Thursday, August 3, 2017

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August.  Already.  The summer is flying by and we're in the height of the season, the dog daze if you prefer.  The kiddos will be heading back to school within a month or so, and for this sunshine loving gal, it's hard to fathom.  Just slow down already!!  I wish...

We're in the midst of a heatwave.  Oh my stars, too hot!  All this week it's been near or past the 100 degree mark.  Yesterday on our deck, in the shade, registered 112.  What's that about?  Today promises to be another scorcher.  The weather guy's predicting 106...oh boy.  Thankfully, we have the pool.  I cannot say enough good things about having a pool in the back yard.  It's seriously worth its' weight in gold this time of year.  I may not spend endless hours in it (some days, yes), but frequent dipping is highly recommended.  :)

I only wish we had one for the horses.  The dogs have theirs, we have ours, and the horses have an amazing mister that my brilliant and ever so handy, hubby created.  They love it!  Just the thing for a cooling reprieve from the relentless sun.

Speaking of the sun...about that upcoming total solar eclipse.  Pretty cool huh?  We're in the swath of totality and many visitors are expected to descend on our area for the viewing.  Kind of puzzling actually.  Interesting how many people are willing to go to so much expense and effort to look at something that only lasts a few minutes?  But since we're here, I'm going to get a pair of those eclipse glasses and watch.  I'll be working, so I'll just go outside and take it all in.  I'm sure it will be pretty trippy having a bright, sunshiney day one minute, and complete darkness the next.

Our grand daughter Kaylee visits this coming weekend.  I've got Monday off and we're looking forward to her visit.  Since the weather is still expected to be quite hot, I'm  sure we'll spend plenty of time in the pool.  She's a horse lover so she's bringing her cowgirl boots so we can spend lots of horsey time too.  Since she's just here for a few days, we've made no grand plans.  We'll just hang out, maybe rent a movie, sleep in and fix a delicious breakfast and later pick some blackberries for a pie. Whatever we end up doing, I'm looking forward to it.

We still haven't gotten to go camping yet.  I am really, really looking forward to that and hope in the very near future, to do just that.  Horse camping, or non-horse camping - either way, we're ready.  Last weekend we finished our brick patio and it turned out beautifully.  Once we have our septic tank pumped, we can complete the project by building the new steps.  It really made a nice addition to our back yard.  And it's a perfect spot for our camp fire pit that we hardly ever use.

I've made arrangements for a couple loads of firewood to be delivered soon and our barns are full of hay.  Just need to find a ton of alfalfa for Shad and that's that.  I've also bought a quarter of a beef that will be ready towards the end of October.  That will fill up our freezer for the winter.  It always feels good to be ready for whatever may come.  Spending extra money on those things now, will pay off later when we don't have to think about any of it.  And hopefully, by getting this all accomplished early, will free up our time and enable us to enjoy the upcoming Fall season more.  I have always thought of myself as a "summer girl", but I gotta admit that Fall really is my all-time favorite season of them all.  To quote from one of my all-time favorite movies, "it really is a wonderful life".

Blessings all,
Lorie @ cingspots


Karen Ann said...

Beautiful pics! and planning ahead, always smart. Lord, I don't know how you tolerate those temps, but then, our winters can be awfully cold, you have us there.

Grey Horse Matters said...

You are certainly having a heat wave in your area. I'd attribute it to global warming or climate change, whichever description works. Too bad the corrupt idiots in this administration refuse to acknowledge the scientific facts. It's good to have a pool to cool off in. We had one in our other house but not here and I do miss it. Hope you get to go camping soon. Enjoy your granddaughter's visit, I'm sure you'll all have lots of fun. Fall is my favorite season too, can't wait for it every summer.

Shirley said...

We are having a heat wave summer too- no real rain for the last 6 weeks or more, super high temps. I don't think of it as a product of global warming but as part of a natural cycle; whenever we have a winter with lots of snow like we did last winter, we always have a hot dry summer.
I don't have a mister for my horses, but one of them loves to get hosed down when I'm filling the water troughs, and they all have enough shade that they take advantage of.

DJan said...

We are having our version of a heat wave, and while uncomfortable, it's way cooler than you are experiencing. I'll be seeing 90% of the eclipse and have friends who are traveling down south to your area to see the totality. I'll be right here. Have a great time with your loved ones. :-)

aurora said...

I think I would melt. We enjoyed an above ground pool for years until mother nature blew it into pieces out into the field, retaining wall & all. I sure miss taking cool dips on hot summer days. Love your rain catcher!! The weather will eventually cool off, until then enjoy that pool & your granddaughters visit! A horse mister?? It gets blasting hot when the sun beats down on our sandy loam land, bet our horses would love one. Pictures please :)

Linda said...

You're so lucky to have a pool. I didn't realize you live in such a hot spot. I always assumed you were on the coast somewhere. We get to the 90's but rarely break 100. Either way, anything over 90 is way too hot! We're so far north already, it makes me wonder how much further north we'd need to go to escape the summer heat. I would love to see photos of your new patio. It sounds beautiful. And as for hay, I still need to put up some grass hay. Like asap. Have fun with your granddaughter!

koi seo said...

Fall is my favorite season too, can't wait for it every summer.