Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mom, are we normal yet?

As you've probably guessed, our weather has normalized.  Yes, it's raining and it's substantially warmer, and I hate it.  Not surprisingly my mood has deteriorated right along with the weather.  How can that be?  I don't understand how my outlook on life in general is so closely related to what I see out the window?  I just don't get it.  Then again, maybe it's not all weather related.  I've been fighting a cold for over a week now.  It started out with a sore throat.  That's how they always start for me.  Anyway, so the sore throat came and went for a few days, and then BAAMM! I had the telltale cottony feeling in my head and sinuses.  Eyes feel slightly out of focus and the old brain wasn't working quite right.  Then nightfall comes and I'm congested and I can't sleep.  This is where the problems begin.  No sleep is not good.  Not one little bit.  I'm a person who has always needed an adequate amount of rest each night to function properly and to maintain a "cheerful" demeanor.  Otherwise...I get very, very cranky.  Downright ugly in fact.  My entire outlook on life goes right down the drain.  My alter ego...the bitch takes over.    

She can't help it either.

I have no pictures of my own to post today, but found these winter whites on the computer and thought they were much nicer to look at than what we've got outside our windows.

They were predicting a very messy transition early this morning with freezing rain. That, thankfully didn't happen.  Nope, it warmed up very quickly, ground thawed out and we just got plain old everyday Oregon rain.  Oh goody.

We've been very fortunate so far this month, and for that I'm thankful.  If we don't get our quota of mega-amounts of rain soon, we're going to start hearing the weathermen predicting the eternal doomsday reports of all my years of living, we've never, ever had a drought.  So, why do they make such a fuss?  I have to shake my head at all their talk about our weather.  Seems like nothing we ever have is "normal".  We're either below average, or we're above average.

In all their many years of keeping records in regards to our weather patterns, don't they realize that "normal"  or "average" is a very tiny speck smack dab in the middle of that data sheet in time?  It's much, much more common to be either below average or above average in my opinion.  *sigh*

Maybe I'm just cranky.  Then again, maybe I'm more realistic and pragmatic about what it really means to be normal or what it means to be average.

Normal is a very rare occurrence.  Both in weather, and in people.

Something else I've realized; weather and normal, along with most things in life are subject to opinion.

And you know what they say about having opinions don't you?  That's right, they're just like mothers...everybody's got one.

Which just leads us into another foray of the colors of winter...a big, fat grey area.  Just like our skies.

Bah-humbug  HUMBUG!

Dreamin' of the blue...
Lorie @ Cingspots


Anonymous said...

I always wish the weather would stick to whatever season it's supposed to be, rather than jumping around.

And winter colds are the worst - I've had two so far and hope I'm done for the year.

Jenn said...

I become kind of a cranky old witch this time of year too...I don't know whether it has to do with the colors (or lack thereof) outside or my inability to spend as much time outdoors as I'd like to. I think it's the seemingly perpetual darkness more than anything that makes me ultra cranky!

Send some of that rain our way...we're still in a drought and will gratefully accept every drop we can get!

Ian Holland said...

Think about it. The news media doesn't thrive on good news, rather it promotes all the bad things that happen. It just used to be local stuff, but now, with the expansion of communications, all the bad news comes from world wide! Just think, when have you ever heard "It's a great day, everything is perfect"? It doesn't sell newspapers, TV adverts, or anything else. If you want to get depressed, watch back to back to back news from around the world!

Hope you feel better soon! And thanks for the warning about the alter ego. :-}

falconfeathers said...

wow what a profound statement you made...

"weather and normal, along with most things in life are subject to opinion. "

I was so mad all day at work today...everything was aggravating, then I made the mistake of getting on Facebook to catch the distant news! ha what a mistake that was too! A big argument going on on my daughters facebook wall between my son and their evil stepmother..

You sounded down and out....and I hope you things perk up for you soon. I enjoy your posts and even though this one was about "GREY MATTER" your "bah humbug" gave me a good laugh...

Yeh, think I will join you today...BAH HUMBUG tomorrow shall be a DIFFERENT day!


Paint Girl said...

You and I sound so much alike! I can so relate with the lack of sleep and being cranky. My OH has learned quite well not to wake me up or even talk to me the first half hour I am awake. And I get pretty cranky about the weather too. I loved the long cold snap... well, except for the frozen mud. And yes I was happy to wake up to rain, for the first hour anyway, then after a full day of it I now want the cold snap back!
Hopefully blue skies will come back to visit us, sooner rather then later!
Hope you feel better!!

aurora said...

Feel better soon, so your hubby can stop "tiptoeing", or at least that's what mine does, cuz I never get like this. Nope. Not me. I am sunshine and roses, all the time. Yep, and pigs fly too. Wishing you Blue Skys and Sunny Days!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

The colors of winter are depressing when it's all cold and grey. A little sunshine would be nice.

Feel better soon and get some sleep!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

I hope you have gotten some sleep andthe cold is on its way gone. We had a little more snow last night and some freezing rain and then more snow. I HATE freezing rain. We were coming home from a dinner we had been invited to at the casino and it was awful driving. We did have a wonderful prime rib dinner beforehand and I loved it. Have a second quilt started but have to finish the first one. I am probably 80% done so it won't be long. I pray your recovery will be fast indeed.
Blessings, Lea

C-ingspots said...

Aaawww, you guys are great!!!!!
Your comments always make me smile - thank you!!! :)

Carolynn Anctil said...

Oh dear. Someone needs a nice hot bowl of chicken noodle soup and a chick flick. *grin* I do hope you're feeling better soon. I haven't suffered from a cold in years (knock wood). My husband will tell you it doesn't take that to bring out my *ahem* alter ego, though. *grin* I tell ya, I certainly don't miss those heavy, gray skies. We're currently enduring another winter storm with high winds & snow. It's bright & sunny though!

Victoria Cummings said...

I hope you feel better soon. Everyone around here has the flu. You're right - it's that blah time of year. I was dreaming of Key West earlier today. Just dreaming, of course, because when you own horses, you aren't going anywhere, especially in winter. I guess it's time to concentrate on the art of staying cozy.

Anonymous said...

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