Monday, November 23, 2015

This week of Thanksgiving

Maybe it's just because it's rained so much lately, but these brisk, frosty, sunshiney days lately have been just awesome!!!  The cold has helped firm up the mud (not gone), but so much better.  The horse's coats are all thick and puffed up and not quite so muddy, and stall cleaning even seems quicker.  Likely cause they drip so much water off their bods in all that deluge...hmmm, bet that's it. Anyways...I've been loving the weather!!!  I have so much more energy and desire to accomplish things when it's cool and bright.

We've been enjoying our cozy little wood stove again.  Have I mentioned lately how very much I love that little stove?  Well.  I.  Do!  :)
Wood heat just sinks into the bones.  Last night we had our second heavy frost, dipped down to 28. Pretty impressive huh?

Our weekend was nice.  We got stuff accomplished, that trip to Goodwill made (!!!), upstairs guest room's all clean and put back together, new curtains hung in our bedroom, pictures back up on the walls, new comforter's on our bed :) and everything that shouldn't be in the living room?, is not in the living room!!!  Oh my gosh, that feels great!!

Told you brisk weather energizes me.  We had a very nice and relaxing Sabbath day too.  The message in church was really good and we even stayed for potluck afterwards.  Again, a perfectly gorgeous day.  Just felt great to be outside in the fresh air too.  My only regret is that I'd hoped, and meant to take the dogs for a walk, and we didn't.  My poor poochies have suffered so lately...Charlotte especially!  Wow, that little dog needs her run time.  Maybe I really mean - we need her run time.  :)

This week I'm hoping for an opportunity to go through some of my (many) favorite pictures over the last several years, and decide on six.  *sigh* Yeah, just six...for someone who has difficulties making decisions sometimes, this is daunting.  I have this cool, old frame that an old friend gave me years ago, that I want to transform into a large picture frame for our bedroom wall.  It's a little idea I've had rolling around in my head for quite some time.  I'd like to wake up, or drop into bed, looking at the things (beings) in my life that mean the most to me.  My reasons to smile...

Well, we're going to spend Thanksgiving Day with family.  My side of the family.  What I was thinking was this.  I'm going to decide to love them for who they are, rather than waste time on wishing who they were.  Funny thing is; I bet they think the same thing about me!  :)  It'll be's Thanksgiving.

What I decide in my heart to do, and think, and who I am.  Ultimately.

Aahhh, I do love Thanksgiving - don't you!?  The very heart of the holiday is conjuring up everything that you have to be thankful for.  And we all have lots and lots of blessings in our lives.  I know I do.

My wish for you all, is that you spend time with the ones who you love, and ponder your many blessings.  We're getting so close to the ending of yet another year, and the way things are going - I just pray that everyone gets it all straight within your own hearts; whatever it is for you.

Something right up their at the top of my list this year, is that Ladde is doing alright.  No huge steps, but we continue to see baby ones.  Any improvement is a reason to rejoice, and there have been no more seizures.  :)  *sigh*  And as always, my hard-working, loving, (and not totally) annoying, husband.  He does put up with me everyday, and that ain't easy!
And any list of mine would always include our critters.  Life just wouldn't be nearly as sweet without all of them.

Happy Thanksgiving,

from all of us at C-ingspots

(I had hoped to have some new pics to add, but after putting all my pics from the old work computer onto a stick for transferring to my laptop, they number 5308!!!  It's taking some time to transfer and I'm not that patient) Now you understand just how difficult it's gonna be to pick 6 - yiyiyi!!


Karen Ann said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours - and enjoy your family.. enjoy. :-)

Linda said...

Happy Thanksgiving. It sounds like yours will be wonderful! Can't wait to see which pictures you decide upon.

The Dancing Donkey said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm glad things are going well for the time being. Now that Fall is waning, I think Ladde will do better. The fall rise of ACTH is a hard time for IR horses.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Ah yes, the photos. I've been trying to decide on a few for framing. It's not easy, is it? Enjoy your holiday.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your husband and of course all the critters. I think you're going to have a fun gathering with the whole family.

Stephen Andrew said...

Happy Thanksgiving! And good luck on the family front!

Laura said...

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and this post was spot on.

So was your comment on my blog post today, and it meant the world to me.

Thank you for your wisdom and understanding.

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Gail said...

Nothing like a good food fire.

Thanks for visiting.

Have a blessed week.