Friday, March 27, 2009


Hey everybody - Happy Preparation Day!! That's another term for Friday for Sabbath keepers. We do things to prepare for the Sabbath, so that we can enjoy our day of rest when it comes. I usually don't do a lot of preparing because I'm always at work, but I do try and honor the Sabbath.

So, anyway I've got several things on my mind today and the first one is a bit of a "beef" or a pet peeve if you will. It begins with my usually does. I am quite different in many ways from most of my family members. I'm not saying that I'm any better than them, just different on so many levels. I won't even bother going into details, but suffice it to say that we are vastly different.

As most of you know, I am definitely an animal lover. I have no children of my own, therefore my animals are that much more special to me. But, even if I did have children it wouldn't matter because I have always been a lover of animals of all kinds...but especially horses. No one who knows me is not aware of this. They would have to be living on another planet not to be aware of this. So, having said that...why would one of my family members presume to think that I would find even the slightest bit of humor in an e-mail "forward" that portrays a horse's back end sticking out of the windshield of someones' car along complete with emergency vehicles with a funny ha-ha joke. To me it was upsetting and absolutely non-humorous. Call me a stick in the mud, or whatever you like...but I find it in poor taste, bad judgement and if nothing else...a lack of respect for my feelings. Maybe I'm overly sensitive, probably am...but then again, you would think that my family would know this perhaps better than anyone else - right? Correct me if I'm wrong...tell me that I am being ridiculous or something, whatever. But tell me, how would you feel? Because I would really like to know why my family continues to send me stuff, political or otherwise that they should know, I am offended by. I just don't understand some people.

If any of you out there are readers of my little blog here, and have been around for a while; you probably already know that I am a fan of our newly elected President Barrack O'Bama. And, if not, now you do. I am. I admire him as an individual who has accomplished a lot in his fairly short lifetime, I admire him as an individual who has similar opinions as myself in a lot of different areas, I admire him (so far) as someone who seems to be holding steadfast to his political promises, and lastly if for no other reason, I admire him for his forward-thinking ideas and his God-given ability to speak eloquently and passionately to his fellow Americans and build in us something for which I believe we are in dire need of...and that is hope. He seems to speak forthrightly and honestly and from his heart. I respect him for that.

Okay, so having said these sister knows this about me, she knows how and why I admired and voted for O'Bama. She also continues and has in the past, to send me those politically-inspired "jokes" through the internet disrespecting our new president. Some of them I just delete, but some of them cut straight to the core and tell me something about my sister (and the rest of my family) that I do not like. They are prejudice, and they really have no reason to be. I don't understand prejudice. I don't understand hatred of someone or a group of someones who you do not personally have a reason to hate. Now, even though the Bible teaches us that to hate isn't right and that we shouldn't hate, but instead love and pray for our enemies...this remains a challenge. I have to be honest and admit that there are some things and/or people who I feel hatred for at times. I too, am only human and I fall very short of perfection...but hatred without personal vindiction remains a mystery to me. I can hate people who are abusers of children, or animals, or old people. I'm not saying that is okay, but it hurts when I hear of abuse taking place and that's my reason for hating. It is vile to me. But prejudice because of skin color? I don't get it.

I don't really know where I'm going with all of my ranting here, but sometimes I just don't understand people, and especially my family members. We were all raised by the same people and we used to be a very tightly-knit family with a good and solid set of core values. We have digressed. I try very hard and yet still fall short in so many ways of Godly behavior, but I can honestly say that I am on the right path and am committed to continually staying on that path. The Bible teaches us that the path of righteousness is difficult and the gate is narrow, but the path leading to destruction is easy and the entry is wide. That statement scares me, for it says that many fail and will perish. I can only pray that God recognizes those with good hearts and continues to help those who pray and who try to follow His ways.

We are all so very, very far from perfection. My personal list is quite lengthy and probably contains many sins that I'm not even aware of. I will step down from my soapbox and "give it a rest" for now. Sorry for venting.

I have quite a few pictures in my camera that I've taken over the last couple of weeks, but keep forgetting to download them onto a CD. I can't upload my pictures directly onto my computer, so it always seems like such a complicated task for my little brain to accomplish.

Spring has definitely arrived here in the Pacific Northwest. My daffodils are blooming like crazy, my large shade tree in the back yard is covered in beautiful, white blooms, hubby mowed the grass for the first time last weekend and it's already in need of another trimming. Also, for the first time this year, on the way back to the house last night after doing the chores, I smelled the lovely scent of flowers on the breeze...lovely.

Breathe deep and maybe you can smell spring too.

Blessings to all,



Grey Horse Matters said...

Well that was a pretty good rant. Like the saying goes, you can pick your friends but not your family. I guess you'll just have to take them as they are and grow a tougher skin for now.
Would love to see your pictures when you finally get them up. Have a good day.

Jenn said...

My grandmother constantly forwards me emails ranting and raving about immigrants and African Americans. The ones that blame all of the country's woes on them and calls for their expulsion from the country.

Yes, my grandmother is a racist. I am most decidedly NOT and have asked her on many occasions to please not forward those to me.

Yet it continues. Daily. I have finally accepted that she is just going to keep sending them, no matter how many times I ask her not to...and in the end, I just keep deleting them.

I guess I told you all this just to say: Sometimes, you just have to look past some of the really thoughtless, irritating things family members do and focus and the good things that make them who they are. I love my grandmother...I hate her bigotry and racism. I've learned to look past that part of her and I'm okay with that.

Welcome, spring! YAY!!!! Don't you love the fresh, new smell of spring?

C-ingspots said...

Arlene, you're so right about friends vs. family, and I'm definitely in need of thicker skin.

Jenn, thank you. You are absolutely right. I too, love my family and am very thankful to have them in my life...most of the time anyway. :) I do need to learn to overlook people's faults and focus on the good. We are all a mix of good and bad aren't we?
That's just what I needed to hear.
And, yes I love the smell of spring. Yet another blessing to be thankful for today!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Like Arlene said, all you can do is grow a tougher skin...or avoid I do with my extended family.
The horse (or any animal cruelty) 'jokes' are just not cool, though.

Well you know how I feel about Obama. I didn't vote for him...but absolutely not because of his skin color, but because of the information that was revealed to me during research about him.

I'd have been happy with any person of any color being our president...or a female, too, as long as they are the right person for the job. I'd also really love it if a qualified Native American became our president.

I must also say that I think Obama needs to think before speaking. We all make mistakes and let things slip by accident, but a president must always be aware of the words that might slip out of his mouth and hurt his recent 'JOKE' about his bowling skills befitting the Special Olympics.

As someone who nannied a child with Down Syndrome for 5 yrs and as a Mom of a child with Autism, his words were very hurtful and callous.

He's said hurtful things to our American Veterans and now he ignorantly disrespects the Disabled of our country.

And his disregard for unborn children, whose hearts are still beating, just to murder them to steal their stem cells goes against many American's morals and beliefs.
It's easy for many of us to lose hope with someone like that leading our country.....

I want you to know that I do respect your beliefs and your feelings and am glad you feel confidant to speak up about them. Unfortunately, I've not felt safe or comfortable to do that on my own blog. But I'm very glad we can remain friends while agreeing to disagree.

I'm breathing deep now....

Nope I can't smell Spring.

I smell SNOW! lol!


ps I could sit here all day just to listen to your music.

fernvalley01 said...

Family are funny( sometimes haha and sometimes strange) They do know you and yet have need ? to push your buttons. THat or they are so self absorbed they have no idea how you feel ( yikes I feel a mother in law rand coming)
Just, hugs and have a good weekend

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Breathe in, breathe out...

Just tell her you'd rather not receive emailed jokes anymore. Or, just ignore them, like I do.

Do you rant and rave? Maybe they like to see you get all riled up. After all, you are family!

Gail said...

My thought is maybe they are doing this to push your buttons. Crude, ugly, defenseless and just plain mean but they may think it's funny. Who knows?

That is why the delete button is my best friend.

They may choose to send you trash, but you can choose not to read it.

Good for you, you were not ranting, you were giving us your opinion and I am proud of your post. This is America.

Now, go check out my crazy post.

Carolynn said...

What have I done in a similar situation? I simply delete without opening, the ('scuse me) crap that some people send me. There are some people who do nothing but forward joke e-mails to me. It may be their way of keeping in touch, but a short, "hey, how ya doin'" would be so much more valuable to me. I don't feel I'm disrespecting them, or ignoring them, because the e-mails are, in no way, of a personal nature.

If they really want to communicate with me in meaningful way, they'll find a way. The other stuff, I just ignore. It's not worth the negative energy it produces in me.