Thursday, May 19, 2016

Isn't it grand?

I had a wonderful ride on Eags last night.  It was so peaceful and quiet...

We spent a bit of time doing relaxation maneuvers (him, not me) with flexions, head and neck, then legs and a little massage.  He adored it!  His eyes were so droopy he kinda looked like a hound dog and he just yawned and yawned and yawned - licked, chewed and more yawning.  *sigh*  It was a beautiful sight.

Then I saddled him up and we just walked around.  I decided to use as little rein as I possibly could, and I rode him in the side pull, no bit.  We were in the round pen, so I wasn't worried about anything. The evening air was cool and there was a slight breeze.  Perfect weather for riding.  He did no rooting at all.  Not one bit.  I'm not sure what made the difference, but I think it was directly related to how mellow he was to begin with, and I wasn't nervous or worried at all riding in the small ring, as opposed to being in the big corral, and nothing in his mouth.  Likely it was a combination of all those things, but it was so enjoyable.

I didn't ride long, probably twenty minutes or so, but quality over quantity, pure gold.  We both felt good.  Afterwards I brushed him down and held his head in my arms and told him how wonderful he was.  First horse I've ever had that would let me hold him and be so at ease with it all.  I just love that.
I've had several people and one close friend who've told me how silly I was to get this horse.  How someone like me, who's become what many will call, a timid rider, shouldn't have picked a troubled horse, one who especially needed a very confident rider to give him confidence.  I can't say that I disagree with their logic.  In my head I would agree with the strong leadership being so important for a horse like Eagle.  But, mostly I just shake my head and tell them that we're exactly what the other one needed.  And at the perfect time.  When I watch Eagle in the field with the other horses, he oozes confidence and exhibits a quiet leadership role over all the other horses in his herd.  He shows kindness and patience.  And that's exactly what he's needed from the people in his life.

For whatever reason, and I no longer question it - we needed each other.  For different reasons, maybe.  But he is the perfect horse for me, emotionally.  He's so cool, so loving, so patient and kind with me.  All I ever want to show him in return, is my love and my trust.  He's given his trust to me.  In spades.  Now it's my turn.  I will learn to relax and place my trust in this horse.  This very special horse who I'm so very smitten with.  He is my gift.

I'm so sure of that.

And I'm so very thankful that I was chosen to care for him.  Aren't I the lucky one?  Deep in my heart, I know we were meant to be.  I have no idea what our future together holds.  I don't know if my dreams of riding in the mountains on the back of this majestic Mustang will ever come true.  Maybe we will.  But if all we ever have is this relationship we're building in the safety of our back yard, then I will be eternally grateful for that.  All I know for sure is this:  I am enjoying this journey.

And who knows where we'll end up.

Until next time,


Annette Mickelson said...

Lorie, this post brought tears to my eyes. You and Eagle have such a special bond and I think the harmony and trust that you describe is the pinnacle of horsemanship and partnership. Being able to "make" a horse do something is not impressive, even at the highest levels of the sport. That isn't partnership, that's bullying. I hope Tex and I someday achieve half of what you have with Eagle. (Lucy lets me hold her head in my arms, too. It's the best feeling - so much trust).

aurora said...

It is grand!! Such a wonderful feeling, feeds the soul. Your future together will hold exactly what you need, each other.

C-ingspots said...

Oh, thank you guys so much! We have ups and downs, but that's life.
Annette, I know you'll get that trust with Tex. It just takes time.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Wonderful! I'm so happy for you and Eagle. He's a special horse that needed a special person and you are certainly his special person. You and he have a touching relationship. I can see you both riding down the lane in that picture.

Linda said...

It sounds like your heart knew the answer to whether or not you could partner with Eags. The desire to be with a horse--and that horse to be with you--is the most important ingredient. <3