Monday, June 22, 2015

Potpourri of life

Time has just gotten away from me lately!  Yesterday was Father's Day and the official arrival of summer.  Around here, it seems like summer has been in full swing for 5-6 weeks already.  Highly unusual for our usually temperate climate.  I've enjoyed the cooler, but beautiful sunshine we've had, but that's about to change.  Big time!  And of course it happens when we have scheduled our vacation...sigh.  I don't do heat anymore.  Ever since I experienced heat stroke about 16 years ago, and had another occurrence a few years back, I cannot abide hot weather, unless I'm in the water.  :)  The heat just zaps my energy and then I get sick.  No fun!

So understandably, I'm a bit bummed by the forecast of our temps soaring to triple digits by the end of this week.  We've made reservations for 3 nights horse camping starting this coming Sunday night through Tuesday and coming back home on Wednesday for a previously scheduled appointment with the farrier.  If our weather gets that hot, I might cancel and we could head to the beach, but then I'd fret about our horses back home.  So, I'm not sure what we're going to do.  

I'm also very concerned about Ruby lately.  It's been several weeks now since she suffered something like a stroke, or maybe it was a stroke.  We don't really know, but the right side of her face is slightly droopy, especially the right eye and lip.  Her tongue also doesn't seem to work properly and she has a serious drool, which she never had before.  She acts depressed, but not all the time.  She still gets excited and enjoys going for walks, usually enjoys riding in the car, but has very little interest in anything else.  In fact, most of the time she walks around sort of skulking, as if she were in trouble or something.  I guess my best description of her demeanor is sheepish, like she thinks she's in trouble or something.  It's just really weird.  We were hoping these strange symptoms would go away, but several weeks have passed and they remain, but vary in their intensity.  We may have to send a sample to the lab and see if that shows anything.  She's not going to be 5 years old until August, so she's still young.  We've been toying with the idea of getting another dog for some companionship, but not sure if that's a good idea until we figure out if something is wrong with her, or not.  

In other news, Eagle is doing very, very well at Rachel's.  She says that he's coming along so much quicker than she expected, and that in everything she asks of him, he tries really hard.  That's not news to me, I've always known he has lots of heart and wants to please.  He's a super awesome horse!  I've ridden him 3 times since he's been there and he still feels like a green horse, but he's getting better every week.  I'm not sure how better to describe how he feels, other than very heavy.  He's definitely not a light-footed, lofty sort of ride.  Hopefully this will improve with more time, but if not, that's just the way it might be.  He's learning how to be more supple and that's sure to be helpful.  Rachel takes him on a trail ride 6 days a week and then he also has a bit of ground work and ring riding too.  His new boots have been well-broken in already.  She breaks his lessons in half, with a lengthy amount of downtime in between trail rides and ring rides.  During my vacation week, she says I'm welcome to come several different days if I want for extra rides on him.  If I can go in the mornings, I'll definitely do it!  I still feel timid on his back, but I'm hopeful that with more time spent riding him, my confidence and comfort levels will grow.  He's done absolutely nothing wrong according to Rachel, and that's reassuring.  I just couldn't be more pleased with Eagle and his progress, and with Rachel for all the help she offers to me.  Last Saturday marked the first 30 days in training, so we've got another 30 to go.  The 3rd week of July Rachel travels to Nampa, Idaho for another Extreme Mustang Challenge competition, and Eagle will likely come home then.  If money weren't an object, I would consider leaving him there for another month, but unfortunately it is, so I'll need to step up my game and start riding my horse with regularity.  I have to admit, I really miss him and am so looking forward to riding him, especially in the mountain trails.

On June 14th, we traveled to Perrydale Trails for a day ride with fellow riding club friends.  It's not really trail riding, but is natural trail obstacles (120+) spread over 10 -15 acres and includes some trails through wooded areas.  On the way, we stopped for gas and a transformer across the street blew, trapping my hubby and the salesgirl inside for about 45 minutes.  The firemen were called, and they saved the day!  I'm just thankful that the horses and I were parked in the shade while we waited.  :)  We took Ladde and Missy and enjoyed the day, but had to leave earlier than expected because Missy was favoring her right front and I just cannot bear to ride her when she limps.  That was with Bute on board too.  So disheartening, but I knew when I got her that she had Navicular.  Anyway, it was a good day spent with friends and our horses.  I always enjoy riding Missy because she's just so darned agreeable.  Hopefully one day I'll feel as comfortable riding Eags!

Besides both of us working every day, we've got all our winters' supply of hay in the barns, a winters' supply of bedding/stall pellets in the barn, all or most of the winters' supply of firewood in the wood shed, garden in and still have our bedroom remodel staring us in the face.  When that's finished, I'll just heave a big old sigh of relief! Our pool is up and ready, so I'll bet that's where I'll be spending a lot of time in the coming week or two.  Too hot for much else!  Who knows, if the weather turns too hot for horse camping, maybe I'll cancel our camping reservations and head to the beach.  We have a camper now, so we're pretty much foot loose and fancy free!  I'd just feel a little uneasy about leaving our horses at home when it's so bloody hot though.  *sigh*  It's always something, isn't it?  

Hope you are all enjoying our summer!  Get out there and do something - even if it's wrong!!  :)  Something my dad used to say!  

Until next time, blessings


Gail said...

Summer is here, too!

T.L. Merrybard said...

Gosh, I'm sorry to hear about Ruby. No chance it's Lyme Disease is there? Bell's Palsy, depression and anxiety are all symptoms, at least in humans, and I remember Dancing Donkey saying that her donkeys got very grumpy, inactive and depressed when they had Lyme...

Good news re Eagle. Maybe instead of going away you could go ride him every day of your holiday nice and early before it gets hot? I think it will be important not to still be feeling trepidatious when he comes home.

Here it is blessed midwinter and finally we have had some rain and cold. Ahhhh, love it!

C-ingspots said...

TL - I'd not thought of Lyme because we don't have many ticks here, but she has all those symptoms so it's possible. I'm quite worried about her and plan a visit to her vet soon. Thanks for the advice about Eagle. I hope to ride him several times next week if I can, and I hope to be more relaxed on him before he comes home. He's certainly given me no reason to fear, but it's just me. Very happy to hear you're enjoying your winter!! Funny to think that we're on opposite sides of our world...would love to visit sometime!

aurora said...

Sorry to hear about Ruby. Unusual symptoms, and likely also still grieving. Hope you figure things out. I can't stand ticks, they are good for nothing. Enjoy your upcoming vacation/staycation!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

So sorry to hear about Ruby. Hope you get it figured out soon. She's young so hopefully whatever it is she will recover from quickly.

I'm with you I hate the heat! If I could I would spend all of my time in the pool or at the beach. I also think it would be a great idea if you rode Eagle as much as possible with Rachel around. The more you ride the more confidence you will get for when he comes home.

Good luck and gave fun with whatever you decide to do on your vacation.

T.L. Merrybard said...

Good on you for considering lyme, Lori. It is in plague proportions up your end of the planet and it only takes one tiny nymph-stage tick to get it, one that you might never see before it drops off. They've finally found evidence of it in a tick here in Oz too, so now the authorities might admit it's here too, at last!

Don't worry, I understand the riding anxiety all being in your head. Since lyme messed with my chemicals, I am not the fearless rider I was, but I think a little anxiety over riding new horses comes to nearly all of us as we get older anyway.

Carolynn Anctil said...

I absolutely adore the image of the cat! Modern conveniences aren't alsways so convenient, are they? Glad it all turned out well.