Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Joy to the world!

Well, if you're stressed out and harried from too much Christmas already - then just shoot me now!  For whatever reason,  I'm enjoying this season far more than I'm accustomed to.  Yeah, I'm usually the grinch - the bah humbug in the punch bowl!  But I'm having fun, and it feels good to be so relaxed and content.  With everything.  Seriously, did somebody put something in the water?

Speaking of water...

It hasn't all been a bed of roses either.  For starters, our weather.  Uh...it's been a little wet.  We're experiencing the wettest December on record and we're just almost to the halfway point.  November was spectacular!  December, not so much.  Since the first of this cheery month, we've had measurable rainfall every single day.  And by measurable, I'm talking from miles away.  Have you seen us on the news lately?

We've had lots of rainfall, flooding all around us, landslides, road closures, detours, power outages, homes sliding off their foundations, down hills ahem, homes flooding.  Yeah.  Seriously a drag.  We are again, so thankful.  Our land is flat, so we do have small lakes everywhere, the wood shed has several inches of water under the pallets of wood, we have a river running alongside the driveway, lots and lots of soupy mud, but nothing disastrous.  Oh yes, and we have muddy paws.  Lots and lots of muddy paws!  :)  But we can't complain.

Oh well, here's one tiny complaint.  Mice!  Forgive me, but I seriously hate the little buggars!!  They've been at work again in my pantry.  Grrrrrrr  Several days ago we first noticed this hideous smell!  Oh my gosh, I am SO not exaggerating!  The smell of a rotting carcass.  You know the smell.  The one that makes you gag and you close your mouth really fast, so it doesn't get inside?  Yeah, that smell.  Not really a Christmasy smell at all.

Anyway, long story short.  We've unloaded every single item in our rather large walk-in pantry.  And we have a lot crammed into that room.  We're in the process of washing in bleach water every single can, container - you name it.  We've disinfected the shelves.  Searched and searched and searched some more for the smelly little culprit.  To no avail.  If it be the end of me - I will find the source of that smell!!  And when we're finished with that, we will, once again return every single item to its' rightful place.  It will be wonderful when it's all finished!!  But right now, we have stuff everywhere.  That's the kind of thing that makes me crazy!  But I'm handling it.  Very well, in fact.  I really am suspicious that my hubby might be drugging me.  :)

What else?  Oh yes.  Another bout of major pain for Ladde.  Poor, poor horse!!!  :(  For about a week now, we've been soaking, poulticing and cushion-bandaging his left front foot.  It just keeps getting worse, so we thought we'd forget all that and put on a foam bandage for support, in case it wasn't an abscess at all, but rather another founder issue.  (please no!)  So yesterday the boss vet comes over and determines that it's a very bruised toe and paper thin sole over that area making Ladde very painful!  But like the trooper he is, he stood still for Rick to bandage both feet.  *shaking head*  Not quite sure how we got so lucky being blessed with this awesome horse, but there you have it.  We're giving him 1500# banamine twice daily until he improves.  Caching!!  That stuff is not cheap.  Oh well, it's all gonna burn in the end - right?  And this is Ladde we're talking about.  If there's anything we can do to help him be comfortable, and return to soundness, and it's within our power to do so.  We will do it.  This has been such a long, drawn out affair.  This coming weekend marks 13 long weeks.  Rick says the blood flow to his feet has improved, which is good news though.  And we're getting very close to another ACTH level check.  *fingers crossed*

I've been driving our truck for the last 2 weeks because my car has a problem.  Seriously - right?  It's been overheating.  Dropped it off at the car shop last night and I get word of an $886 repair bill.  What!?  NOT the news I'd been hoping to hear.  New radiator, new belt, new overflow tank and a new water pump later, we should be on the road again.  Seemed really high to me, but most of the cost is in the labor to change out the radiator, I guess.  *sigh*

And yet amazingly enough, all I can do is smile and be thankful for so many reasons.  I visited an old friend that I'd not seen in many years.  She is now wheelchair bound, living in a tiny and sad little apartment.  I left there feeling like I was the most blessed person in all this world because our home is huge by her standards, and I'm healthy and very capable.  She has trouble cooking even the simplest of meals for herself because it's painful and she's only able to lift her arms slightly above her waist.  Rheumatoid arthritis dramatically changed her life.  She is in that tiny space most hours out of most days.  I can't even imagine!

It's not how we wanted to spend what little savings we have, but I can write the check for my car repairs.  Again, thankful for that.  We have a beautiful Christmas tree in our warm and cozy home, with twinkling lights and memories scattered all over it.  There's a lovely and welcoming wreath on our front door and fragrant evergreens abound.  We both have jobs, have our health, and are managing to take care of ourselves every day.  It's Christmas.  I have the perfect excuse to bake cookies and drag out all my favorite seasonal music.  Our barns are full of hay, our home is not flooding, our horses are well-fed, loved and have dry beds.  And if you don't count this morning; Charlotte hasn't chewed up any of my husband's hats in a good, long while.  Well...relatively speaking in puppy terms.  :)

What in the world have I got to complain about?

Our little get-together at our house went very well.  I managed to adorn the house with fresh evergreen arrangements, scented candles and even enjoyed decorating our tree.  Hubby strung lights along the drive to welcome all visitors.  We were cozy, but not bad.  We enjoyed wonderful fellowship, worship, good food, sang some beautiful hymns and enjoyed our cut-throat gift exchange.  We're so thankful for dear friends.

I hope you can relax, savor this season and enjoy the blessings in your life too.  I truly believe that most of us are rich, indeed.

Merry Christmas


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

How nice that you are enjoying the season. On these chilly days and cold nights, I feel so fortunate to have a warm house, comfortable bed, and plenty of food for us and our pets. I can't stand that the homeless suffer so much in this weather.
You can send some of that rain down here because we still need a lot to help with this drought. Not too much, but just a little if you have some to spare.

C-ingspots said...

Oh dear Denise, if I could...know that I would! I do hope you get some. The good news is that it's really dumping lots of snow in our mountains!!!

fernvalley01 said...

sounds like your attitude is just right! Charlotte, sure is a cutie! Poor Ladde, hope he is back to normal soon

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your tree is beautiful and so is your attitude this Christmas season! Hope all goes well with Ladde and he's feeling better soon. I'm feeling good about the new hay delivery we got last week. It's a big relief to know we have enough until the Spring. Charlotte is adorable but I guess nobody thinks it's cute that she's taken a liking to chewing hats. Ha,puppies. Good luck finding "stinky" in the pantry. I usually put down traps. Got two in the pantry and one on the basement stairs. Don't like them much either.

Have a great Christas!

Linda said...

You're right, there is so much to be thankful for!! We are blessed beyond measure when we have our health and are surrounded by our loved ones. There are so many who don't, and one day we won't either. It's just a great reminder. Your tree is beautiful!! Keep up that Christmas cheer, it's contagious.

Linda said...
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T.L. Merrybard said...

That's plenty to be thankful for, but I'm glad you aren't letting poor Ladde or the flooding get you down all the same. Very best wishes for a happy and contented Christmas, Lorie!