Wednesday, January 13, 2016

It's all about the weather

If I were ever to envision myself in a "career" that involves one of the sciences, I'd likely pick meteorology.  Yeah, I find everything about our weather systems, patterns, atmosphere and all, just fascinating.  So did my dad.  Chalk up another one for following in dad's footsteps, or at least his personality traits.  :)

Anyway, we had the most fantastic weather last weekend!  Brisk temps, bright blue skies, nothing more than a gentle, occasional breeze and it was warm.  Just about perfect I'd say!  So, in celebration of our glorious weather, hubs and I took the dogs and went on walks both days.  Just beautiful, and super duper exciting for the pent-up poochies.  We actually had to pull over near our destination and let them out in a grass field to run some of that energy off.  They were yipping, howling and just about to burst with the anticipation of it all.  Plus they were digging holes in my hubby's legs.  Fair trade-off I'd say.

Good thing we did get out and enjoy it because since then...the rain has returned.  And in spades!!!  Good grief, we've been getting it in buckets.  The lakes have returned to our back yard and our pastures, the horses have been in the barn for the last 2 days and we have so much mud that wearing anything other than knee-high muck boots would be a disastrous mistake.  *sigh*

Oh well, can't complain because nothing I say, or do will have any kind of an impact.  Just best to go with the flow and make the best of what is.  I'm getting better at this.  Really I am.

In other areas, remember that I'd mentioned having my car repaired to the tune of almost a thousand dollars?  Well, while driving it home I noticed that the brakes felt funny.  Or the lack of brakes to be more specific.  Yep, my car now has no brakes.  I can pump, pump, pump and get back a little, but with foot pressure, the pedal just slowly goes to the floor.  It is absolutely unsafe to drive.  So, without having had anything checked out yet, my best guess is that the master cylinder is kapoot.  Before doing anything, we'll take it somewhere and have the entire braking system checked out just to be sure.  No sense in replacing something just to find out that's not the problem, or the only problem.  But we're likely looking at another $300-$500 repair bill.  Again.  My old car's seen better days for sure, but she's paid for, was totaled, bought back for peanuts, and then I pocketed a couple thousand dollars and has overall been a reliable car for about 8 years now.  It was my mom's car and I didn't even buy it initially, so as you can see, I shouldn't complain.  But still.  I am kind of complaining.  As I said earlier regarding the weather; when it rains, it pours.

We've been fortunate that our temps so far this winter have been overall, quite mild.  I say this because we've been heating our home with only our little kitchen wood stove.  The reason for this, is that our fans on the living room pellet stove have gone belly up.  Yep.  Both of them at once.  This will be the second time that we've had to replace those fans, but considering we've had the pellet stove for about 20 years, I guess that's not too bad.  Based on what we paid last time, we're likely looking at $350-$400 to replace the pair of them.  Ka-ching!!!  Yeah.  That's why we work...

As far as some good news, Ladde is doing much better.  If he blew an abscess, I haven't been able to find one, but the last few days we haven't had to soak and we just change the poultice and pads every third day now.  So thankful for that!!!  He's been off pain meds for a couple of weeks (?) give or take, my memory grows fuzzy, but he seems to be doing very well overall.  I called our farrier and we're hoping to get him trimmed real soon.  It's pushing 9 weeks since his last trim and those toes have gotten quite long.  He isn't growing excess heel as some foundered horses tend to do, but the hoof itself appears healthy and has good growth.  I've put it off just a bit because of, well you know the story.  I just hope this is IT for a good, long while!!  He's had company in the barn lately, but we're really looking forward to getting back to normal and turning all the horses out in the daytime.

My stocked up bedding that I bought early last fall, which was supposed to take us all the way through the winter, is almost gone.  Now I'm just hoping it lasts until the first of February when our local farm store has their big "farm days" winter sale, and hopefully puts those bedding pellets on a reduced price again.  I gotta catch a break somewhere, right?  :)  The hay supply is holding quite well though - so count blessings where and when we can.  As my granny used to say, "it could always be worse".  Truth.

Until next time my friends, stay warm, give thanks and God bless us.  Every one.

Lorie @ Cingspots


Gail said...

May there be more pretty days coming.

Linda said...

Sorry you're getting so much rain, and break downs, but good news about Ladde. I know what you mean about bedding prices. We have a wood working shop near us that sells us their leftover wood shavings for about $100 a truck load. I forgot to get a load this fall before the winter hit and now I'm having to pay store prices. Our hay is also doing pretty well, but I didn't go into the winter with as much as I'd like, so I'm thinking I'll need more earlier than usual this year. :( It's always pay now or pay later with hay.

Michelle said...

Our bedding supply is holding out but our hay is dwindling alarmingly. I think I'd rather run out of bedding!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Good news about Ladde. It's always something with repairs isn't it. Sometimes it seems it's one thing after another. Hang in there.

T.L. Merrybard said...

I always try to avoid saying. "It could always be worse," because I reckon it's throwing up a challenge to the universe to see how much worse it can make it. :D

One of our GWPs, Tam, used to yodel and trill in the car on the way to walks, especially if she knew we were going to the river or sea. Must have been rather amusing to hear us go past, with lots of very loud, odd dog noises, and the occasional despairing, "Shut up Tam!" coming from the car. :)

fernvalley01 said...

glad you have some good news too.Yup it sucks when the vehicles begin nickel and diming us to death, but as you say its paid for , so it doesn't owe you. we are into a bit of a cold snap, and while I don't like it much I have to admit I think I prefer it to cold wet rain!