Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Hey guys

Will wonders never cease?  
You'll get it when you read this post...

And so, without further adeau - a few snaps from our spring and summer, in no particular order.  

p.s.  I am all that and a slice of cheese!!  *fist pump*

I know.  It's been like forever - 4 months since I've posted.  That might be the longest dry stretch I've ever gone. 

Can I just complain a little?  It's so dry here.  And hot and smokey and dirty.  This is the summer that I wish would just. go. away. already...  can't believe I'm saying that.  A respite from the heat, and a little rain would feel  really  really  good right now.  Remember that glorious spring I mentioned having?  It was the precursor to the summer of staying inside.  We have fires everywhere, all over the Pacific Northwest, from Canada down through Wash, Oreg and throughout Cali.  So heart wrenching  to watch so many beautiful forests burn.  Not to mention the extreme hardships of the people fighting those fires.  There's been loss of lives, both people and wildlife, homes lost and much pain and suffering.  I can't even imagine how they do it, but they do.  And this is the place I start feeling guilty for even complaining.  *sigh* 

The weather is certainly becoming more extreme; all over.  Different stuff going on, but a commonality of extreme weather in all corners of the world.  Interesting huh?  Sad, but interesting.  Weather can bring us all to our knees.

So, moving on !  We took our camper and drove to the beach Friday evening after work, on a total whim.  SO glad we did!  The weather was beautiful, maybe 70 with a stiff and cooling breeze that felt absolutely exhilarating after our air at home being so oppressive.  We did a whole bunch of relaxing - walking on the beach with the dogs, feeling the surf rush over our toes, eating clam chowder and pizza, and naps.  Did I mention naps?  And good food?  The dogs had a blast!  They must have thought they'd died and gone to heaven.  Nothing quite like a good romp on the beach.  And Charlotte makes a perfect locomotive for climbing those sandy dunes.  Dang that dog's gotten strong!  Amazes me how strong she is.  Very helpful.  Sometimes...

I still haven't been riding.  Talk about a dry spell!  This one makes me sad.  It seems like the longer I go without much more than the "necessities of care" with my horse, the less I miss it.  I truly hate that!  It makes me sad because my greatest joy in life comes from riding my horse and experiencing that bond, that trust and all those adventures.  Remember that new saddle?  Yeah, haven't even rode it yet.  Eagle and I are both soft.  Too darn soft.  And yes, my boy's as gorgeous as ever!  A little fat, but a stud muffin nonetheless.  Just sayin' 

We have 2 1/2 cords of firewood in a big ole pile outside the woodshed just waiting patiently to be stacked inside for the winter.  We're picking up alfalfa for the old man Shad, this week.  He needs those extra calories.  Between his teeth and being a Thoroughbred, he's starting to look a little rough.  Too thin for my preference, and he's gettin' pretty grey in the face these days.  He's still spunky though, always has been and always will be, our most play-loving horse.  It's always right there, just below the surface.  :)  I've always loved two things about Shad (I could name a few more than that about his annoying habits),  his dare-deviling playful tendencies; and his kind, kind heart.  That horse is just the kindest horse I've ever known.  He loves little kids, and is the absolute "best in the world" babysitter for young horses that there could ever be and watches over and takes care of Harley like nobody's business.  Eagle does too, but not like Shad does.  When we lost Kadie I worried about  what Harley would do.  But it was a worry not worthy of my time because Shad just stepped right in where Kadie left off.  Amazing thing, really.  People who don't think there's love in a herd of horses, just don't have a clue. 

Our big project of this summer has been our new tack room that my hubby and his brother built in our barn.  It's so awesome!!!  We've lived in our home for almost 24 years and we've never had a proper tack room.  Well, now we do.  I have lots of pictures that I'd love to share with you all.  But you know me, technologically challenged.  It's either me or this computer, but I just can't figure it out.  It used to be such a simple process which leads me to believe that this computer has a problem.  If it's me, maybe my husband can walk me through it one of these days.  *sigh*  So irritating!  Blogs without pictures?  Boring...

So anyway, we turned the first stall into the tack room.  We have a corner wall cabinet for supplies and a between the rafters, medicine chest.  My talented husband welded old horse shoes into the coolest wall hooks!  He also took an old piece of ocean-weathered 2 x 6 and mounted it on more horse shoe brackets and put it on the wall.  Perfect spot for our radio and the flashlight.  We have 3 saddle racks, bridles that hang on the back wall with wood "rounds" that my hubby also made and a rocking chair and a small table.  We even have the perfect spot for an electric fireplace for a warm-up spot come winter.  I just need to find room for one more chair.  The guys even poured a concrete floor so everything will be high and dry and mouse free.  We insulated the walls to help keep out any dampness and will use one of those air-dryer desiccant holding containers so there'll be no more mold.  That's why we have never been able to leave anything made of leather outside of our house throughout late fall, winter and most of spring.  What a pain it is hauling everything horse-related inside our house, not to mention finding space.  But we did it.  But no more.  :)  Color me a happy gal!  It's gonna be awesome.

Next up...a front porch.  I know, I know.  I'm never satisfied am I?  You do know that it rains lots in Oregon don't you? 

Seriously though...we've been eating lots and lots of fresh strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, plums, peaches, cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes.  Whew!  Next up, pears and apples.  They are absolutely delicious and I hope you're eating of summer's bountiful harvest of blessings too!  We served up the very last of our neighbor's homegrown beef burger with a BBQ last week.  How sad.  We still have steaks and roasts, but our favorite has always been the ground beef.  So much variety to be had. 

Oh, and I attended the 40th reunion of our high school graduating class of ' much fun!  Just wow.  40 years, seriously?  Was really good to see some people I hadn't seen in all those years, and was especially good to see and spend some time with my best friend forever, Debra.  Since the 3rd grade and it was truly like it could have been yesterday.  Totally made me cry with emotion.  *sigh*  Love that girl-woman.  And some that I've known since the first grade.  Yes, really.  Was just awesome.  Time spent well is the greatest gift.  Truly.  The key is finding out how you want to spend your time. 

Take care and enjoy the final month of summer.  May it be cooler...or drier, or warmer, or quieter - whatever your wishes are for your neck of the woods. 

Lorie and everyone at

I did it!  And it was SO easy.  Really!  :)  From my phone...who knew?


DJan said...

Congratulations on getting those pictures on! They are all wonderful, but I especially love the doggie paws. And it's so nice to hear from you again. I felt blessed to hear how well you're doing. We are shut-ins right now because of the dreadful air quality. Supposed to get better tonight, though. I cannot wait! :-)

Linda said...

Your Shad reminds me of my old Red. I miss him so much. He would have been helpful right now to raise Tumbleweed. He raised Cowgirl, and she turned out awesome. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. I want another Red!

Oh, you lucky girl! I was just complaining about my barn to my husband last night, as we were putting the "stall gates" back on for T & Rosalee, and he was on his last nerve with my negativity. Today, he's in the mood to talk about updates, and I showed him your pictures. It will happen if we make it a priority and stop traveling so much. Traveling eats up all our extra money.

Your tack room looks and sounds beautiful. Now you'll have a great place to hang out with your herd. And, please make the fires go away. We are having the same weather we've always had, but way more fire.

aurora said...

Yaaay you!!! Nice to read an update & see your photos too! Looks like someone got some riding in, your hubby and guessing your granddaughter? That is a great tack room, good use of space. I like the way it's trimmed. Must feel wonderful to be all organized! Hope ours gets finished before winter, it's a dusty mess right now. Do you grow all that fresh fruit? This year I only have two potted veggie plants, one vigorous cherry tomato and one none producing red pepper. I don't miss the gardening work, but I do miss having strawberries and fresh garden produce in my backyard. Looking forward to hearing from you more often, now that you've got things (re) figured out :)

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

We are also OVER the hot and dry summer. I feel the same every year by the end of July. The fires are just so awful and I know you've been hit hard up there also. I have yet to return to my blog. I just don't feel I have anything to say anymore, so there it sits.

When it cools off, saddle up that horse and go for a ride!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love your new tack room! You're really going to enjoy it and I like the idea of a heater in the winter. We have been cleaning so much tack that had mold on everything. We've bought plastic bins to put everything in we're not using once it's cleaned with those little packages of desiccant.

Your beach holiday sounds wonderful. So nice to get away from all the horrible smoke and dryness for a while. You guys are really getting hit hard. We've had a miserable summer too with high temps and humidity. Worse than usual. Can't wait for the Fall!

Hope you get to ride soon and try out that new saddle when the weather turns.

Love your pictures, especially those beautiful flowers. It's so nice to have fresh fruit and veggies. I've got to get my butt in gear for next year and do something like that. Just been so busy with the barn and horses and fixing and cleaning things up, I can't find the time for gardening.

Keep taking those pictures! So good to hear from you and catch up.

Shirley said...

Sounds like it was a good summer, despite the smoke. Love the tack room, good job! Pretty handy guy you're married to!
Now, up and ride! (As soon as the smoke clears!)

C-ingspots said...

DJan, Thank you! The air quality - oh yes, we're all hoping for a change.

Linda, Shad is like your Red. I will always miss the horses who have died and try to spend extra time with Shad because he's getting old. TB's don't seem to be as long-lived as many breeds, so we're thankful he's still healthy. But he's always had the metabolism I've dreamed of having.
Thank you, yes it will be so nice to have a place to hang out and be warm, but I'm super excited about all our tack having a place to hang out at! No more lugging back and forth. I love your new tack room too. But are you wanting to build another one inside your horse barn? How far away is your Cowgirl shed?

Aurora, **High 5** girlfriend!! :)
Yes, that's Kaylee and Biff. She had so much fun when she visited. And, now she's at a horse camp which she's thrilled about and will get to show a leased horse in 4-H starting this fall. Her little mare is adorable and reminds me of our old girl, Siri. Paled out grey with dark flecks and big, chocolately brown eyes. She looks perfect and sweet. So happy for her! You can tell by Ladde's pic how excited he was at having been rode, right?
As far as the produce, much of that we have grown, but the raspberries are from my girlfriend and the peaches are from a local farm. And come filbert/hazlenut season, those will be from the orchard next door. :)

I hope so too Denise! You're probably hotter and more smokey than we are. And yes! My hope is to just get on and go ride that horse! *fingers crossed*

Thank you Arlyne!! It's always good to visit with our blogging friends. I just hadn't felt the desire to write, I guess??

Shirley, Yes. My hubby is very handy! Don't know what I'd do w/o him. Wish we were riding buddies. What a blast!

Michelle said...

Some beautiful photos! Now, do tell how you post to Blogger from your phone. Is yours an Android or iPhone?

C-ingspots said...

Thanks Michelle, it's an Android phone. My phone must be linked somehow to my computer via wi-fi, I'm assuming? When I clicked on the picture icon in blogger, one of the choices was "from your phone" I clicked it and wall-la! :) I love it when it's easy!

Michelle said...

So you didn't do the whole post on your phone, just directly accessed your phone photos?

Karen Ann said...

Your tack room (and barn!) are lovely! And you know... I totally hear ya on the not riding much thing. I've had horses to care for since I was in my early 20's -thirty-ish years later I do much more caring for them than I do riding them. And it doesn't bother me one bit, to be honest.

We've had the most humid rainy summer I can remember, here in Connecticut.

Good to "see" you here again!

Vaquerogirl said...

The tack room looks wonderful! The horses look good too and my Daddy used to say " Fat is a good color on a horse!"

We all have those non riding days/weeks/years- so don't get to hard on yourself. You'll be back in the saddle I'd bet, real soon!

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T.L. Merrybard said...

Lorie, i totally have tackroom envy now! Great to read your news. My blogging doldrums might be heading up to four months too. Weird because i miss collecting the pics and going back to remind myself what happened (how quicklly we forget) but somehow i just don't do it! xxx