Friday, August 26, 2011

Sunny daze

We'd been having a picture-perfect summer up until a couple of weeks ago...then it turned HOT!!!  A pox upon all of you complainers about our mild summer... sure hope you're all happy now!!  I've been wilting like an english rose.  I used to love the heat, but simply cannot tolerate it anymore.  I get light-headed, dizzy, feel exhausted and sometimes sick to my stomach if it's too warm.  It's a problem.  But...summer is fleeting, so I shan't complain anymore!!  Fall's just around the corner and it'll be sweatshirt weather and frost on the pumpkin before ya know it.  I love fall.  It's my favorite time of year.  Summer's pretty sweet too!!

So glad it's Friday.  It's been the week from hell at slow I think I may lose my mind!  This translates to long days feeling like I'm a caged animal.  Hate that!!  Could be worse - I could not have a job to be bored at.  Ok, I'll shut up about that.  Anyway, the weekend is here and we're picking some peaches at a nearby farm (yum!!), organizing our camper for a possible upcoming camping trip (our first this summer) and attending a life-long friend's 50th birthday bash.  Should be fun!  And, according to our local weatherman, this might be the end of our record-setting heatwave.  Next week it should be back down in the mid 70's and lower 80's.  Now that's my kinda summer weather - perfection!! 

 My boy Harley with my girl Kadie.  Harley will always groom on command.  Must be nice huh?  Harley would do anything for Kadie...he loves her.  Kadie pretends this annoys her.  :)

 The adorable Annie having a good back scratch after her bath with the garden hose.  She dislikes baths intensely, but you cannot keep this dog out of the water otherwise.  Must be the soap...

 My brother-in-law, my niece Kendall and her daughter, Lilly (on the left) and Faith, my other niece Rachelle's daughter.  They recently celebrated their first birthdays.  They're about a month apart in age.  Pretty adorable babies huh??  They're polar opposites from each other.

 Beautiful, naked babies in the pool...adorable!!

From the trail the dogs and I walked a couple of weeks ago in the Jefferson Wilderness.  The trail was 2.3 miles up, up, up...I was a hot, tired gal and so were the pups.  Fun walk and very peaceful though.  We hiked into Pamelia Lake and the dogs had an energizing swim as their reward.  I found a hat and used it as a bug swatter.  Remember, "ask and ye shall receive". 

 Come on mom!!!!  It's so cute how the dogs always come back and check on me...they probably walk triple the distance that I do.  Ruby recently turned 1 year old...cannot believe that we've had her almost a year already.  Again - time flys!!  I cannot believe it. 

 This is Duncan...trail horse/packing horse extraordinaire sneaking through camp headed for the water bucket after hauling these steel culverts out from a "you slip - you die" trail.  He is phenomenol!!!  Call me a coward, but you will NEVER catch me on those kinds of trails ever again!!  I like land on both sides of the trail - thank you very much!!

Kate, Duncan and Eagle arriving back in camp.  Eagle got lucky and only had to haul the oxygen and acetylene tanks in one way.  He's not quite as experienced as Duncan and those heavy, very cumbersome culverts might have been a wee bit too much for him to handle.  Awesome experience for him though.  This was the day we brought him home.  He's been living the life of riley since arriving at our place. 

Hope you all have a spendid weekend!  Make the most of it because summer's waning...

Blessings to all,


Annette said...

Pretty funny that we both blogged about the heat today. I react the same way as you. ugh.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I hate the heat too. We're expecting a hurricane on Sunday so I guess that will cool it off a bit. Can't wait for fall, my favorite season.

The babies are adorable. Looks like you've been busy. Love all the pictures.