Thursday, March 31, 2016

Glory days

Oh my, spring has finally arrived and in all her glory!  This week has been, and continues to be ah-mazing and warm and just about perfect.

My goodness, how good it feels to turn my face upwards and feel the warmth of the has been way too long my friend.  So.  The dogs and I have (finally) resumed our walks in the park.  It's still a bit muddy and mushy in some places, but nothing we can't manage.  The dogs are loving it.  I am loving it.  Life is good.

The horses are shedding like mad.  Blankets are dismissed, thrown aside for the season and seriously, I think they can stand up on their own they're so dirty and smelly.  I must make sending them to the cleaning lady a priority so they lay ready and waiting until next year.  I always love getting that done and then I can totally forget about them until we pull them out of storage all freshly laundered and folded.  One less thing to remember later.  Trust me.  I need all the help I can get.

So, it's not a sure thing yet, but I just might be getting a new car.  *squee!!*  I've been driving my mom's old car for 10ish years now and although she's been a good and reliable car, she's a bit lacking. We've put a good bit of money into repairs of this and that over the last couple of years, and now my power steering fluid needs to be refilled weekly.  I fear to ask, what next?  Charlotte has destroyed the back seat and it will forever smell like the "doggy mobile".  My fault, I know.  Most people don't haul their dogs just about everywhere they go.  *sigh*  I'm certainly not complaining.  I felt blessed to get mom's car and have no payments and practically nothing in repairs until lately, and just drive it.  I've gotten spoiled in that regard.  Our truck too, has been paid for about 13 years now as well.  You can't say we don't get our money out of our vehicles - ha! In that time we've worked very diligently at reducing our overall debt.  And that feels so good!  But we would really like a car that is a bit nicer and has a few cushy options for a change.  We're not getting any younger and feel like we've earned a few perks from our automobiles.  Well, at least one anyway.  I can't say we're ready to go truck shopping anytime soon.

Heated seats.  Oh my!  I really, really, really have been hoping for heated seats for a long time now.  It feels sooooo good on my bum and especially my lower back.  Pure luxury!!  A sunroof with 1-button opening, leather, real wood trim...a stereo that actually works!  Be still my heart!!!  I can even listen to my CD's or my online playlist.  Good grief, you'd think I've been living in the dark ages, right?

It's not a for-sure thing yet, but as my dear old granny used to say - "pert near".  :)  I'm going to take it for a spin and a final inspection this Sunday...

I feel like a little girl waiting for Christmas or something.

Nothing newsworthy to report on the Eagle front yet.  I hope to observe my chosen trainer gal at work real soon.  She does lessons at a nearby barn Sunday mornings, and that would be perfect for me as well.  We'll see.  This weekend is already pretty full, so maybe next.

Ladde continues to improve.  His lowered weight is holding and other than still being quite hairy, is looking really good.  We have another appointment with the trimmer this coming Monday and I'm hoping that Troy cuts his toes back getting rid of some of the "seedy toe" that's developed recently.  I actually watched him trot across the pasture last night and he looked sound.  So thankful for that!  I'm starting to think that we'll be riding the Laddmonster this summer after all.  Nothing short of miraculous considering where he's come from.  I thank the Lord for it all, including giving us the energy and tenacity to persevere through all the painstaking nights of it all.  The new growth on his feet measures about 2-1/2 to 3" now, and looks healthy and tight.  God willing, this time next year it will be nothing but a memory.  Our big, bold and beautiful boy just turned 20 years old last Sunday and we're hoping to have him around for many, many more healthy, happy years to come!  What a wonderful journey it's been with this amazing horse so far!

Harley's 19th birthday is coming up on April, I can hardly believe how the years have flown by.  We choose to celebrate with healthy treats these days, instead of the carrot cake of years past.  We're all getting older and must watch what we eat a little more carefully, don't ya know? Harley is healthy, content and still the horse who will forever be hard to wake up in the mornings.

Kadie is doing amazingly well.  32 years young in May and still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.  She pretty much gets whatever she wants, diet-wise and anything else.  :)  She's earned that I think!

Shad continues to be the most playful and joyous horse we've ever had.  He tries, many times in vain, to stir the pot, and incite playful activity with his herdmates.  Occasionally, one or more will jump in and play with the goofball.  These are the times Shad lives for!  He just loves to play...and run...and buck...and shake that long, red mane of his!  And he is magnificent when he's in his glory.  I do believe he missed his calling as a beautiful and lofty dressage mount.  Oh well, life is perfect for no one but
Shad's life has come pretty darn close.  He is happy, and that's what matters.

Missy is our sassy little redhead.  She's feisty and determined and fierce.  She and Ladde remain "happily married", for the most part.  And despite having navicular disease, she's an overcomer and
enjoys life to the fullest.  What more could I ask?

And what can I say about Eagle?  He is a heartthrob - nothing less.  He continues to use his beautiful deep, dark brown eyes and adorable facial expressions and quiet nicker to enchant and woo all those who come within his presence.  He is a master and I'm a goner.  I absolutely am in love with this horse.  Well, truly I love each and every one, because each in their own unique way are beautiful, and we treasure our time with them.  Our lives are forever enriched by having spent time with them.  I exaggerate not.  We are rich, indeed.

We spent Easter afternoon with my family.  Dinner, conversation and time.  It was nice.  The sun shined, children played and I was reminded, once again, at the inevitable passing of time.  The circle of life.  After all this time, I am finally learning to stop the expectations and enjoy life for what it is.  Unexpected, and each day unfolding like a wonderful, new gift.  For truly, that's what it is.  Oh, if only I'd figured these things out while in my youth.  Que sa ra...

Life just is.  It unravels moment by moment and we never know what is to come.  Just relax, enjoy the ride and revel in the anticipation of new days ahead.  I'm still learning to appreciate the now.  The moment by moment lessons, blessings, disappointments and everything else that's involved.  Life can be messy, joyous, horrendous, sad - it's all part of the plan.

I read this the other day and it just resonated with me - "Whenever I think there's a problem, I decide there isn't one."  It's just life.

I love that.

Blessings everyone, and until next time...
Lorie @ Cingspots


shortybear said...

nice post.

Karen Ann said...

I believe the philosophy you are finding in life is the truest. And yes, praise the powers that be for heated seats!!...

Linda said...

We're like you, we drive our cars into the ground! But shopping for a new car is always fun. I live vicariously through my children, who seem to buy new cars every so often. Love the new car smell!!! Glad to hear the horses are all doing good and enjoying the warmth. I can't wait for you to hook up with that trainer on Sundays. Let the fun begin!!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Good luck with your new car, you deserve it. I love the heaters. I've been known to have the air conditioner on and the seat heater for my back.

All the horses sound happy and healthy. Hope the new trainer works out. That should be fun.

T.L. Merrybard said...

I like that saying too! I really enjoyed reading this post. Hearing more about each of the horses was really nice. I've recently got a newer car after nursing along my mobile dog kennel for 15 years or so. I *had* to change cars, but I must say I do like all the new mod cons. I'm a bit sad that the dogs will eventually render it, too, a messy dog box, but I wouldn't stop taking them everywhere to avoid it!

aurora said...

I am not a vehicle flipper, and keep them forever too. Enjoying fancy new perks these days, that replaced my car of 13 years, that replaced a car of 14 years etc...if you choose wisely and take care of them, they are reliable for years. Hope you find & enjoy your new ride for years to come! Your happy healthy herd is a testament to your loving care. Living in the moment is a daily practice for me, more often then not I have to "reel it in" and remind myself...