Thursday, December 17, 2015

Be the change...and other miscellany

Did you catch any of the debate last night?  

Is it just me, or does anybody else think these men (boys) act like spoiled, rotten children?  And - like they don't have any idea of how to work together?  Do you think they know the meaning of the word, team?

"I"  never did do much.  Especially in politics, it takes a village.
Enough of that.

Oh, just one more little thought...we're living in troubled times, I think all will agree on that.  I personally have no faith in whoever's voted in as our next president, to make much of a change in the grand scheme of things.  We're told that our world is only going to get worse, until the end, when Jesus comes back.  If you don't believe that, then I'm sorry for your loss.  Trust me on this - it's a huge loss.  The relationship is real and He's our only hope.  You need only to study the Word to realize that every single little detail that's been foretold literally thousands of years ago, is being realized today, by us.  

You and me, wherever we are, in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in - need to be the change that we're hoping for in our world.  Every single life matters.  Every single individual is valued, and makes a difference.  So, 
even though it might not seem like a lot, smile at someone.  Give of your time, of yourself.  Offer to help in any little way you can.  Change what you can in your world.  Be kind and generous, slow down and don't rush through your days.  And here's a good one for me, think before you speak.  And more importantly than what we say, is how we say it.  Simple enough, right?  

If only...

Charlotte's first Christmas.  She is 6 months old today.  :)

Yesterday marked the 11th anniversary since my mom died.  I sat with coffee in hand, in front of the fire before daybreak, with my beloved dogs by my side; and wished that I could talk with my mom.  Oh, I still miss her so much!  I can hardly believe that it's been so long since she's been gone.  In some ways, it seems like yesterday, but so much has happened.  There have been so many changes.  It seems like a lifetime since I've been able to hug her, to share a smile, ask her advice on something...oh, cherish your loved ones while they're here.  They won't always be.

See that little frog under the tree?  It croaks "Jingle Bells"...Charlotte's not sure whether it should be played with, feared or destroyed.  

Doesn't everyone have a Christmas frog?

Charlotte really enjoys our tree.  She likes to just sit and watch it, like this.  I do too.  I find it soothing.  Where we're spending Christmas is still unclear.  We may host, and then again, we may go to my sister's...time will tell.  We're staying home on Christmas Eve, and I'm so grateful for that.  Christmas Eve is my favorite.  I love the intimacy of it, the quiet and the twinkling lights and the peace.  And I really love sleeping in on Christmas morning, and lounging around in my pajamas.  That's an enjoyable start to Christmas Day!

My old piano.  It was made in the early 1900's and is still in pretty good shape.  It's out of tune and has a couple of dead keys, but when played, the music it makes, is still sweet.  

I've always loved that picture of my hubby and Bo...they were quite the team.

Dear friends at our riding club party

We always have a cutthroat gift exchange

I've always said that I don't suffer from hot flashes, but that evening I was soooo bloody hot all evening!

I got a shot gun toilet plunger for Christmas!  Ha!

Treasure or never know

Our precious Ruby...she's so beautiful.

If you can believe it, I finally for the first time since getting this *$!!*> new computer - figured out how to load some pictures from my camera onto my blog.  Good grief, there must be an easier way!  But as I've said so many times before, I am not a techy kind of gal.  These things just elude me, but there is hope, I am learning!!  :)

Ladde is still no better.  He is like 4-1/2 out of 5 lame on a scale of 1-5...just breaks my heart to see him so sore.  Rick says he has a major bruise over the entire toe of his LF and in that spot, his sole is paper thin.  Why?, I have no idea.  He's never had thin soles before.  But then again, all of this crap is new to him.  He's never had any of these horrendous problems before.  I hope and pray that soon we'll be able to put all of this behind us.  I can only imagine how he must feel about poor, sweet guy.  :(

I can't believe this is the last weekend before Christmas!  Shopping has been so easy this year, all of it done locally, or on Amazon.  I do love Amazon, don't you???? Oh my gosh, their prices are very competitive, I always get free shipping (thank you Claudia!) and their selection is ah-mazing!  Kinda dangerous having these slow December days at the clinic though...

On another note, this coming from the gal who never, ever does anything with her hair other than stick a clip in it, wad it up in a quickie updo, or just leave it down...I never blow dry, never curl, never style.  Forever - if I try to "fix" my hair, it is disastrous!  But, I bought myself a curling iron, some bobby pins and I've been having such fun playing with my hair!  I know, it's totally silly, but I'm finally having fun playing around, and if I mess up (which I do), I just rip it out and try again.  If you're also hair style challenged, then I absolutely recommend this blog - "the simple things".  The little gal is totally cute, is a wiz with doing hair and is constantly coming up with new ideas/simple things to try.  And trust me on this...if I can do this, then anybody can!  Oh, or you can YouTube her and watch the videos.  Just check it out!  I feel like a giddy school girl or something.  :)

Until next time,
Lorie signing out...


Gail said...

Your tree is beautiful. I can't seem to get that far.

Linda said...

I agree with you on"these times".....I just keep hearing the words"do you trust Me". I love your piano stool.....always wanted one but had a bench seat instead.

Karen Ann said...

Your tree looks beautiful! And I couldn't agree with you more regarding that Presidential line-up. *sigh

Laura said...

I know exactly how you long to talk to your Mom.
I miss mine and now my Dad so.

Merry Chritmas!

Linda said...

Politics are depressing, that's for darn sure. I do use Amazon a lot, and I love it. I drug my husband a long for some brick and mortar shopping today, apparently, so did a lot of other wives. Lots of glazed over eyes in all the stores. But it was fun, all and all. Now it's time to start wrapping.

Merry Christmas!

C-ingspots said...

Yeah wrapping. Not my favorite chore. At all...

Thanks Laura, Merry Christmas