Friday, January 13, 2017

Hey, we are havin' a WINTER

and it is just beautiful...

"The valley where our village of Duns rests is surrounded by forested hills. The…:

Wow, we've had I think it's four different snow storms so far this winter - actually the first one hit before winter technically started.  Very rare for us.  I mean, we do occasionally get some snow, a little usually, but it's commonly wet and doesn't stick around long.  People get all whacked out, cars get abandoned and so forth.  Our weathermen get all excited for a while.  It's entertaining if you're not actually in it.

This is puffy, dry and crystally-pretty snow.  The kind that doesn't even get you wet when you're in it.  Real snow.

But for a couple of weeks now, we've also been cold.  The mud is gloriously frozen and we've even had a few days of brilliant sunshine.  I've dug out my snow boots, gloves and my puffy, down coat to keep me warm and active.  That's what I really enjoy about the lack of rain is how much easier it is to get outside and go for walks and such.  The dogs and I really benefit from the extra exercise.

Speaking of that, while on a walk through the orchard and down by the creek, I noticed that the farmers have really been busy.  I had no idea.  They've cleaned up both sides of the creek, removed all the huge piles of dead trees and brush from years of accumulation, have smoothed the soil and even planted baby fir trees along one side.  They even built a new dike with a huge culvert so we can cross in a different spot!!  This really opens up our places to ride and choose from a few patterns and just more distance too.  I am so excited!!  Doin' a little happy dance here...  :)

Just have to remember to do all my riding out there before the end of summer when he won't want hoof prints or horse poop in his orchard close to harvest.  Fair enough.

My hubby told me this morning that a very dear friend of ours is in the hospital, after having experienced a stroke yesterday.  She is a much beloved little lady who is very important to us, and we'd like to extend the request that if you're of the praying kind, maybe you'd include Claudia in your prayers.  We want her to get all better and back to her sassy little self right away!!  Love & prayers coming your way.

Even though I don't like resolutions, even kind of think you're more doomed if you do call them that, especially just because it's a new year, I have a couple of goals for myself.  :)  Don't you think that's better?

I want to lose 20 pounds.  That's not even close to all the weight I should lose.  Nope, unfortunately not.  But, I'd feel so much better, and feel more comfortable and likely, more confident and physically stronger when riding.  I know my horses would all appreciate it, so why not?  And, of course I'd feel so much better about myself and could probably go down a size or two as well.  All great reasons and I know that.  Trouble is, it's so much easier said than done.  I have this certain appreciation for food. I love to eat and I love food.  *sigh*  and it's such a social thing to do...but try I will!  Wish me luck?
Anyway, just within a year, that should be very do-able.  That's no pressure even.  Eat less, eat well, move more.  That's all there is to it.  Right?

I really, really, really want to go white water rafting again!  So much fun!!!  This time hoping my hubby can go with me, last time I went by myself, but was put with a fun group of people.  Had a blast.  Maybe the Deschutes this time, but I'd still be thrilled with the McKenzie again.  They are both beautiful rivers.

Lots of horse camping and trail riding.  Definitely hoping to go riding with my longtime friend Alicia more often.  We are such close friends, but rarely ever actually see each other in person.  She' a drug rep for our veterinary clinic and we just talk on the phone all the time.  We've shared some very important, life-altering, big milestone kind of events for the last 17 years all over the telephone.  She's truly one of my closest friends and it's always a little surprising to me when we really do get together. We have so much fun.  And I absolutely, totally trust her when we're riding, and that's important.  We ride because it's the best thing to do in the world, and just because we love being with our horses and out in the beautiful mountains.  Camera in hand...lunch in saddlebag.  You knew I was gonna say that, right?  :)

Be fearless, ride that horse.  Miles to go before we sleep...

And who knows, maybe we really will finish that brick patio this year, and hey, we might even build that front porch over the front entrance that we've been talking about for such a long time. Blackberries are getting seriously out of control in a few places and there's that burn pile that we never did get to last many projects, so little time.

Life sure is funny that way, isn't it?

There is never an end to the things that we'd love to do, things that we should do, or sometimes just plain have to do.  But, the key is finding the balance.

That sweet spot, right where we need to be.

Where we're comfortable and content, but tired at the end of the day.  Happy to be able to smile when you look up at the sky and take all the time that you need to just be.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  These are the important things.  These precious moments that we need to nurture and savor.  I think that just might be the key to the slowing of time...even just a tiny bit.

The sun's shining again today, and the beautiful, white snow glistens on the trees when I look out the window.  My wonderful dogs are napping beside me, and I'll go home at lunch time to stoke the fire and let the horses out for the afternoon.  We finished up all the food I prepared in my cooking frenzy of last Sunday.  So, I'm thinking we deserve a treat for dinner this evening.  Maybe Chinese, whatever sounds good - but no cooking tonight.  I am ready for Sabbath, and I'm thankful for a couple of days to do whatever comes to mind.  Such a gift!

Hope you all make the most of the days you are given, and stay warm out there!  Brrrrrrr

Lorie and Annie and Ruby

Oh my gosh, I just read through this and saw what I wrote...Annie.  oh man
I mean,

Lorie and Ruby and Charlotte...


Annette Mickelson said...

"real" snow is rare here as well. Like you, we get a bit of the wet stuff every year. We got real snow the first winter we moved here and it was very different -- in a good way. You describe it well. Best of luck to you on your resolutions. I've been trying to lose 15 lbs for two years -- and have lost zippo. I just love food way too much so I'm trying to be content with eating healthier and getting plenty of exercise.

Michelle said...

That last photo is gorgeous! Did you take it at the creek you mentioned? Hurray for more riding area! (Now go USE it. ;-)

DJan said...

Your pictures are stunning! And I am so ready for this awful cold to leave us. When it starts raining again we'll warm up. It was 12 degrees when I got up on Thursday to hike with the Trailblazers. I slipped and fell on the ice and banged up my knee, but it's already getting better. This morning I'll see if it does okay on our walk. I love your snow pictures so much. And I wish you well on your journey to lose that weight. You will feel so much better! I know, I did it and have kept it off. :-)

Shirley said...

Some worthy and attainable goals!
I love love love that last photo, it was such a treat as I scrolled on to it! You should print and frame it.

Linda said...

Those photos are AMAZING! ! All worthy goals, too. My sister has dropped about 30 pounds this year with the help of a dietician. They meet every week and mostly do a relaxed paleo style diet with exercise. I think that face to face has been the key to her success. We have lots of real snow here, but Cowboy's legs were scuffed up from it two days ago. I think it was just so hard and dry.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great goals and achievable! I'm always trying to lose weight too. It's hard though when you love food isn't it. Good luck to you and all of us with the weight thing. Those pictures are gorgeous. I live in the North East so we have no shortage of snow usually. Sometimes it's wet and last week it was powdery. It doesn't bother me but I don't like driving in ice.Enjoy your snow while you have it.

T.L. Merrybard said...

Ouch, bet that slip of the fingers hurt your heart for a bit there. xxx

Those photos are amazing, especially that last one!

I don't do resolutions, I just pick a word to theme my year to. This year it is Exuberant!

aurora said...

It's good to hear from you Lorie :) I am just catching up on reading. Wow, look at those beautiful snowy trees!! You were walking in a winter wonderland & got some gorgeous photos!! We've had nothing but crappy winter weather the past few weeks, sigh. It is definitely more inviting to get up & out with better seasonal weather. Your local creek upgrade sounds promising for exploring horseback! Your goals sound do-able, all good things to look forward to throughout the year. The sweet spot, if only we could linger there more often...

Liesl said...

Hi there, I have never seen snow! Gaining weight is more fun than losing it! I too, would love to go horse camping again..I miss that! Thank you for stopping by my blog and I amm so happy to have met another fellow blogger xoxo

Sherry Sikstrom said...

those photos are stunning! Best of luck on your weight loss journey, I too am hoping to shed some more weight.Those sound like some pretty reasonable resolutions

Gail said...

What an amazing sun/snow shot. I love it!

We have been visiting each other a long time. I am just an email away and will be reading a few blogs now and then.

Thank you for helping with horse advice and being a good friend. I'm not dying, just backing off some.

koi seo said...

I just love food way too much so I'm trying to be content with eating healthier and getting plenty of exercise.