Friday, October 17, 2014

Always happy for "Fried Eggs"

:)  That's what my old Spanish teacher, Mr. Schibel used to call Fridays.  Always makes me smile to think of him, he was a cool teacher and made learning fun...not that I remember much of what I learned from him.  Just sayin' 

Guess that old saying is true.  "If you don't use it, you lose it".  Could be said of many things I guess.  Anyhoo...

Lava flow

Wickiup Lake
Our weather has taken a turn for the wet.  Monday was cool, but dry.  Tuesday was heinous.  Lots of rain, and some wind.  Enough to cause damage in some parts, but not in our neighborhood.  Warm and very, very wet.  Wednesday was a gift.  Such a perfectly beautiful Autumn day!!!  Today is overcast, cool with a few showers.  And I just realized I've lost a day.  Hmmmmm...oh well, blame it on a memory relapse.  Anyway, you get the message.  We're cool.  Autumn has arrived.  Moving on...

Lovely thunderheads

This campground is appropriately called Lava Campground.  We just visited, did not stay here.

Of all the places we stayed, this was my absolute favorite!  Gorgeous campground, rivers, trails...heaven.  I could have stayed here for a week and been happy.

1 of 2 creeks that rushed into this main river

My girls loved this river too, shallow and not too fast.

What are ya gonna do?

Earlier in the spring/summer, this is a big river, has a boat ramp for fishing.

Well, the hubs has finished the granite that will go under our pellet stove in the living room.  I haven't even seen the stone yet.  Picked it out from pictures.  Should I be worried?  Nah!!  Justin is visiting for a while and is helping his dad install everything as I type.  So, hopefully it will be a done deal when I get home.  I'm most anxious to have the pellet stove it for those evenings when it's not terribly cold, but you just want to take the chill off the house by pushing a button.  Yes, I'm lazy - no guilt here.

I will just need to rearrange the furniture, yet again.  *sigh*  I'm not sure why, or how I've created such an issue with the furnishings arrangement, but I have.  Probably all those extra pieces of stuff I purchased last spring...what was I thinking???  And the hubs is no help in this department.  At all.  The coward runs in the other direction when I ask for his opinion.  Men!

So...guess I know of at least one project that will occupy some of my time this weekend.  Seriously, there is never a shortage of projects to take up my time.  When do I get to stay in my pj's and lounge around on the couch watching movies and eating popcorn??  I deserve that, right!?  

Crane Prairie Lake

Crane Prairie...mrducks

View from our camp site - we had dinner guests

There were 7 deer, a couple of families

The 2nd rushing creek that flows into the river.  Was so beautiful, pictures don't do it justice.

Just above the rushing water

I had so much fun exploring!!

More reflections...

On our hike, we found this bridge, but it was a bit slimey and I'm a chicken.

Little Lava Lake

The next lake down was Lava Lake.  Much bigger than Little Lava, and this one has a hiking trail around the entire
perimeter.  The dogs and I made it about 1/3 of the way...just beautiful.

Mt. Bachelor in the distance

Coming back into civilization.  The valley with Bend in the distance.

See where the pellet stove goes?  *sigh*  Any ideas on furniture arrangement would be welcomed!
I forgot to mention that after our little ride with Missy and Laddmonster last Sunday, I got out old Eags for a while.  I worked him very lightly in the round pen, got him all supple doing his flexion exercises and such, groomed him, picked his feet, saddled him...and I rode him!  Well, riding is a very loose term here.  But I did get on him, moved around a bunch, asked for movement, release of the hindquarters and such.  He is a good, calm boy.  But, oh good grief, is he lazy!!  I'm not sure if he senses my hesitation in my cues, or if he's afraid to make a mistake and get punished, or if he really, really just doesn't know anything!!  He's slower than a slug in January.  *sigh*  I shouldn't complain, because I can work with that.  It's sooo much better than being a hot rod and having to constantly work on controlling all that speed.  At one time, I would have preferred that, but today I prefer quiet and more calm.  Me and Eagle, we're pards.  I was more relaxed than I've ever been on him.  Not totally comfortable mind you, but much better than ever before.  Progress.  Or as Ray would say, perfect practice makes perfect.  I'm pretty sure if Ray were watching, he'd have plenty of orders to bark my way, and he wouldn't call our progress perfect, but oh well.  :)  How I miss that man!!  But I have to rely on memory and lessons learned, and just do my best.  Our best.  Overall, I'm pleased with Eagle.  He is so ready for that next step.  Riding.  And (very) slowly, but surely, we're getting there.  He trusts me, and that to date, has been my first priority.  Onward we will go.

I've thrown in some random pictures for your viewing pleasure (or not).  Some (finally) from our remodel and some from our vacation.  Yes, more vacation photos...I told you I took a lot!!
I took a lot of before remodel pics too, but not sure where I've stashed them.  But soon my pretties, very soon I will be posting before and after shots in the same post.  I don't do anything fast anymore!  

Hope you all enjoy a grand weekend, and I hope you're enjoying this change of the seasons as much as I am.  

Blessings all!!


aurora said...

You capture such beauty in your photos! Easy to see why you had so much fun exploring. I wouldn't have walked across that makeshift bridge either, looks like a good way to get wet (or worse). Congrats on a successful ride with Eagle! Yep, guessing he senses your hesitation. We have to commit to doing whatever, if we expect our horses to do it. The pellet stove will fit right into the room, which looks great!

Angel The Alien said...

Wow, the photos are beautiful! The dogs must have loved it... it is like a vacation they designed themselves!

Laura said...

What beautiful photos.
I know what you mean about furniture arranging- it just goes on and on and on.

Enjoyed visiting and I am a new follower.

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