Monday, January 21, 2013

Shades of Grey and Winter Whites

We've been ensconced in frozen fog, frigid weather and an unusually dry weather pattern for a couple of weeks now.  We've even been blessed with a few days of blindingly bright sunshine!  Really - I think I know exactly how a mole must feel when he burrows up and out of the depths of the earth for the first time in days.
I've had to drag out my summer shades a few times lately!  One must always remember that squinting causes laugh lines and wrinkles.  :)

Speaking of wrinkles, and of aging in is my birthday!  My 53rd and counting to be exact!  I am astounded that I'm this old!!  I don't feel 53.  But then again, how is one supposed to feel at this age?  I feel older than I once did; of that I'm positive, but I don't feel old and in actuality I believe there are many benefits to having reached this specific time in my life.  Many to be sure!!  For one, I am again a great-great auntie.  Yep!!  And the newest member of our family was born this morning on my birthday!!  How's that for a birthday gift?  Pretty cool, I think!!  I don't know her name, nor her weight, nor what she looks like...but of one thing I am sure...she shall and always will, hold a dear and special place in my heart because we share a birthday.  What a blessing!!

So, I've been thinking about winter white lately, and various shades of whites and greys.  White is quite underrated I think.  Vanilla for example, a divine flavor on its' own and highly under-valued.  Winter is full of white and probably so, because so much of what winter has to offer is otherwise quite bland.  So we're given white and its' various shades to brighten things up a bit!  A different kind of light in an otherwise barren season devoid of sunshine.


hubba hubba!!

winter wonderland


Eagle - lover boy  :)

Dear, sweet, mud-loving Ladde

Kadie - my princess 29 this year

Sweet Harley (guilty of trying to bite my kneecap repeatedly yesterday!)

My sweet prince, Ladde

Merlin...the definition of cremudgeon

frosty white hairs on his ears

If you feed them, they will come...

Charley, she's pointing that thing at us again!

Depending on where you live, and what your winter weather woes have been, your appetite for warmer, brighter days may be overwhelming.  But, hang in there my friends...only 2 more months of winter to go!  Today charts the 1/3 of the way through winter mark!!!  Spring's warmer and sunnier days are closer than you may think.  Like the song says..."time waits for no one, and it won't wait for me".  

Tick Tock

Blessings everyone, Lorie @ Cingspots


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, and thanks for all the wonderful pictures!

falconfeathers said...

First of all...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Welcome to my world of 53!
I agree...

Mostly, I don't feel old, sometimes I am creaky and it reminds me to get back on the elliptical!

53 is ok, I know, I have been there for two whole months!

I am fortunate to live in northern CA, where night time temps are below freezing right now, but it soars into the 40-50's during the fact it was a downright crazy 65 today.
(I used to live in Virginia and don't miss the "skiing to the barn" and chopping ice off the water tanks in winter!)

I will be moping when summer temps reach 108!

Your photos are lovely and your "ponies" are so handsome and "wooly"

Thanks for sharing.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday Lorie! 53 isn't so bad I'd trade you any day for that one again. How special that your niece was born today on your birthday. My daughter Lori was born on my birthday and we do share a lot of the same personality traits. It will be fun as your little niece grows to see how much she favors you.

Wonderful pictures as always. Love the horses in the mist.

aurora said...

Great post! I relate to (and love) vanilla, made me think, enjoy your photos, laugh and as a bonus got to hear your music again :)

Congrats on your new niece, bet you can't wait to meet her. Saved the best for last, sending you Happy Birthday wishes!! Enjoy the wonderfulness of you on your special day.

Jenn said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I love the photos...wish our winters were as pretty. We are more of a study in browns and blacks than whites and grays.

Lookit all those pudgy happy ponies!

Carolynn Anctil said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Or, as I like to call it - Birth Week. I hope you were richly spoiled and enjoy many a sweet treat and welcome surprise.

Great photos of all your horses and Merlin - what a surly cutie-pie. I'm in the midst of choosing paint colours for the two upstairs rooms in our new house and I'm gaining a new appreciation for all the subtle shades of white! Yikes.