Friday, February 2, 2018

A stitch in time

That's what I keep telling myself.   That loosely translates to, "this too shall pass".  *sigh* 

I'm pretty much over my cold, with just a bothersome occasional cough that produces a very small amount of hmmm, yuck.  That works, hopefully without being too graphic for you sensitive ones. 

However, my overall condition this winter seems to be genuine lackluster.  I'm feeling tired, disinterested, cranky, and at times, bordering on having the outright blues.  So many rainy days and so very much mud creates so much extra work, muddy paws, muck boots, difficulty dumping the poop wagon, on and on.  I'll have to be careful or I'll pass my depression on to you.  :)  Sorry...

Seriously, not much going on really.  Shad was off his feed for a short time, had a very foul odor coming from his mouth and generally looked like I felt.  Maybe it's not just me after all.  So, my vet came out and had a look in his mouth, we were thinking likely a bad tooth, or a gum pocket causing him discomfort.  But when the speculum was just starting to open, he went straight up and there was a serious pain response, even with detomidine on board.  Poor guy.  From what the vet could see, it looked like a wound in the mucosa of the inside of his mouth, with hanging tissue, or maybe a tumor-like growth about 3/4"  long with a white tip.  ???  Who knows what it really is though.  We're guessing here, you know the "practice" of medicine.  A pressure smear was sent in for a cytology which didn't show anything abnormal, normal mouth bacteria and all that.  Good news.  So, we decided on a week of antibiotics and a small dose of banamine twice a day.  Mainly we wanted him to eat.  Being an old Thoroughbred (28 years this April), with the metabolism their breed is famous for, he drops weight very fast.  He was also a bit dehydrated because his water consumption was down and we needed to keep his caloric intake high.  No food, no energy to fight off whatever was ailing him.  So far, so good.  Last dose of both meds tonight.  The bad smell seems to be gone, so it's cold turkey to see how he responds.  While he's been medicated, his appetite has been great, we've been pouring the feed to him and that seems to be working.  His energy levels have improved and he's much more bright-eyed and back to his old, but child-like, playful self.  :)  We're just hoping whatever the thing was, it's healed up and he maintains when drug free.  We're hopeful, because there's really not much else to be done.  Anesthetization would be too risky for the old man and we're just not willing to risk it. 

This whole situation was reminiscent of what happened with Kadie, and had me worried.  We let her get too weak and weren't able to get her eating again, which I think, was why she just quit.  I wanted her to keep trying, but I could see it in her eyes.  She was too tired.  What a precious soul she was, but I know what a huge blessing she was to me.  I'll probably miss her forever, but I wouldn't have changed a thing.  When you love a good one, you just want forever.  So, I'm hopeful we have a better outcome with my hubby's sweet boy. 

I recently had a birthday.  I'm 58 years old, and just keep wondering how that happened.  I mean, it's gone so fast.  I can't believe how close to 60 I am.  And retirement.  Good grief. 

Can you hear it?  That old Rolling Stones song, time waits for no one, and it won't wait for me...

My hubby took me out for brunch on my b-day.  Yum!  Was a nice day.  I got to get up when I wanted to, enjoyed a leisurely morning and actually got to view a very brief sunrise, but a sunrise nonetheless.  That was cool.  Then the torrential rains began.  January birthdays are usually best enjoyed from the comforts of the inside, preferably by the fireside.  Like mine was, so I was a happy birthday girl.  Man, I really am getting old.  Sounds like a granny birthday for sure, doesn't it!? 

My dogs are going stir crazy too.  So much rain and mud, seriously curtails our walking adventures.  Such a bummer, but sometimes you just gotta go for it, stop worrying about the muddy paws, and get outside anyway.  Fresh air, exercise and wide open spaces help all of us so much!  Then let the cleaning frenzy begin...and the depressed doggies suffering on the blankets.  I'd switch places with them anytime.  Yesterday morning, Ruby came running towards me when I was standing with my car door open.  I thought she was running to me, but oh no, she jumped straight into my car, through and over the center console and onto the back seat!  Oh my gosh, I could have killed her!  Mud was everywhere!  Had it been blood, you'd have thought it was a major (and totally gory) crime scene.  Amazes me how many different places mud spots go in such a short amount of time...did I mention that my car has light grey interior?  Yeah...what was I thinking?

Hubs and I were dreaming and scheming again the other day.  We found this absolutely perfect home on 7 acres of gorgeous land with big, fir trees and pastures.  The home was situated on top of a gentle rise overlooking the pastures and the Grand Ronde river down below and across the driveway.  It was at the end of a dead end and very private private lane.  This is the first place I've fallen in love with since years ago when we first started looking at properties in Central Oregon.  I mean, the house was gorgeous, amazingly peaceful views from every window...sigh.  But alas, there were 2 serious drawbacks.  The rail line ran next to the private lane.  The train goes through there several times daily, and just below that, was the 4-lane highway.  Apparently, noise travels up.  I just couldn't imagine living somewhere, that all that peaceful serenity is marred by constant noise.  Nope.  Not going there.  We'll keep dreaming and scheming.  If it's meant to be, we'll find that perfect place; and if not, we're pretty happy where we are.  Always has been fun to dream though. 

Gives us damp Oregonians something to do...

Blessings all.


aurora said...

Pretty sure you've got company feeling the January blues. I went grocery shopping today, long faces everywhere I looked. Weather for us has been freezing cold, then strangely warm, then freezing cold, with endless gray skies and no snow. Sometimes you gotta roll with the punches & bundle up, or spray the mud off, or whatever it takes to shift the mood. Getting outside definitely helps, regardless of the weather. I sure hope Shad feels better, what a good mom you are! As far as your scheming, keep on dreaming Lorie!! It will happen. Your slice of paradise will come up, and when it does - you will know it! My best tips are consistency & thinking outside of the box. After looking for over three years, you know where we found & bought our land from? Craigslist. We've never bought a single thing off that dumb site, and our land was never listed. Our friends found a unique farmstead through their realtor, again never listed. Our neighbors are doing the same thing, trying to sell by word of mouth. Hope the mud, and lingering cough, clear up for you!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

We’ve all got the winter blues. Freezing temps,snow, rain,fog,warmer temps again. Mud,ice,snow. Nothing is consistent. But it’s starting to stay lighter longer so that’s a plus in the right direction. Hope Shad is cured of whatever ailed him. Happy Birthday! And keep dreaming, when the time is right you’ll find your perfect place. It took us many years of searching before we found our farm.

Linda said...

Yep, when you love them, you take chances for more time. I hope Shad’s sore resolves itself.

Sorry about your rain and mud! We’re having a milder winter here, and we don’t get the rain that you do over there. We usually have super low temps, but not this year. Canada geese are already flying north!! Early spring? Last night I heard a frog!! That’s proof, right?

Happy birthday and hang in there!!

Shirley said...

Hope Shad is over the worst of it and won't need more meds. Good thing catching it in time.
Sorry to hear you're sick, sure is a lot of that going on. I had that last January and it really laid me low for a long time. Even when the coughing stopped it took a long time to get my energy back. Sounds like it's the exact same sickness this year.
I have a January birthday too. The 18th, what's yours?

C-ingspots said...

Aurora: Craigslist huh? I probably wouldn't have thought of looking there. Besides the rain, and a couple early and brief coldish snaps, we haven't had a winter...just wondering if we should start on that ark. Thanks for the encouragement!

Arlyne: Yes, I'm in good company for sure. But you're so right. Our days are getting longer and that's so wonderful. Shad seems to be on the mend, we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Linda: Yes, totally mild with plenty of water. No drought here. We've been hearing many, many croaking frogs for the last couple of weeks, and one of our flowering trees in the back yard is producing buds already. Daffodils are up and it won't be long before we have some flowers. Spring is coming!

Shirley: I think Shad's over the hump. Some days he's unusually quiet, but overall his appetite is holding and that horrible smell seems to be gone. One day at a time with him. Sounds like our viruses might be the same. I'm trying to rest and not overdue, but my work just keeps piling up. Wish I had a gardener, a house cleaner...LOL That'll be the day! :) My birthday is the 21st. I have several friends with January birthdays. Always nice to welcome another into the fold! Happy belated birthday to you too!!