Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The best horse in the world

I'm feeling a wee bit empty of cheer.  You see, one week ago today we lost a very dear and precious member of our family.  She had lived a long, adventurous and much-loved life, but still.  I find it so hard to say good-bye to someone who's meant the world to me.  She came to us when she was a young gal of 7.  I'll never forget my first impression of this bright-eyed, wild-haired, skinny little Appaloosa mare my husband had gifted me with.  My first thought was, "this is not the horse I would have picked".  Just goes to show you what I know...or don't know.

She turned out to be the absolute best horse in the world.  I can truthfully say that in our entire nearly 28 years together, the only thing I ever remember her doing wrong was stepping on my toe.  Once. She had a feisty, sassy side which I always found endearing.  Opinionated?  Absolutely.  Spirited? You bet.  Smart?  Too smart for her own good, or for my good.  But their wasn't a mean bone in her body and she was the most sensible and trustworthy, fun horse I've ever ridden.  Truly.  She was a precious gift and one of my most beloved blessings in my life.  I was so blessed to have loved her!

I cannot think of her now without tears streaming down  my cheeks, but also with warm memories forcing me to smile through those tears.  Kadie did not know a bad day.  Not to my knowledge anyway.  She lived a good life.  A full life.  I will miss her so very much.

If I had one single wish today, it would be to have the chance to do it all over again.  Oh, what a wish...

Rest in peace my beautiful girl.  I will love you always and forever...and I will not forget.

Thank you for always taking such good care of me, and for getting us home when I got us lost.


May 25, 1984 - December 7, 2016


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Karen Ann said...

oh, she was beautiful! I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. What a wonderful lucky life she had with you.

Annette Mickelson said...

What a lovely picture of you two. 28 years together -- Wow! That's an amazing story in itself.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I'm so sorry for your sadness at losing your beautiful girl. You shared a wonderful time in your life with her and she still loves you from the other side.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I'm so sorry to hear this Lori. It's always so hard to lose our best friends that we have loved for so many years. She was beautiful and sounds like the perfect horse. I'm sure she loved you and loved being your special girl.

Here's a poem I've always liked about our loss of the special horses in our lives:

Where to Bury a Horse

If you bury him in this spot,
the secret of which you must already have,
he will come to you when you call;
come to you over the far, dim pastures of death.

And though you ride other living horses through life,
they shall not shy at him, nor resent his coming,
For he is yours, and he belongs there.

People may scoff at you, who see no lightest blade of grass
bent by his footfall,
who hear no nicker pitched too fine for insensitive ears.
People who may never really love a horse.

Smile at them then, for you shall know something
that is hidden from them
and which is well worth the knowing
The one place to bury a horse is in the heart of his master.

Nicku Bruce said...

I'm so very sorry for your loss <3

Linda said...

Oh, I am so sorry, and I wish you could have your wish for a total do-over. I hope, for your sake and mine and all of ours, we see our soul-horses again as we pass from one world to the next. She was absolutely beautiful and it is amazing to me that you were together for 28 years!! You have to be heart-broken beyond anything I can imagine!!! Your husband deserves lots of hugs for having the insight of choosing her for you. She was noble soul. That picture is beautiful!!

DJan said...

So sorry. It's always hard to lose a friend. My heart goes out to you. She did live a good long life, and the two of you will always be joined at the heart. Virtual hugs and tears. :-(

aurora said...

Oh Lorie, I am so so sorry you had to say goodbye to Kadie...I've been wondering why things were quiet on your end. Your beautiful tribute had me all teary eyes, and then Arlienes poem did me in. I cannot imagine how you are feeling. Hope your endless fond memories & soft knickers from the rest of your herd, help somewhat. 28 years is a lot of years of loving memories, and that alone makes it harder. I absolutely love that photo of you two!! ((Sending hugs))

Shirley said...

Oh I'm so sorry for your loss, she sounds like a really neat horse and so full of personality. 28 years is a pretty good life, lots of memories and good times to remember.

T.L. Merrybard said...

Lorie, so sorry to read this. What a wonderful life she had, and a wonderful long time of joy she gave you. Just think how few horses get to live so long and be so well cared for. Lucky girl and lucky you, even if one day it had to end, if only for now. Fly free Kadie!

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

So sorry for your loss. You are so fortunate to share your life with such a fine horse. (((hugs)))

Gail said...

I still miss mine.

So sorry for your loss.

koi seo said...

What a wonderful lucky life she had with you.