Thursday, July 28, 2016

As this day unfolds

I awoke feeling refreshed, if just a bit annoyed at Charlotte.  She and Miss Ruby awoke me an hour early this morning from my slumber with so much racket.  I knew something was wrong, thought it was probably a hot air balloon.  But instead I look out the window to see a young couple, momma with baby in her arms standing beside their car in the ditch by our driveway.  Hmmm.....

Thankfully no one was hurt, the car stopped short of hitting the telephone pole by a few inches.  Close enough right?  So standing in my nightie, hair a disaster and not really awake yet, I call out and see if the young gal wants to wait inside.  She kind of surprised me by replying, sure.  After quieting the dogs down, (company always excites them), I offer some coffee, but all she really wants is a place to change the baby.  Megan and Amanda, btw...totally adorable little girl, whom Charlotte is completely infatuated by!!  :)  She kept waggling everything she had to waggle and peering back at me, all smiles like - look mom!  Can we keep her!?  I loved it, started my morning out with a smile.

Hubby and another guy who stopped to help, pulled their car out with our truck and they're off and on their way again.  Hope they drive more carefully this time.  And now the hot air balloon shows up!!  Giving Charlotte yet, another reason to ramp it up and start barking for all she's worth.  :)  Kind of an exciting morning around our place.

Today is my Friday and my final day of working this month.  As July winds down and flows into August,  we're trying to relax and really get into the enjoyment of summer.  It's so short and time goes so fast, that some days are just meant to be enjoyed at a slowed down pace and be savored.  Trying to do just that.

We are gonna be hot today!  Mid 90's today and tomorrow, followed by weather of perfection over the weekend.  We are off for another camp out.  I am totally excited!!  This will be something I've dreamed of happening for about 5 years now.  Me and Eagle out in the mountains, riding the trails.  *sigh*  It feels like a long time coming...almost surreal, there's been trials and tribulations, lots of work, lots of do-overs, tears and fears and accomplishments.  A bond that's been created, a relationship based on mutual trust that wasn't easy.  For either of us.  Easier for Eags than it was for me.  But that's horses for you.  They are so much more forgiving than we are; they have that "living in the moment thing" perfectly mastered.  Me?  Not so much.  Whenever that moment of clarity happened in my brain I'm not sure, but it's been quite recent for me.  How can I keep asking my horse to trust me if I don't choose to trust him?  And it really is about choice.  In my own mind, I had to come to that place of decision.  Was I going to stay stuck in that fearful place?  Too afraid to do what I watched others do on my horse?  He is of sound mind and body, not a mean bone there.  Stubborn, yes - there is that, but nobody's perfect.  :)

Courage comes to mind - my chosen word to keep near and dear this year...ha! no pun intended.  I have faced so many fears and truly feel like I'm emerging out the other side of some long, dark place where I've been for way too long.  Sounds a little melodramatic, even to me - but I am enjoying this time of triumph.  Of being an overcomer.  I like how it feels.  It feels nice this mindful way of going.  I'll likely have my nerves, those butterflies in my stomach at first, but I will keep Joe's words of advice in my mind - "movement is your friend", and Jessica's advice of, "breathe, relax and look where you're going".  Another friend told me in a text this morning to, "listen to your horse and let him tell you what he needs and you'll both be fine"  :)  I like that!

So here goes!  I'm really looking forward to this.  I've been telling Eagle all about our little trip coming up.  He's a real good listener.  I just know he's gonna have as much fun as I am.  If you would, please wish us well, say a little prayer for me, if you please?  I have faith and will step up and do what my heart desires even if I am a teensy bit afraid.  I can do this - no, we can do this!

After that, who cares!?  (name that movie)  :)

Blessings all around dear friends, readers and fellow horsemen/women.  This is what living is all about.  Will try to take pictures of our adventures and share them with you when we get back.

Lorie @ Cingspots



Kate said...

Have a wonderful time and enjoy yourself!

Linda said...

Courage does have a wonderful reward! When I took Leah out on her first big trail ride, I was a little nervous, but that it made it feel even better when the ride went well. You will come back with wonderful stories and a closer relationship! Happy Trails!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Have a great time. Relax and enjoy yourselves. Just keep saying " yes we can" and "yes you will".

Camryn said...

Have a wonderful time

aurora said...

So nice of you to help those folks out. You are brave in this day and age to let a stranger into your home.

What a wonderful accomplishment, so happy for you & Eagle!! Will look forward to hearing about your camping trip. Enjoy living your dream!!