drains were backing up and the parking lot was flooding. Ohhkay!! The power was still out, and the phones weren't working either. I went around the clinic unplugging some of the equipment and computers and such. It was now 5 o'clock, and I decided I may as well head for home. Nothing much else to do. I had managed to get ahold of my hubby who was at home because of his recent dental work, and he and my friend Shannon brought all the horses inside. Knowing that the horses were all as safe as we could make them eased my mind a lot.

The drive home was quite entertaining as well. There were electrical lines down everywhere, and bunches of debris all over the roads. The traffic lights were all out, and apparently just about everybody who was at work when the storm hit had decided to head for home, just like me. Traffic was crazy for our little area. There were two detours going home, a big fir tree had fallen across the highway in one spot and a big old oak had fallen in another location. On one of the detours one of my most favorite big, old, grand homes had taken a direct hit from a stately old oak tree that had been in their front yard. Sheesh!! So much devastation in such a short period of time. Gives me just a tiny little bit of insight into what so many other people deal with on a much more common basis. I wouldn't like it at all!!

So, I arrive home safely and without any real drama. Our modest little home is standing strong in the rain and looks just fine...and inviting. My hubby and my friend had gotten all the horses into the barns and they were just as fine as frog's hair...contentedly munching on some hay. Nothing much else to do but offer a quick prayer of thanks to the Almighty and go inside and watch the drama unfold on the news. If the power was on anyway. Which it was, I was told it had gone out for a while, but it was back on when I got home. It sure felt good to walk into our cozy little home and feel all safe and secure.

Sure hope things mellow out. The summer solstice is just around the corner. This year it falls on Father's Day, June 21st. I'm ready to kick back, soak up some sun and enjoy. Horse camping here we come!!

Sounds mighty fine to me.

Blessings from cingspots.


Anonymous said...

wow.we MUST be sisters somehow :) Here where there's some serious storming right now as i "speak" and a wet (and yup even some snow forecast) for this weekend... Okay tho.. i'll be a "barn rat" and work/play with Alle my qhorse since we're into show season.

Tho the "little man".. (Gazi's) been a major blessing here as well.. we keep showing each other courage... G-d is good
be well
gp and the herd

Jenn said...

Sounds like a regular spring week 'round these parts! Our storms generally blow up over the northwest part of our property which is where the majority of the trees are. We like to sit on the deck and watch the storm blow in. We've seen one tornado from the deck since we moved in...and all you can do is pray hard that it heads AWAY and not towards you!

Last week we got a storm that dumped about four inches of rain on us in less than an hour and we had 60+ mph straight line winds, which are more damaging than tornadoes. The only good thing about such strong winds (as long as your house stays intact!) is it's nature's way of pruning the dead branches out of our woods.

Reddunappy said...

Yeah! it was a pretty freaky afternoon, they kept playing emergency broadcast system messages on the tv, we went out to bring the horses in, just in case, during the only downpoor that we got LOL and of course the brats didnt want to come in! They stand under a maple tree and or 2 Squoia trees that are 40" tall, not where I want them if we have a lightening storm!
One of our local vets lost a horse a few years ago because he was hit by lightening while under a fir tree! We got them in between 3 of us.

Pony Girl said...

I'm glad you were okay! Sounds like you had it more wild than I did! Being in the NW too, I witnessed it from a high hill and let me tell you, it WAS bizarre! It literally rolled in out of nowhere and like you, things happened so fast I was running around shutting windows and finding flashlights. No power loss, just lots of wind. Anyway, the cool-down is nice for sure!! :)

allhorsestuff said...

Oooouwee...I know..storms..well I did not even check yesterday's weather cause= we don't have storms!Um..I went riding at 3pm..and by 4pm I heard what sounded like a car or motorcycle in a non motorized local..I was freaked by the loudness of it all..and all along I could not see the sky, or I would have high tailed it sooner!
Glad you are alright..and I love your story telling! Me..I lived to tell the tale on my blog too!

Gail said...

That sounded like it could have been almost a tornado. Do you have them in your area?

Leah Fry said...

That's exactly the kind of weather that spawns tornadoes. Although they are rare in certain areas, they say they can occur anywhere, given the right conditions.

Donna said...

We live in a rural heavily-wooded area and every time the wind blows a little bit our power goes out because a tree takes out a power line. I always dread the power outages, our lives are just not set up to function without it.