Friday, May 8, 2015

Lotsa stuff going on

Well, it's been last Tuesday since I've posted.  I'm trying hard not to slip into my bad habit of letting my blog slide, so today's post will have to be a quickie.  We have been very busy here at the clinic.  That is good news!  It got kind of scary for a while last winter, and I'd wondered if I'd still have a job.  But apparently we've overcome that slump and come out on the other side.  Whew!  

The downside to that, for me, is that I'm rather tired and sometimes a little bit brain dead when I get home after all that crazy busyness.  You see, we're a small business; there's the doc and then there's me.  Between phone calls, setting up appointments, walk-in clients, giving information to clients about anything and everything, preparing and dispensing meds, vaccines and such, paying bills, entering everything into the computer, trying to keep the clinic clean...on and on and on...this gal's a bit wiped out at the end of the day.  Then when at home, there's horses to be fed, stalls to be cleaned, yard work to be done, dishes to do from the evening before, dinner to be cooked, cats and dog that like to get the picture.  If there's any time left over, I try to spend some time working with one or another of our horses.  I used to have plenty of energy, these days I'm pooped more often, than not.  Oh, and don't forget trying to keep my house clean and the laundry kept up.  The really discouraging part of all this is my poor house is usually the part that gets the most neglected.  I rather dislike housecleaning in general, and when there's so much do be done elsewhere that always seems more pressing, our poor little home sweet home can get to looking pretty neglected.  That's where the weekend comes in, Sundays are frequently housecleaning days.  If you don't think this is a major pet peeve, well then, you'd be seriously wrong!  I absolutely hate having to take one of my precious two days off most weekends and spending it inside, cleaning.  Especially when the sun is shining and I've spent the entire week cooped up inside already.  Grrrr....

Anyway, enough complaining.  That was not my intent.  I get distracted rather easily, I'm afraid.  :)  

So, we've got a trail ride planned for this weekend.  We're not planning on going.  Too much to do, not enough time.  Already covered that.  Besides, our horses are absolutely not ready for any kind of a real trail ride - yet.  And there's the EHV-1 (neurologic form) herpes outbreak going on in our area right now.  Lots of shows being cancelled, barns under quarantine, etc...nope, not worth the risk.  Horses are staying home right now.  

We have our truck full of junk and we'll be making a dump run.  Then we'll make a trip to our local feed store for another ton of stall bedding.  That will be 2 down, 2 to go.  It's on sale this month and we're stocking up for next winters' supply.  I can't resist because it's $55 less per ton than what I paid last winter.  That's over $200 in savings!  Can't beat that, right?  We'll unload it when we get back home and then we'll have our truck back.  So...I can drop the truck and trailer off at Les Schwab for new brakes and wheel bearings packed on our horse trailer.  Then, hopefully we'll be ready for the upcoming riding/camping season.  Well, at least the trailer will be.  With any luck we'll find some open time to actually ride our horses and get them (and us) into shape for the riding season.  What am I saying?  We've been having perfect riding weather and we've yet to ride.  See what I mean???  Life is too darned busy!!  Again.  Cannot wait until I can retire.  But, that's another beef altogether...sigh.

Next week I'm going to a clinic with my friend Terry up in Washington state.  She's a total Pat Parelli guru...cannot say that I am, but it sounds like fun and I'll go and try to keep an open mind.  Plus, I can be of assistance to Terry.  We'll have a fun day, I'm sure!  

Our first scheduled camp-out with our riding club is scheduled at one of our favorite places, Mt. Adams over Memorial Day weekend.  Then the following week sometime is when Eagle is supposed to go to Rachel's house.  Before that time, I'm hoping to spend as much time with Eags as possible, but I'll just do what I can do, and hope for the best.  I've seriously been neglecting the other horses lately, and they need some attention and specials too...good grief.  I'm getting a headache.

Well, after all this stuff I hope I haven't discouraged anyone.  Or, maybe I've helped you feel better about your life?  That would be something right?  I really need to get my garden planted soon too...if I sit here long enough, you can bet that I'll come up with a few more projects just waiting in the wings...the bedroom perhaps???  Oh, dear Lord I don't even want to go there!!

Have a great weekend everyone,

Oh, our neighbor offered us his 8 acre grass hay field for free!!!  All I need to do is make arrangements for someone who does custom cutting and bailing to come out and get the job done.  I have no idea how much that might cost, but I'm betting that would likely cut our hay expenses this year by about half.  Whoohoo!!  I gotta go before I think of anything else...I'm starting to feel faint.


Anonymous said...

Love the free (almost) hay!

You are very busy, if you feel stretched and stressed it's not a surprise. Just remember to keep breathing!

Gail said...

Every one loves a bargain.

I agree not worth the risk. There will be other trail rides.

Linda said...

In our area they'll cut and bale your grass for half of the production. Not sure in your area.

You and I, apparently, have the same job. One doc, and I do all the rest. And yes, I'm exhausted at the end of the day, too, so I completely sympathize.

I would think Mt. Adams would be beautiful, and that's right around the corner.

aurora said...

Your hay offer is pretty darn nice! Life is too short to worry about house cleaning.

Grey Horse Matters said...

I think we're all so busy we don't get to do what we really want to. I sympathize with you. I haven't been able to ride yet and it annoys me because the weather is perfect. I've got so much to do around the farm and house I barely get to say hello to the horses. I did manage one lunging session with Blue but that's it. Hang in there and know you're not alone.

T.L. Merrybard said...

You know what they say: No-one lies on their death bed and says, "I wish I'd done more housework." :D

I'll suggest what i did to my very busy sister. It isn't too expensive to get someone in for 3 hours a week or fortnight to do the bulk of the floor cleaning etc. She did so and man has it helped her!