Friday, November 11, 2016

Deep breaths feel good

Nature's master weavers' handiwork:

Can you feel it?  Tension so thick, it really does feel like you could cut through it with a knife.  Not necessarily a good way to go.  In these times of what feels like chaos, uncertainly, frustration and even real fear, we can all slow down, look up and be thankful for the day, the opportunity, the beginning; and just breathe.  Just relax and take a deep breath.  We're all okay.

Feelings can spiral out of control.  Just like a tornado, things take on a life of their own and build.  To get back to neutral, regain our balance, we have to just stop.  Take stock and don't give anybody else our power.  Breathe.

We've all seen the changes going on all around us.  Crazy behavior from so many!  The part for me that's so hard to understand is the genuine fear.  I just do not understand that kind of fear.  Just seems like for that much fear to exist in ones' head, must be like turning all your logical power of reasoning and personal choices right over to another person.  Just don't go there.

Personally, I am so thankful the elections are over.  It is what it is and the only way we can move forward and progress is to bind to one another.  Find the commonalities and work with each other.  Be kind and considerate, especially when we disagree.  Passion is one strong emotion.  Don't try to squelch it in someone else.  My prayer is for a good outcome and for our country's success.  Our success.  Regardless of your political affiliation, we truly all want the same things in life.  It's not that complicated and we just need to move forward in love, and in hope.  Try wishing someone who really ticks you off, well.  Wish them well.  Say a prayer for our leaders so that they might help us.  We want it to work don't we?

It's been almost a week since it's rained.  We've even had a couple of days where the sun was shining.  Wonderful to behold!  But mostly we're enshrouded in grey.  Foggy and damp, but warm.  Feels rather fitting actually.

We had our last load of firewood delivered and plan on stacking it in the wood shed this Sunday.  Looks so good all stacked up, very artistic.  I love wood.  No news on the horse front, too dark to do much when I get home.  Winter mode is upon us.  I feel like Fall just skipped right over us this year.  Summer ended and winter (monsoon season) took over.  Not much I can do to change it, so I just go with it.  Blows my mind that it's nearly the middle of November already!  Seriously...

May we all indulge in something that brings us joy and find a measure of contentment in this day.  It is a gift after all.

Find the good.  Drink in the beauty and just take a deep breath.



aurora said...

Tension, what tension, said no one. In my opinion, it's all so dramatically overdone and exactly the reason I dislike politics. 'nough said. So sorry Fall missed you. The Midwest on the other hand is having an unseasonably warm extended Fall. Wish I could share it, altho it appears a change is coming in more then one way. Glad you've got your wood and stacked artistically, love that!

T.L. Merrybard said...

Gorgeous pic, Lorie!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you voted for that man. Really!!! People who voted for him say they are not racists, bigots, and the like but guess what you are. If you voted for him you voted for a man who will fill his cabinet with people who want to destroy the democracy of this country and peoples civil rights along with it. A man who is so woefully unfit to make major decision about a running a country. His running mate is an even more insidious racists. He is the worse kind because his racism is so covert, not in your face like that man who will be president. I am sad for you. I am not saying with your vote that you are not intelligent, not informed, you many be all those things but you also support institutional racism, bigotry, laws that support suppression and taking away peoples civil rights. Your vote, as one of many, has set in motion a course of action, to be inflicted upon the people of this country, that will include vile and hateful legislation. I hope you are prepared for that, because you just became this countries problem and not it's solution.

One of the people you inflicted your vote on. Donna.

DJan said...

I am looking for ways to climb back out of my deep despair. Each day I feel a little bit better, but I fear our country is in for a very rough ride with President Trump. :-(

Karen Ann said...

I feel as DJan does... but I'm hoping for the best since that's all I have to go on. I am from New York and I know the people he's looking to put into power along side him.. those names are picked out of the swamp he wanted to drain. A bit disconcerting, but I will hope.

Beautiful picture!!

C-ingspots said...

Change will begin with me, and all who make that choice. It's easy to get along with someone who believes as you or I believe, but to love ones'enemy or just someone who believes differently, that is to have grace and show dignity. That's respectful and in such short supply.

C-ingspots said...

I just believe and vote my conscience, don't put total faith in any politician. Those words you choose to describe me, aren't who or what I am. You don't know me, but believe you do...that's sad.

Anonymous said...

Oh I can disagree with some one no problem there. But I believe if you voted for that man you voted for Fascism. Look it up and then look at the men who he is putting in cabinet positions. You know if you wanted to live in a Fascist country why didn't you all just move to Russia or N. Korea. Everything is already set up for you. LGBT issues-illegal, abortion-illegal, gun rights- well your more likely to get shot by the Kremlin or Kim Jong-il for opening up your mouth-ya right no free speech there. On top of this there has been a rise in hate and racists crimes since the elections and much if it in schools. Yep, that racists mouth piece you elected has given the racist underbelly of America to unleash it's ugly self on the rest of us and are now encouraging young children to spew that crap to children in their schools who don't look like them. Your exempt because you are white so that won't affect you. So there is just a little of what you have to look forward to. Oh and by the way if you really want to know if that man and his psychopath racists are going to take care of this country, economically, environmentally, and globally, read this article and educate yourself at what you can expect. Ya you voted for change well your going to get it. The change might not be what you expect thought. Good luck to you.

I dare you to read the whole article.

C-ingspots said...

My goodness...I've attracted a real nut! :)

Linda said...

Well, there you go--the problem in a nutshell. I'd suggest anonymous look to Sweden's example of their åsiktskorridor, or "opinion corridor". That's where this country was heading, and people like anon, with their shaming and calling everyone who disagrees with them "racist" are the problem. I would also suggest anon read this article from my favorite Libertarian magazine, Reason.

I'm sick and tired of people in the US (and Europe) calling anyone who voted for Trump racist. I grew up in the military with black Americans, Mexican Americans and white Americans. And, by the way, almost 30 percent of Mexican Americans voted for Trump, too. Are they racist? Don't think so. In fact, they probably know that Trump is going to be the guy to get sensible immigration in place. And, tell me one European country who has ever had a black president, prime minister or chancellor? Good luck.

I disagreed with some of President Obama's policies (agreed with some, too) but as a man and leader, I think he did an excellent job in his 8 years. If he had crafted the ACA a bit different--more competition among the states, which, btw, he tried to do, kept senators from putting a bunch of pork in the stimulus bill, and refrained from some of his overreaching executive actions, he would have been near perfect.

So, far from a racist, I still voted for Trump? Why? Because he's a non-interventionist and Hillary was a warmonger. He also wants to pursue a decent relationship with Russia and avoid provoking a nuclear or war by proxy in Syria with them. He understands the benefit of reforming the ACA. He understands the need for good paying jobs for those who are non-college educated--something that will help black and Mexican Americans as much, if not more, than white Americans. He understands the need to invest in our infrastructure and rebuild our inner cities. He understands the need for real immigration reform that will speed up the process for Mexicans, and others, wanting to become citizens here.

And last, but not least, he understands the need to for an outsiders to go in there and start the process of reform. Hillary with her private and public stances, her billion dollars of donations from Wall Street, her foundation and the PROVEN Bill Clinton Inc, that enriched them (Yes, Teneo confirmed the Wikileaks)--all of those things and more, caused her loss.

I could say much more. I hope America gets back to work and waits until January 2017 to give Trump a chance. In the meantime, stick to the issues and stop insulting each other with LABELS!!

Shirley said...

Ummmm..... really nice photos!

C-ingspots said...

Well, thank you Linda. Yes, those are some of the reasons I voted for him, I just couldn't even respond to such anger and yes, hatred. When we look in the mirror, what do we see? :)

Thank you Shirley! (borrowed from pinterest) That last pic just made me want to sigh and take a deep, reassuring breath. Hope it did to all my readers.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures! Hope you get some nice weather and get a ride in at the arena.

falconfeathers said...

Yessssss! Awesome photos!
Here is my perspective on politics-
all of it is corrupt!
I DONT vote!
God sets up kings and He takes them down
God is in control!
God is in control so I can be at peace.
Thanks again for your gracious blogging c-ingspots!
Nature ALWAYS wins!
You have blessed my soul

falconfeathers said...

The spider webs are my favorite! Amazing photo!

Anonymous said...

Yep that racist fascist has certainly drained the swamp and what he found at the bottom was his little generals all lined up in a row waiting for their chance is the new and improved fascist government. Well you may not like being called a racist, and you can denied it all you want, but when you vote for a specific issue ONLY, which you did, you chose to normalize all the ugly things that man unearthed- hate, racism, fascism, white nationalism, bigotry. He is choosing his cabinet members in accordance with his ugly ideals and they will destroy this country. If you think he and his cabinet members and congress have your best interest at heart, you have not been watching that man with unbiased critical thinking. For those who voted for this fascist regime you own the destruction of this country. This is on you.

I would check another identity but I do not have any of those accounts. My only option is anonymous.


falconfeathers said...

I think I would block anon! Something is severely wrong with this person. God bless their soul and give them peace

koi seo said...

When we look in the mirror, what do we see?