Thursday, April 7, 2016

...some days you're the bug

Lately, I've been the bug.  Or that's how it feels anyway.  *sigh*

You all probably remember that just last week I was all perky and happy-faced about, well just about everything I guess.  Nothing lasts forever right?

Since last week, we still have no new car.  We did it by the books, their books anyway.  We reserved the car we were interested in and waited until Sunday afternoon when we'd also made an appointment to fully check out and drive the car.  At this dealership, it's pretty hard to find a good car that's not already been purchased, or is on reserve.  When they're reserved, most people seem to buy them. They sell very quickly, but you retain the right of first refusal.  So, that's what we did.  Safe bet the car would be there, right?  You would think.

When we arrived, they couldn't find the car.  Not a good sign.  After waiting and looking for almost an hour, the computers were checked and apparently the car had sold the very day after I'd put the reserve on it.  When I overheard the sales lady exclaim from the office, "how does this happen!?" - I knew it wasn't good.  Apparently, it's never happened before.  And the key was hanging right where it was supposed to be.  Hmmmm...

I was so disappointed!  My hubby was mad!  He gave them a piece of his mind which did absolutely no good whatsoever, because the car remained - gone.  Que-sa-ra...apparently wasn't meant to be. That's what I kept telling myself.  Since then, I've moved on and realized that's probably true. It's how I choose to look at most things that happen, if they're meant to be, it will happen.  Don't sweat the small stuff and all that.  Still.

So, the search goes on.  I'm convinced that if we're supposed to buy a newer car right away, the right one will turn up, and everything will work out.  If not, granny will continue to get us where we need to go.  Just not in quite the style I'd become accustomed to - if only in my mind anyway.  I've mentioned before that I have a very vivid imagination, have I not???  :)

The other dastardly deed that took place was worse.  Much worse.  I looked down at my hand the other day and realized that the largest of the 3 diamonds in my wedding ring was gone.  Just gone.  I had been just about everywhere throughout the course of my day, and it wasn't even considered to look for it.  The pretty rock was just gone.  No sense crying over spilled milk, or lost diamonds. Pretty baubles come and go, and this one will turn up (miraculously) if it's meant to.  Again.  It's happened to me many times before.  I lose an earring, or a watch, whatever.  Gone.  Next day or next month - I look down in the driveway, or in the barn aisle, and there it is.  Just like that!  So, I choose to put it out of my mind and forge ahead.  In the grand scheme of things, it's small potatoes.   But still.

Our farrier appointment last Monday evening went absolutely great! All the ponies got their pedi's and not a single soft-step from a single one.  And we've been watching Ladde like a hawk.  We are so grateful for that!  Cars and baubles don't even compare to that.  Troy has been ever so cautious with Ladde's trims, doing a front set one time, and the back hooves the next.  It's working, so we're inclined to stick with it.  Troy comes by every 8 weeks for the herd, and then every 4 weeks for Ladde.  He's doing so well, that we're hopeful about riding him before too long.  We will probably put some shoes on his fronts, just to give him that added measure of protection.  :)

I left a message on the "trainer-to-be" gal's phone yesterday, and am just waiting to hear back from her.  One of our clients here at work told me about her.  He and his wife have been taking lessons for a couple of months with her and are very pleased with the results, and with her overall style and way of working with their horses.  She lives very close to me - within a few miles - which would be so convenient.  Again.  If it's meant to be, things will work out.  My mantra in life.  "Worry about nothing, pray about everything".  I do my best.  I sent my check off yesterday for half of the fee for the clinic on June 30th, so I'm committed.  *gulp*  I need to get in some saddle time before then. Absolutely!  Have I mentioned that I haven't been on my horse since, oh last fall - early fall - sometime?  Well, it's true.  Sad huh?

Summer arrived here yesterday!  It's hot and beautiful, but whoa to us if this is what we're in for.  I'm hoping it normalizes and we get to enjoy spring weather for a while, before the summer heat is upon us.  It was almost 80 yesterday and it's 85 today.  Another warm one forecast for tomorrow and then things are supposed to cool down a bit for the weekend.  Still unusually warm for this early in spring, but not like the heat of today.  We're not expected to have any more showers until maybe on Wednesday.  At this rate, we'll be having another early hay crop this year.  Just seems like everything is on hyper mode lately to me.  I would appreciate everything just slowing down a little bit.  I want time to stop and smell the roses!  *sigh*  Surely, I'm not the only one who feels like this, am I?

We don't have any grand plans for this coming weekend, but I'd surely like to get out and do something enjoyable.  We haven't done much of anything lately but work.  Go to work and work around home.  Boring!!!  The weather is cooperating, the truck will be in the shop for a water leak repair - likely a water pump replacement, but hopefully nothing too expensive.  And, we're dog sitting for the boss's family, so our choices might be a bit limited, but I'm hopeful we can figure something out that would be outside in the sunshine, in the fresh air and getting some exercise...maybe a hike somewhere, followed by lunch or dinner?  We'll see...I'll bet a trip to the beach might be enjoyed by all.  Whatever it is, I am looking forward to a nice weekend of not working.

Hoping my bad luck is over for a while.  My granny used to say that bad things ran in threes...hoping she was wrong on that one.  *wink*

Blessings all!  Until next time...


Kate said...

I like your mantra - worry about nothing, pray about everything - I could sure use more doing that!

shortybear said...

wishing you much good luck dear

aurora said...

Glad you are still crawling & didn't get squashed!!! Vehicle shopping is no fun, hope you find a good one sooner then later. Your farrier sounds like a gem. Truly hoping the nearby trainer works out and you enjoy more time in the saddle. It's gray & snowing here, just enough to be messy. I like gray weather for it's introspective qualities - but not for endless days. Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

Linda said...

I think you're right that what is meant to be is often what happens. There are plenty of cars out there, and I'm sure the right one will come along. Not that it's easy to wait...or accept big mistakes, like theirs!

I can't believe the heat wave you've had, and now we're having! It's still early April! But there will be lots of beautiful days for you to ride when you're ready. I had to shop all day yesterday, and work, and didn't get any time to ride. Today, I'm doing a road trip, so no time to ride. :( Life just gets too busy sometimes.

Grey Horse Matters said...

That stinks about the car. Hope you find a good one when the time is right and your stone turns up. Good news about Laddes feet. With this nice weather you'll be riding again in no time. The trainer sounds like you will like her. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

T.L. Merrybard said...

Fingers crossed the perfect car shows up at the perfect time. I'm like you, if the car sale didn't go through then it wasn't the right car, and if the diamond wants to be found, you will find it. Since it was the middle stone, you could perhaps replace it with a gem to match your years married, or one that has meaning for you for some other reason? Like a Ruby? :)

The Dancing Donkey said...

I am sorry you did not get the car you wanted, nothing worse than car shopping. Except maybe real estate:)

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