Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's a dog's life...

We've had Jasper, our newest canine companion since New Year's Day. He and Nellie enjoy each other's company. This is definitely more entertaining than watching tv.

Jasper is a 4 year old Golden Retriever who we adopted from Golden Bond Rescue. We've had him for a little over 2 weeks now. He's amazingly patient and playful with Nellie. She's the small, black pain in the butt on the right. Too bad we don't have sound with this post. Nellie's constant growling is hilarious.

He's a very handsome boy.

Jasper and Annie in our backyard. If you don't want it destroyed, then you don't want to let Jasper near it. We sometimes call him "destroy boy". He and Annie are good companions as well.

I apologize for the posts in the middle of our picture, but I was inside the house shooting these across the deck.

This is Nellie. She's the little throw-away pound puppy I adopted in early December. She was one of 4 that someone had discarded on a little country road. I can't imagine anyone doing that. But, the ending is a happy one. They were rescued and taken to our local dog control shelter and have all been adopted out. In fact, they went like hotcakes! She's definitely Lab, but who knows what else might be thrown in.

Here's how Annie spends her time while Jasper and Nellie go at it for hours on end. I told you she was a smart dog. :)

He's very photogenic. I enjoy taking pictures of him, but it's hard to get him to look at me.

If he's not playing with Nellie...he's keeping track of what she's doing.

Sorry for the glowing eyes here, but it was fairly dark in the living room and I had to use the flash. She regards herself as the princess. She's proving to be a very smart little dog. So far, she has been very easy to teach.

Nellie has no problems posing.

Meanwhile...mustn't forget about Annie. She had a very long day apparently. Poor little thing!

Destroying a weed...

Patch doesn't approve of the puppy. Not one little bit.

This flock of geese took flight from the field while I was snapping pictures. This was only a portion of the total flock.

Yow Yow doesn't approve of Nellie either. I'm sure he's coming up with a grand scheme to get rid of the puppy.

The chubby, hairy, dirty, but happy horses. Harley was somewhere else at the moment.

This is how they spend their days at the clinic. It's a tough job...but somebody's gotta do it.

Little Nells Bells.

Annie makes a very cushy place to rest a weary puppy.

When do we take her back mom??

She's not as innocent as she me.

Nellie's got Annie's "precious". Oh no!

And last, but certainly not least...our beloved woodstove who we love very much!! Pay no attention to that lovely linoleum. One of these days hopefully, very soon, it's going to be replaced.
We have decided to take Jasper back to Golden Bond. He's a great dog and we definitely have mixed feelings about our decision, but 3 dogs in our little home is a wee bit too cozy if you know what I mean. I regret having to put him through another transition in his life, but I'm certain that he will be in his forever home very soon. He's a totally cool dog and we'll probably regret giving him back, but we believe it's the right decision for all involved. Annie sort of disappears into the background a lot of the time while Jasper and Nellie are playing. And, getting a companion for Annie was my original plan when we decided to get another dog. Nellie will fill that slot, and with Annie as her mentor; she just can't help but turn into a wonderful, sensible dog. Golden Bond already has a family in mind for Jasper. This family has 2 little boys. Jasper will be in "hog heaven", I'm pretty sure. He has been a pleasure getting to know these past couple of weeks, and I'm sure we'll miss him for a while.
That's it for now from cingspots...


Grey Horse Matters said...

She may be a pain in the butt, but Nellie Bells is a really cute pain in the butt. Your other dogs are sweet. Love Golden's, we've had a few and they're the best. I'd definitely say she was Lab, my best dog was a black lab and she looks a lot like him. Good luck with the whole gang, horses and cat included!

Pony Girl said...

Nellie is adorable! That face is too precious. I love labs. And Goldens, too. I've dogsat a few and have always enjoyed their joyful personalities. I'm sorry to hear you decided to take Jasper back. Looks like you have your hands full, though! ;) He looks like a nice dog. I'm sure he'll find another great home, would be make a good family dog?

Lea and her Mustangs said...

I imagine it will not be hard to find a home for Jasper. Sometimes it just doesn't work. Love, love love your pictures. Dogs are so photogenic aren't they. Good to see you back here.

panthercreekcottage said...

Hi friend, That Jasper has a beautiful wise old face huh? I love The pics of Annie & Nellie snoozing by the sliding door. The natural light on Annies coat. Real pretty there! You may find the perfect trio yet. Love ya.

Lisa said...

Bless your hearts for taking in Jasper, he is so handsome!!! They are all precious and I just loved looking at the pictures. Your little one Nellie looks like my black lab did when she was a baby.

I love them all and they look very, very happy!!!!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Nellie is adorable! That pink collar looks good on her too.

Leah Fry said...

Nellie is a cutie. Hope Jasper likes the home with the little boys.

fernvalley01 said...

Nellie is wonderful! what a cutie.If I were closer I would scoop Jasper, he just has a look... I am sure he will be great for the family with the kids.

Carolynn said...

What an adorable family of furballs you have there! Gorgeous, all of them!

日月神教-向左使 said...