Friday, March 27, 2009

37 Day Challenge (2 posts in 1 day - oh my!!)

Okay, so this morning in my meanderings through some of my favorite haunts, I happened to find myself over at Carolyn's blog "A Glowing Ember" and she had a link to someone else's blog (who I've forgotten the name of, sorry), but this gal has the most brilliant idea!! She has posted this 37 Day Challenge. It can be absolutely anything of your choosing and varies greatly within her readers. It's an interesting read of everyone's ideas, if nothing else...but anyway, I've decided to give it a go! As some of you may or may not know, we are scheduled to go to Hawaii this coming September. And the fact of the matter is this - I am absolutely terrified at the prospect of donning a swimsuit. I would frighten the small children and probably everyone else for that matter. So, my challenge is this, and has been for quite some time if I'm honest, I need and want to lose some weight and get myself into better physical shape. I realize that I'll never be a long-legged, willowy beauty, but what God has given me can sure use some improving. So, without further adieu...

37 Day Challenge
37days challenge March 27 – May 3, 2009
I, ____Lorie aka Cingspots________________, being of kinda sound mind and body, have willingly decided to try to do one thing consistently every single day for the next 37 days. C’mon, self, it’s just 37 days. The one thing I will try to do every day is this: any physical activity for no less than 30 minutes straight, hopefully longer.
I’m not going to pick two things or nine things because that will dilute my focus –- just one thing. One. One simple action. An action, not a goal. An action, not a value. An action, not a wish. Something I can DO.
I’m doing this challenge at this time because: I want to lose some weight and get in better shape.
I’ve chosen this particular daily action because I believe if I do it consistently for 37 days with no (NONE, ZERO, ZIP) exceptions, I will: look and feel better - maybe even in a swim suit!
If I should fail, I won’t blame anyone but myself (not even my partner, that idiot with 29 items in the express lane at the Piggly Wiggly, the IRS (so needy!), the people who make frosted Pop Tarts and Lofthouse Cookies, or Fate).
I also realize that this contract is solely with myself and carries no rewards, penalties or punishments other than those associated with the reflection of the strength of my character.
New things will happen for me.
I’m ready.

Cool huh? This gal who thought this up, is similar to me in several ways it seems. Big dreamers, procrastinators, great ideas people, fantastic starters...poor finishers, no follow through, great at keeping promises to others, not so great at keeping promises to ourselves...hmmm I see a familiar pattern here. This is just one of the reasons she came up with this idea; if she could make a promise or a committment to herself for a mere, say 37 days...and actually keep it - why, who knows just what might happen. Serious things could take place. Very interesting.

So...there you have it! I'm making a promise to myself to commit to this for 37 days, and hopefully it will lead to some very positive changes in my life...or at least, my body. :-)

Couldn't hurt, right?

Feel free to harrass me if you find out that I've even thought of faltering...

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That's a good contract. I need to get back on track too. I started an entire blog site to track my efforts toward better health, and have slacked off on even writing posts for that. If you want to be a contributer for Healthy as a Horse (, you are welcome.

Years ago I promised my doctor I would walk for half an hour a day, and it took me years to keep my word. Now I use my horse leading efforts as a way to walk for an hour a day.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You said: "One simple action. An action, not a goal. An action, not a value. An action, not a wish. Something I can DO."

Truly, the only word you need to capitalize is CAN.
Because you really CAN do this. You are one strong determined, focused gal. Tell yourself that every day...and not only CAN you do this, but you WILL!

I'll be cheering for you from over here, my friend!!
Here's to feeling better...and looking better in a swimsuit, sweetie! :)


word verification; 'poings'

Yeppers. She'll poings towards her goals.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Good luck! I'm sure if you set your mind to do it you will.

fernvalley01 said...

Terrrific! good luck ,I am sure you will do well and by the time you get to Hawaii, Wow!!!

fernvalley01 said...

My word verification "ditio" some one trying to tell me something?

Gail said...

Creative idea! Wonderful posting and I love Chocolate Poptarts. Would not hurt me to join the challenge and I'm not even going to Hawaii!

Anonymous said...

woot woot, i'm inspired... i'm going for a ride... something I CAN do today before the next snowstorm hits


Strawberry Lane said...

Congrats ... admire your WILL DO attitude. Wonder how you could send me some of that. Could sure use it. I'll think about it ...tomorrow.

C-ingspots said...

NM, thanks I'll check it out.
Lisa, thanks for the cheer girl! I'll accept all the help I can get.

thanks girls for all the support. I have to do more than 30 minutes to achieve goddess stature, but hey, anything's better than nothing!

Gail, my favorite one is Maple Brown sugar - on my! :) Breakfast of champions.

Strawberry Lane, that's my line!!

Carolynn said...

You have my full and total support! Yay! Remember, it's just one thing. One day at a time. We can so totally do this!! :o))

allhorsestuff said...

Nice work and you will have so much support as we all have mostly the same weaknesses around here!
I am taking your (OLD)line today too...tomorrow I will think aobut it.. a bit of a setback day..but tomorrow I will be over it!
You go girl!

twigger Roy Rodgers horse's name said with a lisp

Anonymous said...

You go, girl! One day at a time.
I just went thru your Ladde photos again - i just love 'em. He is just awesome. I dont remember that he was so tall - but he is huge ... betcha have to take a run, skip, and a jump to get up on him!

Carolynn said...

Tap! Tap! Where are you...? Did you go for a walk and not come back?

Molly said...

I wrote you a wonderful comment about how you are going to do so well with this 37 day challenge that you will make it part of your life forever. I guess you really do have to hit the Publish Comment button every time ;)

palcansp: shortcut way of saying my pals can spell, if I ever need to write it.