Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Seeing the tail end of winter

...and am I ever glad to see it.  I'm looking forward to warmer weather, longer days and spending more time outside.  I noticed on my calendar that the arrival of spring is but two weeks from today.


Best Hot Springs Around the World that are Earth’s Greatest Gift to Mankind The most magical place Ive ever been ((nomad)) Pacific Northwest | Oregon | Cougar Hot Springs
Cougar Hot Springs - not my pic, but we soaked here a few years ago...lovely

Honestly I can't say that this has been a terrible or even unusually long or cold winter.  We've had some cold days, a wisp or two of a snow dusting, some beautiful sunshine and yes of course, plenty of rain.   Better than some, worse than others, but nothing to complain about.  But, I am so ready to get outside and enjoy outdoor pursuits!  With the longer daylight hours, the dogs and I will resume our walking, and I am really looking forward to riding my horse again.  I haven't ridden Eagle in over a year.  I can hardly believe that myself, but it's the case.  Last early spring he suffered the wire cut from an apparent tangle with the fence.  The wound location was one that flexed and stretched with every step, making it a slow healing process.  But it has healed and with no ill effects, and for that I am so grateful.  My horse has had a very long vacation and we were just hitting our stride, or at least making good progress when it happened; so we'll just begin again.  Hopefully it won't take very long for me to feel comfortable with him again.  I just want to sit astride a horse and feel the wind in my face and enjoy that peaceful, easy feeling that only comes when I'm riding.  *sigh*

I'm paying the last installment on my new saddle this month and we've got plans to take a weekend trip in April to pick it up.  :)  I can't wait to try it out!  And I have to admit that I'm a bit apprehensive because I've never actually sat in it before.  It's a 15-1/2" smooth seat with rounded forks, a higher cantle and very wide, angled stirrups.  It looks super comfortable but I really have no idea.  I just hope it sits as good as it looks.  I've ridden in the same saddle since 1982 and I still love it.  Entire different style saddle though.  My old one is a Western Pleasure style with a built up swell and a suede seat.  The new one, (new to me) is a Wade style tree, Ranch saddle with closer contact with the horse.  That I know I will love.  If I don't like it, I'll just resell it.  But I'm hoping to love it!  Oh, and I sure hope it fits my horse too!  Such a risk taker right?  :)

Remember I mentioned that we'd recently become aware of another granddaughter?  Well...she and her mom came to visit with us a few weeks back.  We spent several hours visiting and getting to know each other, looking through family photo albums and introducing them to our herd.  They are wonderful people and it's very obvious to us that Anita has enjoyed a good life and has always been loved.  Her mom said that she's a blessing, always has been.  I really like her mom.  She's a couple years older than I am and just last week retired from her job as a physician's assistant.  She and her husband plan on selling their home in the next couple of years and building their dream home on an acre of land they have in Sunriver, Oregon...also our dream location area.  We found that we actually have a fair amount in common and look forward to occasional get-togethers in the future.  It was a great day and we really enjoyed getting acquainted.  We feel blessed too.  Such a gift!

As always, we remain busy with day to day obligations of work, care-taking, keeping the home fires burning and such.  Life is never dull and although we dream of grander adventures, we feel grateful for everything and everyone in our lives.  The horses are all doing well and we're looking forward to the mud drying up soon - and of riding!  I so. want. to, ride.   It's been way too long.

Hoping winter bids you all adieu sooner, rather than later. 

Blessings from our neck of the woods, to yours!
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Karen Ann said...

That winter weather is kicking us again, darn it. What a wonderful thing, your family visit. And I'll have to google that area of Oregon.. I have always thought if I were born in another state, I would have wished it to be Oregon.. seems to have everything I'd want in a place.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad to hear your winter is ending. Right now I’m in the middle of a second Nor’easter that has already dropped about 18 inches of snow. Last week it was 13 inches that hadn’t melted yet and we might get another one on Monday. I’m on my way out to shovel one more time before bed and knock heavy wet snow off pine trees that are bending under the weight.

I hope you love your new saddle and you and Eagle have many good rides with it.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Wishing sunny days for you and many "wind in your hair" rides on your horse.

DJan said...

I am amazed that it's been a year since I remember reading about your adventures with Eagle. Gld to know you are going to be enjoying a new saddle and look forward to hearing all about it. :-)

Shirley said...

Our winter has been fairly mild too, nothing out of the ordinary. But it can go any time now!
Sounds like a wonderful visit with your granddaughter.
I think you'll love your Wade, they really put you in a balanced position and are really comfortable. They also fit a wide variety of horses, mine does anyway.

aurora said...

I always find the tail end of winter to be a bit yucky. It's not winter enough to enjoy cold weather activities, and not warm/dry enough to enjoy Spring. I think it's lovely that you've connected with your grand daughter, and her mom. Hope you like your new saddle, and put it to good use. It won't be long now!

Linda said...

I’m so ready for spring, too!!

I sure hope the saddle fits. I need a new one, too, and I don’t even know where to start. Good luck.

I’m so glad the meeting went well. I knew it would. Maybe you’ll end up living close one day soon. You can’t have enough people to love in this world—and to love you back.

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