Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Life in the day

I had no idea what to title this post. I changed it several times. But, it's not about anything really...just life. When we wake up each morning, we never really know what's going to take place. Could be monumental; could be incidental; could be exciting, or boring...but regardless of the day - life just happens...every single each one of us. Opportunities abound, shit just happens. Most of the time I feel like I'm just along for the ride. I'm definitely not in control of anything; and on those rare days when I think I've got it all's all cool...tomorrow happens and shoves me right back in my place.

I just keep getting back up, and trying to keep moving forward. Ray Hunt told me once that "the energy's gotta go to direct it forward, if you can". He really was a wise man, and definitely not just about horses.

You probably can't tell, but I'm an emotional mess today. Oh sure, I'm at work and functioning just fine. I could almost do this in my sleep. I'm good at it. The smile is there and I'm putting one foot in front of the other. Answering all the questions, helping out wherever I can...autopilot on. "check"

I watched a very well-made documentary film on OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) last night. To say it was disturbing is more than just an understatement. I wish every single person in the United States could watch this film. We all NEED to watch this film. We should. It's called "Food Inc." It's available for purchase online if anyone's interested. I wouldn't recommend viewing it with the kiddies...or before just might ruin your appetite. But, should watch it. Very enlightening stuff.

So, anyway I was out and about on our property the other day and shot a few pictures of the critters. Spring has sprung in all its' glory, and our little piece of reality is a very pretty place right now. The horses are shedding their winter woolies, enjoying their rolls in the mud and eating everything in sight. Life is always grand for the dogs...they spend their time playing, sleeping and begging. Hey, what's not to enjoy? Nellie's been growing leaps and bounds, and has outgrown her first baby collar. I don't think she'll be as big as Annie, but that's just fine. She idolizes Annie and that's okay too. She couldn't possibly have a more perfect mentor.

Ladde with spooky glowing eyes. :) He's as fat as a tick. I need to get started on his conditioning sooner, rather than later. Their shoes go on in early May, and I am more than ready to hit the trails. I cannot wait!

Harley horse. He sure doesn't have the look of a blind horse does he?

He still has some vision. This is his good eye, but there's a little vision in both. I am anxious to get him back out in the woods too. I'm still working on wrapping my mind around the fact that my best trailhorse is nearly blind, but we will work through it together. He trust me and that's what counts.

The infamous cushioned post that was probably instrumental in causing trauma to his left eye. He and Ladde were always playing "face wars" around this post and on several occasions, Harley's eye took direct hits. Aaah...hindsight.

Sorry for the dirty lens...the dogs at frantic play. The term, "whirling dervish" comes to mind. :)

Little Miss "Frosted Siri L" - she has always been so very opinionated. Hmmph!! I bet she wouldn't have been so incredibly rude, had she known she had grass stuck between her teeth!!

The perfect little angel horse...Kadie. THE best mountain horse - EVER!!! How I love this horse!!! She's 24 years old this year. Don't you just wish you could turn back the hands of time?
I sure do...

"The girls" My beautiful dogs and bestest friends anybody could wish for - Annie and Nellie.

Nellie adores Annie. And, I'm pretty sure you'd never get her to admit it; but...Annie's pretty fond of little Nells Bells too. And, that's a very good thing!

Life's pure pleasure for these two!

What a good pup!! She has been the easiest puppy I can ever remember training. She's a very smart little girl. She's about 6-1/2 months old now. She's gonna have a fun summer...I see swimming and camping and a whole bunch of new adventures in store for this little gal!

Sorry for the blurry pictures. Our neighbors finally burned down the big, old, red barn. It was a sad day, but I guess it needed to happen. Nothing lasts forever in this life.

Annie does not dislike cats. However, most of the time I think she would just appreciate them all leaving her alone. But, you know how that goes...they all love her! :) We all do!! *sigh* Whatever is a girl to do?

This is "Princess". I know, it's a ridiculous name, but I've always named the animals whatever pops into my head. What can I say? She's a princess!! Just look at those beautiful, blue eyes!!

Our shaggy little old lady of the herd. Siri is 28 years old now. She's actually shed out since I took this picture and is looking amazingly good for a mature woman of her years. You'd never guess her age if you saw her! Good genes.

This is Harley and Shad - not a great picture, but it does show how wet and muddy our pastures have been. They've dried out some since this was taken, and we're eternally grateful for that. But, spring in Oregon you never know what to expect!

Nellie, crazy puppy!!!!!

The seasonal creek near our house is a source of great joy for our dogs...however, there have been times when it's been a source of great distress for us - in the form of very muddy, swampy-smelling canines. Oh, the ups and downs of living in the country!!

Until next time, blessings everyone! May you enjoy peace and joy this spring!
Cingspots...over and out!


Michelle said...

SHOOT! If I'd had known Food Inc. was on last night I woulda watched it; I've heard so much about it!

fernvalley01 said...

Sorry you are still feeling melancholy. Hopefully some warm sunshine ans some horse time will help to lift your spirits . Things look beautiful and green there . Hugs to you my sweet friend , I wish I could come have a cup of tea and we could chat

Kate said...

Food, Inc. is a very important movie - I think a lot of our industrial food production goes on the way it does because people just don't know about it. Knowing changes a lot - I know it's changed the way I eat.

Hope your spirits rise with the improving temperatures!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Thank you for the comments on my blog. Sage and I are having a wonderful time. I almost hugged her neck today. Brought tears to my eyes. I liked what you said that a good day and the next day being not so - not a quote but gotcha. Sunny again today but chilly. However wearing a light weight sweatshirt is certainly an improvement over a month ago. Blessings..............

Leah Fry said...

You need Spring and lots of sunshine and pony time to lift your spirits. Here's hoping you get all three very soon.

Carolynn said...

Wow, I had no idea you had so many animals! No wonder you're so busy. They're all gorgeous and adorable.

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

You sound so sad....I wish there was something I could say to cheer you up. I've been in my ups and downs too and I feel your pain. My own boy King is still on day to day watch and we are giving him another week and half to see if I have to make the decision to let him go...30+ years old/ half blind too/ arthritic and now bleeding internally (you can read more on my blog if you havent already I can remember if you've visited or not its all left me in a blur) - probably from cancer somewhere or a large ulcer (neither of which I am sure he is on meds now to see - tests are so expensive, I'm not doing them, at his age and his health declining so suddenly with no warnings and so rapidly there is nothing else to be done but this last effort) - its all just left me numb...waiting to see if medicine works and to see if his quality of life can be improved or if I have to make the call to let him go has me suspended in a perpetual state of melancholy too. We know we love our horses, they really become our friends and partners, but until its time to let them go and say goodbye we dont realize just how much they have take of our hearts....I knew he had such a large part of mine...but not this much...and here I am hurting too and I dont even know anything to say to cheer ya up! But I hope you get to feeling chipper again will work it your boy all you can...Your pictures were wonderful!!!! i enjoyed them so much! They cheered me up!!!

gtyyup said...

You do sound so very sad...I hope the coming spring and summer will brighten your spirits. I try so hard to get around to everyone's blogs and I'm always so very behind...

Wishing you many blessings~

日月神教-向左使 said...