Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One of my pet peeves...(maybe one of many)

If I'm being honest here, I really have quite a few pet peeves, but this one in particular is at the forefront of my mind this morning.

Last evening was our appointment with the farrier to have the horse's shoes pulled for the winter. So, everybody got their scheduled pedicures...simple, right?

Well, so it should seem. I brought Ladde in first because farrier "T" seemed a bit sullen-faced and cranky, and I thought - okay, get the big guy over with first before "T" gets any more tired. And...Ladde can occasionally be a little argumentative, and the way he plays this out is to minutely, but repeatedly, baby-tug his hind feet. After a while this becomes annoying and he needs a "slight attitude adjustment"...which I do, but I also have no problem with someone else (the farrier) giving him a good old-fashioned wollup. Then Ladde is a good boy and stands very quietly for his pedi. However...my farrier seems to think himself a chiro guy as well as hoof care expert; and believes that this is more of a pain issue rather than a behavioral one. And, maybe this is true in part, but if there's a physical cause I will hire a professional of my choosing to do the appropriate treatment. My horse - my decision - my money. That's how I see it. Now, I have asked "T" repeatedly (3 times to be exact) not to do any manipulation/chiropractic work on my horse. And, repeatedly (3 times to be exact) "T" has done what he chooses to do anyway - regardless of my wishes. This in my opinion is not respecting my wishes and therefore, pisses me off. A lot. So...last night I very vocally made my displeasure known.

So, now I have my farrier upset with me (last week it was my sister, who still isn't speaking to me) and who knows if he'll want to continue providing our horses with hoofcare. Of course, this incident happened at the beginning of the appointment and "T" did finish up with everybody after Ladde; and of course, I managed to smooth things over somewhat without budging on my principles. I also apologized for my rather direct comments, and mentioned that I could have used a little more tact and still made my point known...but at least now we have an understanding. Mutual respect is a very important matter and apparently can be a little bit of a delicate situation if not handled with kid gloves. Dually noted.

This morning I discussed the entire situation with my boss (the lameness expert vet), and with a few quick lessons on the equine anatomy, we've come to the conclusion that I've apparently overreacted a little. :) (insert big, sheepish grin here). My boss concluded that "T" was probably doing no actual harm on Ladde (which of course was my biggest fear), was possibly helping to stretch and relax his lumbar and leg muscles thereby making it a little bit easier to hold his leg up; but...was also not respectful of my wishes as the horse's owner. And that, was my main point of contention with the dadgummed horseshoer. So, with my anatomy lessons intact, I will probably in future take the time to warm Ladde up before his trims or shoeings, do a little stretch work and if deemed necessary, give the big brute a gram of bute to ensure both his comfort and the comfort of my farrier. *sigh*

Isn't life ever easy?

We humans are a delicate lot.

I'm just sayin'...

I know - I know - I promised that my next post would be all about the pictures and here I am running off at the mouth AGAIN! Well, hell - apparently I'm a liar as well as a mouthy old broad.



IanH said...

Yeah, we all get days like that! I had one good farrier (out of about 4) that was really good , but I could see that he would depart for greener pastures. Sure enough, he went into the oil patch.

My solution was to take an on-line farrier course, and do my own horses. With an investment of$65 and 3 months study, I figure that I have saved over $4000 in fees, corrected a bad foot situation that none of them could figure out and so far, have crippled no one.

I know how you felt!

Anonymous said...

I have trouble with those "human" communications as well - my farrier took it pretty well - sometimes I have trouble being diplomatic. Sounds like it worked out OK.

Leah Fry said...

I'm grateful not to have had to have such a communication with a provider. The one vet tech I had an issue with didn't keep his job long.

allhorsestuff said...

Huh, maybe that's why this shoer won't call me back...I dado said, "a huh, don't hit my mare in the belly! "...na, I think mine its incompetent!

Well sweets, the best thing about being humble ( if you're not, there's plenty of chances) is...you can appologise, feel better, move on!

Thank you soooomuch for your offer!!! You after the best to offer, and I know you mean it too. Pantz would be in heaven with your boys!!!
I fear my sis is eben harder to please than me. She got offered this place, I go to..can you believe she said no, after this last event?
What I did NOT SAY on my blog...its that this is the third injury- that my barn owner did not NOTICE!!!!!
In fact...while stall bound she hurt herself on the stupid nail s of the horse shoes I'm taking off this weekend....she had Just cleaned the stall...my masted was swollen + blog was dropping down her hind leg....Oh my wonderful God!...I guess its good that I'm not waiting for her to be found dead!! She might notice that.

She rescued me in a hard time...but I've stayed to long...making it work. Time to go.

Pantz, hum....will see.
xoxo Let ya know

fernvalley01 said...

Your horse , your decision , simple as that. Over reaction or not , its still your horse. As for your sister... say it with me , WHATEVER!

Mrs Mom said...

Go for it! Some of those dudes out there seem to think that whatever they say goes. They have no ability to communicate either, and invest no time in learning HOW to work better with their clients.

LOL @ Mouthy Old Broad..... goes for me too ;)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Sounds like a bad day for both of you. Maybe next time will be better.

Carolynn said...

I tend to get a bit testy if my animals are involved and I'm concerned for their welfare. Think Bear Mother....

Ladde will probably appreciate the extra attention & muscle massages he gets before his pedicures. He'll be relaxed and willing and then everyone will be happy.

You're fortunate to have such immediate access to a second opinion that you trust. As for the farrier, I'm sure he has tougher skin than that.


allhorsestuff said...

Oh, I'm so sorry about the accident and loss! Your heart must be hurting. Praying for your family. Love you, and, truly am holding you, up to Jehovah Rafa.

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

Sounds like our summers have been much the same. I don't have a problem with our farrier's corrections as long as they're not causing them pain....a slight smack with the flat side of a hoof rasp is fine on the belly....enough to get their attention but that's it! Both my husband and I stand to hold them for the farrier every time they arrive or if he'd rather have his assistant do it instead on the younger ones...that fine with us but I know what you mean about disrespecting a woman's/owner's opinion. I'll tell you what my farrier's assistant said "I don't want to date a "horsewomen", they're crazy! Not too great that he lumps them all in the same category but he's young and has a lot to learn!! ;)

Rising Rainbow said...

Personally, I think the world could do with more mouthy old broads so you're OK in my book. As mouthy old broad myself, I find I have to be careful how I approach some people too. I figure by the time I actually get this skill down, I'll probably be dead. LOL

MunciEquestrian said...

Oh, one of my biggest pet peeves is when someone (vet, farrier, dentist, chiro, any one) does something to my horse that I REPEATEDLY ask/tell them not to. =/ But life goes on!

panthercreekcottage said...

Yay, Sounds like you are ready for winter and hopefully ready to go to breakfast soon. We're due sister. Be calling you soon.