Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Life on a big, round ball

...moves along and never for a moment, ever slows down.  Not very poetic, but most appropriate.  Well, I think so anyway.  I live in constant amazement at the passing of time.  And how, with every passing year that time thing seems to move at an ever-increasing pace.  I sometimes feel like I'll wake up and be like 80 years old tomorrow.

As is common when I attend funerals, they bring forth many emotions that are usually kept deep beneath the surface.  My cousin died last week and it was a "celebration of life" accompanied by many pictures taken throughout his life, presented in movie form.  Very well done and enlightening on many levels.  Lots of family and friends, both known and unknown by me, were present.  But emotions aside, my overwhelming feeling was one of sadness that, although he was my cousin and I've seen him here and there throughout my life; I didn't know him.  I did not know him as a person. But his life seems to have been full.  He leaves a wife who obviously loved him and whom he deeply loved, 2 grown children and 6 grandchildren.  He was a decorated Army veteran, did 2 full terms of duty in Vietnam, was a drill Sargent for many years and then a medic and finally retired from the military.  As a civilian, he started a landscaping business, loved to camp and fish, and loved to grow vegetables in his garden.  Hmm, who knew?  Interesting to me how I can know someone my entire life, and never really know them.  Another argument in favor of real conversation, rather than shooting the breeze.

My take-away message is this:  life is very short, and death is sure.  Make the most of what time we're blessed with.  I wonder how many others' feel the way I do.  These milestones in our lives serve as reminders.

We've been given a break from our torrential rain the last several days.  Last Friday was overcast, but dry and cool.  And then Saturday morning dawned beautiful!  Clear, blue skies and full-on sunshine.  It was so incredibly warm!  Although I was home sick with a wicked head cold all weekend, our windows and doors were flung wide open to let in the fresh air and lively birdsong.  Oh my, it was just lovely.  Monday was even nicer, if you can imagine that.  Not sure what our high temps were for the day, but I spent time sitting outside on the deck for the first time since early last Fall and the sun felt so good on my face and shoulders.  Just heavenly!  Seems like we're always thrown a bone sometime in February with a false spring.  Likely, so we can tolerate more of winter's woes until sometime in April when spring officially gets going.  :)  Not that I should complain about our winter though - besides the rain, it's been another very mild winter season.  Not much of a winter at all really.  But when the sun comes out and the skies are so blue, everybody just seems to perk up and feel so happy.  Whatever ails ya, can be easily overcome!

We must be as boring as all get out because I really have nothing news-worthy to report of late.  Life just keeps on, chores and horses to be tended, house to be cleaned, working at the clinic everyday and dogs to be entertained.  I am happy to report that Miss Charlotte came through her surgery with flying colors!  According to her doctor though, she had a very traumatic day.  Barked all.  day.  long.  :( Poor, sweet baby!  She did not appreciate being left at all.  And since that day, she is suffering from what I believe is, separation anxiety.  Either that, or she's been possessed by some little dog devil who wants to chew things she's not supposed to be chewing!! *sigh*  My poor chair!  My poor car seat!  Oh dear...

This too shall pass...right?

And what's worse - she's just too darned cute to beat.  I am toast.

The farrier is due tonight.  Trims all around, and I'm happy to report that Ladde continues on the road to recovery.  Yay!!!  We've been cleaning his feet and painting his soles with hoof hardener 1-2 times a day for a couple of weeks now.  It's working.  His soles are tougher and since the weather has been nice, he's been on full turn-out with the herd.  Oh my, I cannot tell you how happy that makes him - and me!  I do believe I can finally see light at the end of this tunnel...and we had him re-tested last week.  Insulin, glucose, Leptin and ACTH (cortisol) levels are all within normal range!!!!!  I was so happy I kind of cried a little.  Oh, but they were happy, happy tears...

I have faith that our boy is back.  SO thankful (!)

Hope you have reasons to smile and give thanks too,
Lorie @ Cingspots

another sign of approaching spring - my daphne starting to bloom


Linda said...

Wow, that is amazing his levels all came back to normal and he's doing well. You need to pat yourself on the back...or take yourself shopping...or toast a job well done.

I think about death a lot. I realized that as I turn the corner on toward 50 next year, I'm not sure how many good years I have left to ride my horses. 15? 20? 30? I don't know, but none of it sounds long enough.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Glad to hear the good news about Laddie. A while back I invested in a bottle of Keratex hoof hardener. I apply it for a few days ahead of any prolonged rainy weather. Thankfully it is super effective and lasts a long time, which makes the price easier to swallow.

Death has been looming around here as well. January was a tough month. Losing people I never knew personally but looked up to... closer to home, losing a friend (my age) who fell off his boat into icy water and was swept away to sea...

I think the only way to counteract the speeding up of time is to live in the moment - a tall order. ;D

Kate said...

So glad to hear that Ladde is doing so well - a testament to your careful watching and care for him.

Always love your "thoughts" - keep them coming!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Yeah for Ladde! So good he's come back.

II've had too many young family members pass and it reinforces the thought that we should make the most of each day.

T.L. Merrybard said...

I do! I do! :)

So glad Ladde is looking good. All three of you have been through a lot but you made it!

Poor Charlote! One of ours developed separation anxiety when we moved house, one when I had a sick neighbour to nurse and spent long hours next door and she knew I was there. Can't say either ever totally got over it but they improve. I did learn, though to keep Buffy shut in the house or she'd jump and climb to go find me. Yikes!

What helped a lot was making sure they had plenty of exercise before I went, both mental and physical, and making the leaving routine very calm and familiar, ending with a frozen kong or even a carrot just as I went out the door.

I've noticed before that we don't know much about our loved ones. Even the ones we see every day. I found out by hearing the life story of my Scottish stepdad when he had Alzheimer's. I knew more about him than my mother! I've since sat down with her and written up her life story too. Should do it for my dad as well, but he is a bit shy. :)

aurora said...

Kudos to you for helping Laddie heal, what a lucky guy. You are far from boring, your life is stable & good! It does feel odd to be related to people, and not share are not alone. Hoping Miss Charlotte works off some of her misplaced energy. Hang in there!

Gail said...

Good advice.

I love seeing your horses and still miss mine horribly. Sometimes I even cry when no one's looking.

The dogs seem happy here or they are pretty good at faking it.

Have a blessed week.

fernvalley01 said...

Hugs, I have attended too many funerals of late, I am so very tired of goodbyes. I know they happen as they must but ... Glad Ladde is on the mend