Tuesday, October 14, 2014

For everything, there is a season

Is it me, or does that baby seem too big to be nursing?  Downtown Sisters.
I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately.  I've spent time just looking around me, and really looking at all the things, the people and the animals that surround me every day.  I am blessed.  And I am so very, very thankful for everyone and everything in my life.  *sigh*  I am overwhelmed and humbled by the abundance in my world.

As is true to our nature, we have been using our off-time away from the paying jobs to prepare and re-organize for life spent indoors.  You've heard me describe it before, as squirreling.  But it's more than that.  It's a shifting of ones' focus on living differently.  It's about the fluffing of our nest, the cozy-ing of our home in anticipation of shorter days and longer nights.  It's all about trying to make everyone in our little world, including ourselves, comfortable and harboring a feeling of being nurtured.

My hard working husband has spent countless hours cleaning the horse's barn.  He washed the wood, swept away cobwebs, removed old bedding and cleaned and organized everything.  And last night, for the first time this fall, our horses were lined up, all ready and waiting, to come inside for the night.  We always chuckle that we don't decide when the time is right, they do.  In the late spring, they just refuse one evening to come inside, they want to remain outdoors.  And we just go with it.  Thus begins our season of "not cleaning stalls".  So last evening they came inside to freshly bedded stalls, fresh water and their hay.  And something else, that they haven't had since late spring - a bit of grain with their vitamins.  Eagle nickers at me, and then looks over the top of his wall at the grain barrel in the adjoining room.  It's right there mom...  and we oblige.  I just smile and feel all warm inside knowing that this little measure of something special, gives them such joy.  It really is the simple pleasures in life that bring us happiness.

Reflections on the beautiful Metolius River, where we spent our last night on vacation
 I've pretty much picked everything from the garden, except for some herbs that remain.  If we're lucky, we'll get enough sunshine to ripen the last of the tomatoes on the vines.  Oh how I'll miss those garden fresh tomatoes soon!  But I've done what I can to preserve what bounty we've had from our little vegetable patch for this year.  The beef that we bought last fall is almost gone.  We've got a couple of roasts, a couple packages of steaks and about six pounds of hamburger left.  We're debating on whether to buy some more or not.  I can no longer eat meat purchased at the grocery stores.  I've been spoiled by good, organic, home-raised beef and simply would do without, before eating the mass-produced stuff.  I need to do some research, or better yet, talk with my gardening guru friend, about what is the best way to put our little garden boxes to bed for the winter.

Yesterday, hubby borrowed our neighbor's tractor and pushed up our manure pile, cleared some blackberries growing where they shouldn't be, and covered our little camper to protect it from the elements.  We are always on the look-out for a great deal on a smaller tractor equipped with a bucket, but are so thankful for our wonderful neighbors who are willing to lend us theirs when we're in need.  Where would we be without our neighbors?  I'm so grateful to them for their generosity!  I always have to get creative for new and hopefully, appreciated ways of thanking them.

We took a little ride around the neighboring fields on Ladde and Missy on Sunday.  Missy, as usual, was a delight.  Calm, sweet and willing to go wherever I pointed her.  Ladde on the other hand, *sigh*  was a bit of a pistol.  I truly believe he thinks himself to be an Andalusian stallion, with his high-stepping leg action, beautifully arched neck and snorty way of breathing.  Beautiful to behold, but not so much fun to ride!  So...back home we headed, to the round pen, where Ladde's excess energy was put to use in a different manner.  A little loping, lots of trotting and changing directions had him "chillin" in no time at all.  Second time through the fields was a much more appreciated and down to earth horse.  Ladde was back.  Andalusian stallion was gone.  :)  We enjoyed the ride and took in the splendor of the lovely afternoon and the fall colors all around.

And as predicted, just about bedtime it began to rain.  We're supposed to have rain throughout much of the next five days, but today is just cooler and overcast.  The rain felt nice for a change.  I sure hope some of the areas that are drought-stricken get some much needed rain soon.

So far October has been just lovely.  I find myself anxious for that first frost, and the brisk days that welcome a sweater.  Oh, and we did get our brush pile all burned up last weekend.  Whoohoo!!  I love getting things done, and feeling a sense of accomplishment at jobs well done.

Reflections on Little Lava Lake

I just threw in a variety of some more shots from our Central Oregon vacation.  Most of my pics were taken using my little Canon, but you can't help but notice how much improved color and clarity comes from the Kodak.  I don't carry it with me very often because it's bulkier, but the picture quality is much better.  
You're probably a little sick and tired of all the vacation pictures, but there's plenty more where these came from!  :)

Until next time,
Blessings all...


Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful pictures from your vacation. Who would ever get sick of seeing them. I like taking pictures with a good camera too. So many times people just rely on their phone and the pictures aren't as good.

You seem to be doing good with your squirreling and you should have a comfy cozy winter season. For now I'll just enjoy the beautiful colors on the trees and not think about winter. We did start getting ready though.

aurora said...

Crap! Blogger ate my thoughtful comment, guess I was reflecting a little too long...here is the short version: Love reflections in thought & photos, keep 'em coming! Sounds like you had a nice ride. I miss riding at "home" and have a lot left to do for winter. Shorter, but not as sweet, hope this one takes...

fernvalley01 said...

not tired of the beautiful photos at all. I too am getting ready for winter, you call it squirreling , I call it gathering nuts lol