Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Snippets of summer...

One of my rain chains and copper bowl
Or what's left of summer.  Is there anybody else freaking out about this ! ?  Seriously, let me off the merry go round!  Time is going waaay too fast for this gal - and I just can't seem to get my head wrapped around that.
Too fast for me.

So.  I can't believe how fast last weekend went.  It came and then it was gone.  Yust like that.  We picked apples.  Mmmmm.  Honey Crisp apples.  Think they just might be my new favorite apple.  So tangy.  So juicy.  And so so so good.  Just like an apple should be.  The old guy who owns the farm gave me a ride on his golf cart to the Golden Delicious rows.  He pointed me to all these beautiful, slightly bruised, yellow, dirty, and beautifully imperfect, but still perfect apples on the ground.  Nobody wants the ones that have touched the ground.  For our horses.  We got 2 big, fat buckets full for the ponies!!!!!  Cool huh?  For free.  Nice old guy, he said he's 97 OR something.  Told me the cure to having a bumper crop of orchard fruit one year and a scimpy crop the next.  Yep.  When the fruit gets to be quarter-sized, you pinch some of the fruit off and throw 'em on the ground.  That's it.  Evens out the crop so you have a decent to good crop every single year.
Apple orchard farmer guy wisdom.


I'm hoping to make applesauce this week.  I don't can the sauce, I just put it in the freezer.  I leave all kinds of big ole chunks in the sauce and that way it doubles as pie filling.  It is so good.

Sunday we went to the beach again.  That wasn't in our plans, but brother-in-law and sis-in-law must have been bored.  They called like 3 or 4 times asking if we were coming down...I was actually content to stay home but, oh well, it's the beach.  When you get the chance.  Take it!  Am I right?

We left at dusk and missed the sunset.  I'll bet it was a beauty too, but it was so warm when we got there.  Must have been a really nice day.  Chatted a while and then went to bed.  Went for breakfast the next morning, then took a nice long walk down the beach, got doused by a sneaker wave and headed back so Chris could change her pants.  :)  I saved her hat.  For like the 4th time.  Twas a bit windy.  Anyhoo...the dogs had a blast (of course) and we all felt refreshed.

I just went online and ordered a new phone (what a hassle!)  I use my phone as an alarm clock so I leave it on the windowsill above my head at night.  Well...remember that nice summer rainstorm that blew through last week.  Yeah.  That one.  Well, apparently it breezed the rainwater right in on my phone and now she's experiencing some malfunctions.  The old gal's going through the change so to speak.  I just do regular phones.  I don't have a smart phone.  I refuse to be one of those people who are seen continuously staring at their stupid electronic devices!  My phone is a phone.  Ok, and maybe occasionally in a pinch, for a camera.  But that's it.  I don't want to pay over a hundred dollars a month for a data plan.  Good grief!  I am totally old school.  And frankly, I like it that way.  Anyway, they've done away with the new in 2 program they used to have and now require a $30 upgrade fee, regardless of the device/phone you choose.  I complained.  I threatened to ditch Verizon and go shopping elsewhere.  I was put on hold.  :)  The kind lady came back and told me she'd credit the upgrade fee.  Sometimes it pays to be a bitch.

Hope everyone of you are enjoying these last delightful morsels of our summer.

Get out there and do something fun!!!

We're planning one more long weekend with our ponies soon...can't wait!!

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Cindy D. said...

I wouldn't call that being a bitch, I call that knowing what you want and not settling for more! LOL (As is more than you need or want)

Love the pics.

I'm torn about summer. It has been hot here in AZ so I'm glad it is cooling off, but on the other hand, time is flying by much too quickly.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Seems as I get older time flies by very quickly ;) Sorry to see summer go but I love the fall the best of any season.

HoneyCrisp are my absolute favorite apples. They sell them down the road from me at the apple orchard. Now you made me want one.

Love your beach pictures. So beautiful.

Annette Mickelson said...

I ordered fruit trees for our orchard a few weeks ago and Honey Crisp was definitely one on the list! THE BEST apples.

Kate said...

No smart phone for me, either - I'm just worried that soon that'll be all there is . . .