Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The dear oh dears

Our run of beautiful and idyllic spring-like weather has come to an end.  Or rather, a screeching halt more aptly put.  We're in a rainy pattern once again.  And along with the rain, comes another of the dear oh dears for me.  My husband's grandma used to call those days when you're a wee bit out of sorts, slightly bummed, in a funk...the dear oh dears.  Just hearing it put in that context makes me smile.  :)  My own mom used to call them the blues.  Oh you'll feel better tomorrow, just get a good night's rest and tomorrow those blues will be history.  And you know what?  Most of the time, she was right about that.  There's a lot of things that a good night's sleep can cure.  "Things will look better in the morning, you'll see!"  Oh how I miss my dear, sweet momma's voice.  There's just something about the rain that puts me in a wistful state of mind.  I get emotional, I cry so easily.  I long for my mom's company.  Just to hear her voice again would be heaven! And because I have faith, I know that day will come.  I will see my mom's beautiful, sparkling eyes smiling at me once again.  I can't wait!  *sigh*  There's so many that I long to see again.  I want to sit down somewhere in the sunshine, with a cool breeze blowing and have a cup of tea and a very long conversation, and do a lot of catching up.  But until that time comes, I put up with the dear oh dears and the occasional bout of the blues that always seem to accompany the rain.

Rain, rain go away...

On a brighter note, I noticed that some of my daffodils have blossomed.  Their cheery, bright, yellow blooms just scream spring to me.  My daphne is also trying to burst forth with blossom.  Usually it's fully bloomed by late February, but for some reason, despite our spring-like weather, the buds remain only partially open so far.  I absolute adore their heavenly scent.  Sweet, sweet daphne remains one of my most favorite floral scents.  My mom's favorite were the lilacs.  I'm a big fan of those as well.  My old, aged white lilac still blooms each year, but it's definitely past its' prime.  And the deep purple lilac that I used to have, was eaten alive by Annie when she was just a pup.  :(  I've always wanted to replace it, but still haven't done it.  I really ought to do more of the things that I continually think about doing.  *sigh*   My husband mentioned that the first opportunity he gets, he really needs to mow our lawn too.  Why is it that we think of so many things that we ought to do when it's dry, after it's raining again?  I'll have to chew on that one for a the meantime, out grass is nearing 8-12" in height.  Oh boy, that ought to be a fun first mowing!  Guess I know who will be the appointed raker.  Another one of life's opportunities to engage in good, physical activity!  Always stay in the positive mindset, am I right?

I've found a recipe for Chai tea concentrate and am hoping to give it a go this weekend.  It makes about 4 cups of concentrate that you keep refrigerated until you're ready to use it.  When you're ready for a drink, you mix it with equal parts milk.  You can drink it iced or hot.  I love it both ways, but hot is my favorite.  I have everything that I need except for star anise and whole cardamom.  I think I might be able to find it in the bulk section and just get a little of each for starters.

I've had some really good work sessions with Eagle lately.  Aside from the fact that he's developed a dislike to being caught from the pasture, he's doing really, really well.  I may take a day where I chase him all over the pasture until he's begging to be caught...see how that goes.  :)  I'll probably be the one to poop out first though, and that wouldn't get me anywhere.  Horses and their phases.  I swear they're just like children in more ways than not.  And, I rode Miss Sugar last weekend.  She is one hot little momma!  Really quick reaction times and very sensitive to leg and seat pressure.  I'll bet she is a really fun little horse to ride, but...she's quite lame.  Lame enough that I cannot justify riding her the way she is.  What a bummer.  I was hoping with a little bute she would be alright for trail riding, but I'm just not so sure about that now.  I'm hoping to find some time to sit down with my boss and discuss our options for her.  I don't have a bunch of money to throw at her, but if there's a pretty good chance for improvement, I'm willing to take that shot.  We'll see, but for now I just can't, in good conscience, ride a lame horse.  Sometimes I am my own worst enemy I think.  :(

Oh, and speaking of sleeping well...we bought a new mattress and box springs on New Years Day.  Last week I bought a new, very cushy mattress cover and new flannel sheets.  I. am. in. heaven!  I hate to get out of my cushy little nest in the mornings now!  Seriously, I am loving it.  Why, oh why, did we wait so long to replace our old mattress??  Annie is pretty pleased with her new sleeping arrangements as well.  You see, our old mattress was soooo bad that we had one of those memory foam mattress toppers on it which made it passable.  Now the memory foam gets folded in half, covered with a blanket and wallah!  Annie has a remarkably cushy, new bed too!  She is in doggie heaven herself!!  I love seeing my old girl wallowing in the lap of luxury and bliss!  If anyone deserves it, it's Annie.  Dear, sweet Annie.  Seeing her so comfortable just makes my heart sing!  I love it when my animals are so happy.

Well, I guess that's about it.  Still walking, still eating much more healthy foods and still trying to drink more water every day.  I'm taking my vitamins, eating all my fresh fruits and veggies each day and reading my Bible daily devotions.  And...even my hubby is now taking a daily vitamin as well!  Progress is being made my friends.  Progress in baby steps is progress nonetheless!

Blessings to all on this day only 2 short weeks from spring!!!
Lorie @ Cingspots



Cindy D. said...

Oh that is too bad about Sugar, but hopefully though your boss knows what to do? Does she have any corrective shoeing on now or is she barefoot?

I totally understand about how you feel about missing your mom. I am that way with my Grandmothers. Unfortunately they both passed away while I was "out there" so I did not ever even get to say goodbye. I miss them everyday.

Aren't new mattresses wonderful? We found a memory foam mattress at a very reasonable price and brought it right home a few weeks ago. I hate getting out of bed now.

Good for you for keeping up routine, I find myself wanting to do something similar as my jeans keep getting tighter!

Thank you for your wonderful comment on my post. I'm glad that I was able touch another in some small way, while really just helping me sort out my own thoughts. It is nice to know that I'm not alone. :)

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Nothing feels better at the end of the day than snuggling into a comfy bed. So sorry you are having a blue day. I call that being out of sorts. We have rain today so it was a good day for the farrier visit. Tomorrow is Spring vaccination day for the horses. I have yet to schedule the donkeys because that can sometimes be a little rodeo:-)
Feel better tomorrow!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I'm so sorry about the blue days...but your Grandma was so right..a good nights sleep makes it so much better. And doggy must be so happy to have a cushy bed. I know who gets the best place around's not us.

Having consideration for Sugar and not riding her with her bad leg is one of the nicest things to hear about. You have such love and respect for your animals..they are fortunate to be with you.


Annette Mickelson said...

If that recipe for Chai tea works, you must share it. I've been having the "oh dears" as well -- we have rain coming tonight. I love your dog bed for Annie. We got a new mattress last year after being miserable for years... I'm not sure why we waited so long. It makes all the difference in the world. I hope the rain stops soon and you buck the mood.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

I miss my Mama too.She has been gone a long time. I still hear her voice in my mind though. We aren't just having rain and cold - snow, wind, thunder and Lightening. A little sun now and then. It got to 50 one day. Take care my friend.

fernvalley01 said...

Hang in there friend, spring is on the way

Grey Horse Matters said...

I think everyone gets a case of the oh dears when it's raining or not sunny out. Right now we're having a rain/snow/wind event for the rest of the week. Bummer. But it will clear up eventually and then we'll all be more energetic.

Like what you did with Annie for a bed. Our two have something similar and it really helps their old joints. Maybe I should consider sleeping with them...Ha!

Hope Sugar is able to be treated for her lameness. Good to hear you're working with Eagle too. Have fun.

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

I vote that on the day when the "dear oh dears" are in high form you just stay nestled in that lovely heavenly new bed for a little longer and just let it rain outside. Your momma was right. Sometimes rest IS what we need.

We're getting the blustery rain too but despite the weather I just noticed today that the first lilac of the year is blooming. The first bloom is always the littlest but it's a lilac nonetheless! They're my fave with daffodils and other spring flowers coming in a close second.

aurora said...

I saw your comment on my blog Lorie, thanks for wondering where I am :) I'm ok, just haven't had much to share about horses or even photography. Probably doesn't look so good that the last thing I posted was a photo of Jack Daniels lol!!

Funny how special sayings warm the heart. Sounds like you are making good progress, I think smaller steps stick better anyways. Hope you can figure out a way to help Sugar, and to catch that booger Eagle with ease. Enjoy your spring blooms!!

Jenn said...

All good horse people have a conscience about riding a lame're good horse people. :)

I'm finally getting over my "dear, oh dears" with the longer days. Yay! I'm ready to get out and ride and plant and just enjoy the sun.

As for Eagle not wanting to be caught, Chief was like that. I tried the making him move until I wanted him to stop (in which we both ended up exhausted) method and it did not work effectively with him. Instead, I used the go out every day, catch him, pet him, treat him, brush him, and let him go method, which worked really well for him. I think it depends on the horse. I've had ones that respond well with the move until I say stop method, others that don't.