Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rodeo is another name for summer

We haven't gone to a rodeo for several years, but this year we attended the St. Paul Rodeo over the fourth of July weekend. We were seated in the nosebleed section. Second to the top row and as far as possible away from the chutes. We were under the covered section and were'nt able to see the fireworks display. Hmmm, interesting why they would charge the most for these particular seats. Live and learn friends, live and learn.

So, in no particular order since for some reason blogger will not allow me to rearrange my pictures today, here goes...

This is one of the pick-up cowboys. His horse was one of my favorites.

And this little gal should by now be familiar to you all - my little poochie, Annie. From last week on our noontime walk in the park.

One of the bareback bronc riders...

Here is a shot of some of the rodeo stock horses. Big-boned and fat. They know they're the stars of the show.

I think they're beautiful.

And my favorite event of them all...the bulls. I love the bull riding!

Open the gate, and don't make me say it again...cow boy...
Don't ya just love their attitude?

Yeee hawwww!!!! I love this shot - all four off of the ground!! Ride'em cowboy!!! Like I said before - we were as far away from the action as one could possibly get, but my little camera still did alright. Gotta love the zoom zoom zoom!

Here's a shot of the pick-up crew. My favorite little horse is the grey second in from the right. So cute!! I also like the bay horse on the right. That's always been my most favorite color of horse - the bay. I've never had a bay, yet... but Ladde's daddy was a beautiful mahogany bay with a big blanket on his rump. Gorgeous!! And in case you're wondering - Ladde's white. Go figure!!

Look at this adorable little horse doing his job for all he's worth!! Atta boy!!
I am one of those people who always worries about the little calves when they get jerked by the cowboy's rope...that's gotta hurt. That's probably why the bullriding is my favorite event. Those big old boys can take care of worries! I figure the cowboys are there of their own choice. They can worry about themselves.

This is the picture of the crowd with the cheap seats. You know, the ones just to the side of the chutes. Like I said before - go figure!! Next time, I'm buying tickets in the cheap section too!
And, if silly old blogger would have let me arrange my photos how I wanted, this would have been the introduction picture. Very patriotic shot with "Old Glory" in the foreground there.

This was the halftime entertainment. My favorite part of the show all night. This guy calls himself the One Arm Bandit. For obvious reasons. His cute little paint pony was totally awesome. He'd jump up on the truckbed and then climb on up to the top of the trailer. So did the buffalo. The guy must be a heck of a trainer to get those buffalo to cooperate like that. They rode on top while the truck was pulling the trailer around the arena...and they dismounted while being towed too. Kind of scary because his horse had a bit of a misstep and almost went down on his nose while dismounting from the truckbed. Hopefully, in the future maybe he'll remove that part of the show for the safety of his loyal and trusting little steed. The buffalo were fun to watch. All around the arena, they had arborvitae plants in the dirt, and the buffalo did their very best to uproot and destroy all the vegetation. Too funny!!

Sorry for the blurred photo, but these buffalo are dismounting while the truck and trailer are in motion.

Let'r buck!!
Our weather has taken a cooling trend the last couple of days. We actually had a rain storm last night, complete with booming thunder. Totally awesome!! It was a nice little watering that the plants and gardens sure did appreciate. Today our skies are overcast and our high temps are supposed to be in the upper 70's. It feels quite nice for a change.
This past weekend we pretty much layed low. Stayed home all weekend and worked on projects around the house, yard and fencing. My hubby rode his horse Shad for a little while, but I chose to observe from the sidelines and give my horses a break. I even did a little reading. It was cool enough that a blanket over my lap felt mighty good. We even brought the horses inside the barn for the night last evening. They appreciated a good night's sleep and seemed to enjoy listening to the rain falling on the metal roof rather than on their heads. A little comfort was appreciated by each and every one. And, I slept soundly knowing that the horses were safe and sound in the barn. A lovely change of pace all around.
Blessings from cingspots.


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...
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Gail said...

What a night/day out! Your photos are wonderful. And knowing you got these shots from a mile away, makes them even more amazing.

fernvalley01 said...

I love rodeo!! I attend the Canadian Finals in Edmonton every year and have done since I was a little girl ! bout 10 years ago (lol I wish)One day I am going to Vegas for the finals , I will pick you up on my way. I have a pretty nice bay with a blanket you know ... and she is sorta kinda for sale...
HA ! Good to see you are enjoying your summer , kiss Annie for me would ya? gotta love a good dog

fernvalley01 said...

BTW , you might enjoy this blog , they raise bucking bulls,called Gizzards and calf fries ,

Mary Olson said...

Nice action shots of the rodeo! I agree with you, those stock horses are beautiful. I saw two-man calf roping last weekend and I thought they were going to pull the poor thing in two. Don't like that.

Paint Girl said...

I just love rodeos! But I can never get any good pictures of them!
I love the bulls. That part is my favorite too. They are some crazy cowboys to get on one of them and ride!
Sounds like you had an excellent time!

manker said...

looks like a great "sit down and ride " day... Rodeos were a "huh"? when we first moved here but now i love em too

sitting down and riding later

Melanie said...

Yeah...our weather has cooled down somewhat too, but it is back up and running today!

Glad you had fun at the rodeo. They are a fun event to watch, aren't they? :)

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Love Rodea's too. What part of the country do you live in? We had rain sunday evening and all day Mon. Now its hot againl.

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

Rodeos are fun to watch. Your photos are good action shots. That buffalo stunt is amazing - not something you see every day.

Michelle said...

Hey there!

I JUST saw your comment in one of my previous posts. I can ask the owner of PAWS animal shelter if she will take more kittens in but MAN we are so overbooked with kittens. LOL! We have over 30 right now but I will try my hardest! Only the owner makes the decisions unfortunately. :( I wish I could help beyond that!!

So glad to have met you! The Appaloosa is actually my girlfriend's horse. I, however, am going to see about my own horse on Monday evening. :)

Are you advertising for the kittens at all? I hate doing that because you just don't know where they will end up. At the shelter she at least screens everyone. I will ask though and get back with you!! If you want you can also forward pictures of them and contact info and I will put it up at the shelter.

You are living the life I want! :)

I'll get back with ya!

Michelle :)

Lea and her Mustangs said...

I am back..................Thanks for your help - I am getting it. Vista just looks so different from XP. Thank you for you thoughts about losing people. Its tough. I live near Spokane, WA -= went close to Reardan. Did you go to Albany to the Horse Fair?

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I love the One Armed Bandit. What he does is absolutely amazing and then on top of it, it's mostly with his feet, since he is always cracking the whip with his only hand.
I think the buffalo are cool. They must be trained to root around like that because they did the same thing when I saw him in January. But I miss the longhorns he used to have. OMG-Those big old steers were absolutely gorgeous and had massive racks on them.:)

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

CONGRATS!!! You are the winner of my Give-away!! Drop me an e-mail at

Great post btw!

Jenn said...

That is some serious training to be able to train buffalo like that! Wow!

The rodeo stock horses are amazing and they are bred for that job. Those horses aren't cheap, and despite what some anti-rodeo folks believe, they are treated very, very well. Heck, they only have to work for 8 seconds or so every couple of nights. Not a bad gig!

Glad you had a good time..great photos!

Donna said...

We have a couple good rodeos around here but we didn't get to go this year -- that buffalo act would have been great to see!

gtyyup said...

Oh yes! St. Paul was a tradition with my dad...we always went on the night of the 3rd. It didn't matter if he had broke down tractors, balers or what...we always went to the St. Paul rodeo.

And I love John Payne and his act...truly amazing. I haven't seen his buffalo act, but heard from others that it's just as good as his Long Horned cattle.