Friday, July 22, 2016

Just some thoughts

It's Friday again.  The weeks sure do fly by, don't they?  Looking back it always surprises me just how fast the time goes.  Sure do wish things would slow down for this gal...I really do.

It's a cloudy, cool morning and it feels good to me.  There were a few raindrops on my moon roof but so far, that's it.  Slight chance of a few showers they say...dampen the dust.

last year.  trees are much bigger now

Yesterday was B and my 32nd wedding anniversary.  Talk about wow!  Where indeed, has the time gone?  It sure doesn't feel like that long ago we walked down the aisle and said those vows, made those promises to each other.  Sometimes we've done good, and then some days, not so great.  That's life.  That's a relationship.  The reality of living every single day.  Watching it unfold and responding to everything.  We can never, ever be anywhere even remotely close to perfect.  So...get over it!

He's still got my back though, still my best friend.  The "other" in my life that shadows mine.  Me. And I do that for him.  For better, for worse, we're a team.  Sometimes he's my best fightin' buddy. What can I say?  I can get passionate about stuff!  *shrug*  The good and the bad.  For both of us. Mostly it's good though, this marriage thing.  Can't say that I don't miss some things, but I'm sure he can say that too.  Life is perfect for no one, but it's good.  And I'm thankful for him. Where there is love, it's always a good thing.

We spent the evening in the barn with the horses.  All 6 of them - it was pedicure day.  Not me - I just wrote the check.  :)  Who says that humans are smarter than horses?  Not sure I can agree.  Think about those times you're sweatin' your buttons off loading hay in the barn when it's pushing 90 or even 100, like this year?  Yeah.  And the horses are watching all the goings-on from the shady area of the pasture.  :)  You know what I'm talkin' about.  There's plenty more examples but I won't go into that now.  Just be thankful you don't have to pay for a gym membership to get your exercise.  It was a pretty good way to celebrate 32 years of marriage.  We enjoyed it.  The smell of horse, of dirt, a cool summer's breeze and good conversation.  Afterwards we ordered burgers and french fries from the local eatery and watched a little tv.  The dogs begged and of course, it paid off.  It usually does...they've got us trained pretty well too.

Have you been watching any of the Republican National Convention?  Good and bad, of course - but Trump's running mate?  I like that guy.  He (to me) seemed genuine.  A good family guy whose (apparently) done a very good job of being the Indiana State Governor.  Regarding stuff like their budget, and building an excess above that budget, creating and so far, maintaining the creation of new jobs and several other areas I'm failing to remember right now.  He seems almost like the "quintessential American guy" right down to having a son that's a Marine, a daughter whose a writer and a third daughter who, if I remember right, is a student.  Wife's a teacher, they're a Christian family.  Sound values.  Anyway, I just hope and pray he really is genuine and as good as he seems. He comes across as humble, and I always appreciate that.  Humility is greatly under-appreciated and under-valued if you ask me, in this day and age.  It certainly does not indicate weakness.  Quite the contrary.  Anyway, say what you will.  This dyed-in-the wool Democrat, moderately conservative,   moderately liberal used to be quite independent voter-citizen woman (there's a mouthful!) will be voting for Donald Trump this coming election.  I seriously cannot believe I just said that, but it's the case.  And I mean it. To me, it's the only sound decision to be made and I believe the right choice we have. I'm willing to accept the risk, take a chance on a person who previously has irritated me immeasurably, been arrogant, spouted his mouth off, said things that only a childish bully might do or say, but given all that - I believe underneath the exterior, he's of sound mind and judgement, and believes in (and loves) our country. His resume proves he's not perfect, but is obviously a brilliant business man who could very likely rebuild our country's soundness.  That's who we need, someone who knows how to get things done, negotiate with people, do the work it takes and not be afraid to speak on behalf on our country's citizens.  Maybe I'm naive, but I believe that's a risk worth taking. Not be afraid to believe in our hope, believe it can change for the better if we decide to make it so. Not just accept more of a sure thing... I do not believe that of Hilary Clinton.  I think she's shallow, self-serving and has no respect or compassion for people in general, unless and of course, they can benefit her personally in some way.  That is what my gut says.   I absolutely will not, under any circumstance never, ever vote for Hilary Clinton.  I do not trust that woman, I abhor her ethics, would have fired her, or imprisoned her a long time ago, had I had the power, but I don't.  My only power is my vote.

There.  I've said my piece.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Do what your gut tells you to do, trust in your heart above all else.  But please...please, for the love of all we hold dear, do your research with your brain and take into account the history of events that we've all seen taken place.  Dig deeper than Fox News or Facebook.

This weekend is open and we have no plans, except for those little ideas rattling around in my head.  :)  But of course I have desires!!!  I'm thinking to talk my hubby into maybe heading to the beach, or maybe finding a good hiking trail somewhere and spend a little time outside.  Pack a picnic lunch perhaps, or splurge and have dinner out...the possibilities are endless - within our budget, of course. That narrows our possibilities quite a lot actually, but fun can be had.  Adventures await!  Life doesn't have to be expensive my friends!  Go out there and find something to do!  Make memories with the people you love!  The animals you love too!!!

Or maybe a trail ride would be nice...

May we all be blessed and make the most of our greatest gift.

Our time.  See ya,


Michelle said...

I have used and appreciated for years; non-partisan and tells it like it is – the lies, the half-lies, and the truths are all there with the facts to back them up. I've been reading up on what was said at the RNC, and will do the same after the DNC.

Shawn and Laura said...

I also will be voting for Trump. And his vice pick, did you know he's a horse back rider?? He trail rides.

Sounds like as perfect way to spend an anniversary and very similar to how we spend special days around here :) Congratulations!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Congratulations on your 32nd Anniversary!

Linda said...

I, too, have always been an independent, and I will always be, but I'm voting for Trump as well. We even got a flag "Trump, Make America Great Again" and flew it from our boat all weekend. I just want change. I'm tired of the establishment. Completely sick of the establishment.

Congratulations on your anniversary! A good marriage has a little spice, as far as I'm concerned. When someone tells me they never fight, warning bells go off!