Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Pinch of this and a pinch of that

I'm feeling somewhat scatterbrained this morning. My stepson and our two grandsons Jack and David spent the night last night and we were all up before the crack of dawn. Hubby got the stalls cleaned and the horses fed while I cooked breakfast. We had whole wheat muffin and fried egg sandwiches, orange juice and coffee - yummy!! We don't usually have a breakfast like that mid-week, but since the kiddos were here, I got the urge and gammy fixed the vittles! Grandpa had help from David, the youngest with the chores. That kid is obscessed with the horses and the llama and the cats and the dog and just the farm in general. He loves to spend time with us and he goes full throttle all day and grudgingly dies in the bed at night...then we relax. We're just not used to having little ones around that much, and you know what? They are exhausting!! But, it is fun once in a while - keeps us young I guess.

And speaking of food, I had some Thai food for lunch yesterday. I've found a delightful new favorite. Oh my!! It is so good and so very simple. Now, I know what we can have for a treat when we're in Hawaii. It's called sweet rice with mango...and that's exactly what it is. Cooked white rice with some butter and sugar and topped with an entire fresh mango cut in slices. Oh my, the flavors are magical! You just gotta give it a try - you won't be disappointed, I promise! One thing I'm looking for in a rental in Hawaii is fruit trees on the property. I want to try tree-ripened fruit like mangos, bananas, pineapple and whatever else grows in Hawaii. Good grief, I'm making myself hungry all over again, better give it a rest.

Last weekend was the annual Canby Tack Sale. It's a big deal around these parts. Everyone and their brother sets up a booth and sells whatever you can think of in the horsey department. They have saddles, all kinds of tack, clothes, jewelry, purses...just about anything you can think of to be sold, bought or traded. They have new and used stuff and stores and individuals alike show up and show off their wares. It's a huge affair and has been going on for years and years. They hold it at the Canby, Oregon Fairgrounds each year in March and it's grown huge over the years. We would have loved to go, but alas it was only a one day event and was on the same day that the annual Horse Expo in Albany was being held. Now, that's something we've been to lots of times, but this year along with all the other clinicians and demonstrations and vendors and such; they had the Extreme Mustang makeover finals and auction. The last day was on Saturday and that's what I wanted to see. I had seen one of the mustangs that had been in training with a gal in Estacada and he was gorgeous. A 16+ hand bay gelding that had beautiful, fluid movement and would have made a spectacular dressage prospect. Oh, that's right, I don't ride dressage do I? But, I could always learn!! I wanted to see him especially, along with all the others and was very curious to see how much they sold for at the auction. So, we get up early and get showered and dressed and hit the road. Of course, we have to stop for breakfast along the way, but we had plenty of time (or so I thought) and head on down to Albany. We got there around noon and the auction had been held at 11:00 and was completely over by the time we got there. I was so disappointed! We had a good time looking at everything else, but I had really wanted to see that mustang demonstration. Guess that's what we get for thinking of our stomachs and not getting their earlier. Oh well, maybe it's a saving grace because if he would have been a really super cool horse and went cheap enough...well, you just never know what might have taken place...I can be weak, very weak where cool horses are concerned. *sigh* Maybe I should count my lucky stars and just be satisfied with my way cool new leather and western-inspired purse that I got there. I don't have a picture of it but trust me - it's a great little handbag...and I just had to have it!! I was looking for another vest, but couldn't find one that I couldn't live without, so there's always next time. My hubby says that I am obscessed with vests, and maybe he's right - so...what's your point!? A girls' gotta have something to get excited about right?

Well, the boss is out of town for the remainder of the week and I'm here all by my lonesome, so guess I'd better get to cracking and try to make my final decision on just which beach cottage to rent when we go to Hawaii...yeah, it's a tough job...but somebody's gotta do it - am I right???

Guess it's time to count my blessings again...

That's it for now from cingspots!!


allhorsestuff said...

Lorie....WHAT were we (not) thinking???!!! I could have met up with you for the EXPO and tack sale!
Oh man..was that an oversight or what!

I too thought there were some excelent dressage prospects..good eye on you girl. For mustangs, that I normally think of as short necked and small, there were about 3-4 really large and lanky horses with longer strides and long necks too.
Was that not fun!! Oh! We were probably sitting JUST bleachers away
I am sending you my cell #!!!

Melanie said...

Hey there!!!
I love to come down to the Horse Expo in Albany, and my sister and I usually do, we just didn't this year. It would have been fun to have met up with all of you OR bloggers, eh???

Somehow I missed your Ladde post, and I think it is just fabulous! I think it is fun to see how Appy's coats/patterns can change over time, don't you?? He sure is a handsome boy! :)

Hope you have a good week off...

fernvalley01 said...

Hey sounds like you are likin the Grandma stuff!
I sent you a note on your e-mail

C-ingspots said...

Kacy and Melanie, Guess I wasn't thinking at all. We totally could have met up and had us some fun!! Horsey events are the best and even better when shared with friends of like mind. Next year??

Sherry, got your e-mail and sent one back at ya. Thanks!!
Ya, sometimes I kinda like the little rodents.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That S-shaped trail is so cool! Did the horses make that? Or is that a hiking trail you walk on?

You PNW gals are so lucky to live so close to one another and get together for fun horse stuff.

Too bad you missed the Mustang stuff. I've been wanting to see those for a while now, too. Hopefully the breakfast was very yummy! hehe