Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Eclipse, like totally!

Oh yes, we all oohed and ahhhed over the eclipse the other day!  It really was quite spectacular.  We were fortunate to be in the path of totality and didn't have to go further than our own back yards to witness the event.  Well I had to venture off to work, but my hubs took the day off and spent the morning with me.  All around here, people were otherwise engaged because I had 1 single phone call, all day long.  Good thing I had the eclipse to keep me occupied, at least for a little while.  I have no idea how many visitors we had in our little town, but there were plenty.  When it was over, I left at noon to give my hubby a ride back home...1 hour and ten minutes later, I arrived back at the clinic. We live a total of 10 miles from here.  First time in my life to see traffic at a stand still on all roads northbound and eastbound.

Now I know how Southern California folks feel...not cool.

I was so entertained watching, I failed to snap even one picture of the eclipse, so I'm sharing a few shots from others around our area.  They obviously have better camera than I've got.  :)

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I particularly enjoyed the gradual dimming of the light and the cooling of the temperature.  There were some cool shadows formed by foliage, but I couldn't find a good picture of any today.  The shot below was taken using timed photography, but isn't it amazing?  From beginning to totality, and then back to normal.  So cool.  I remember seeing a partial eclipse in grade school.  We made viewing boxes with pinholes and went out on the playground to witness the event.  That would have been in the late 60's to early 70's.  What I absolutely don't remember, is the total eclipse they say we had in 1979...what's with that?  I would have been 19 years old and either I was otherwise engaged, doing something of much more importance, or I just don't remember for what could possibly be, a variety of other reasons.  I'll leave that to your imagination.

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It was a pretty spectacular thing to see.  I'm happy to share my day with you, and hope you get the chance to see a total eclipse someday too.

Total eclipse of the heart...

Sing it Bonnie!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the picture over the water. I saw it here but it wasn't very spectacular and a little underwhelming in the Northeast. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Karen Ann said...

amazing photos!! wow!... thanks for sharing.. these are the best I've seen!

DJan said...

W had 88% coverage. So many people were excited bout it that I guess I'l have to go to see it in seven years when we have another one! :-)

Shirley said...

There were some amazing photos taken, weren't there? Thanks to social media for that! Maybe by the time the next eclipse comes I will have a fancy camera and better skills at taking photos. It was only partial here, but the dimming and cooler temperatures were evident. Glad you got to enjoy it.

aurora said...

Nice that you got to experience totality. The recent eclipse was blasé in WI. Know that some of the cool eclipse photos floating around are not real. They are heavily altered or composites. I remember the one in 1979, I was in high school. It was also blasé (for my location). Did you know there was an actual eclipse cruise with Bonnie singing her song? Now that, would have been cool!

Linda said...

We were at about 90% here and it wasn't as spectacular. We still got the extreme cooling though and I thought that was eerie. It made me hungry! I do remember the eclipse in 1979. I was in the path of totality, too, and at school that day. We had made a viewing system. Sadly, we didn't have glasses. I found it under whelming back then. We were all very frightened to look at it at all with the warnings about how it could harm our eyes.

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