Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dream a little dream with me

The best possible time for a vacation to a tropical paradise is February.  

No doubt.

You see, after the long summer, fall is a welcome respite.  We're anxious for cooler, more comfortable temperatures.  Warm sweaters, cozy jeans, boots...thick, fuzzy socks.  An inviting fire in the hearth that beckons after getting your chill on doing chores.

And then along comes the anticipation of the holidays.  The fun of Halloween, the endearing warmth and thankfulness of Thanksgiving, followed by the festive and always lively, Christmas.  

Even January has its' merits.  New Years Eve, and all the promise of the new year ahead of us, unfolding.  The anticipation of looking ahead and making plans, resolutions...you know how it goes.

But by February; the reality of winter begins to wear thin...the cold and the damp drones on and on.
We begin to wax nostalgic for longer, warmer days.  Relaxing in the sun, warming our face and sipping something cool and refreshing.  Spending time outdoors, instead of by the fire.   

I've done pretty well this season, so far.  No real problem with my SAD.  I've been busy enough not to grow weary of too much time indoors, and our weather has certainly helped.  We've had more dry days than wet, we've had some brisk, cold weather that revitalizes the senses, we were even blessed with some beautiful snowfall.  

But now it's raining.  The pastures are flooded.  The horses are muddy.  You get wet every time you step foot outside.  Yuck.

I haven't heard the word drought for some time now.  Weeks even.  The naysayers are oddly quiet.  There's snow falling in the mountains.  Lots of snow falling in the mountains.  Eventually, every year it happens.  The moisture always comes.  And we make up for lost time...big time.  

Don't get me wrong - I'm thankful.  Really, I am.  

I just feel so melancholy when it rains.  I become introverted, and I think too much.  I question everything and there's never any easy answers for all that weighs on my mind.  *sigh*

I get the blues.  That's what my mom always said.  The blues...

Perfect time to get away and have a little vacation.  So, I've been planning...checking out flights and tropical destinations.  We're not getting any younger, so why wait?  

I'd love to visit Key West.  Spend a week or so just lying in the sun, hacking around on foot and taking in the sites.  Kayaking, snorkeling, swimming...Margaritaville.   I love Jimmy Buffet, don't you?  *sigh* 

My hubs wants to take a cruise.  I like that idea too.  I've always wanted to visit Jamaica.  Swim in the beautiful, blue Caribbean, dine on whatever suits my fancy.  But the rigidness of the schedules of a cruise worries me somewhat.  And some ships have dress codes.  What is with that?  I just want to hang out in shorts or sundresses and flip flops.  Shades and no make-up.  That's much more to my liking.  

I adore Hawaii...mmmm, that was a dream vacation for us.  If we were ever to go there again, I'd pick Maui this time.  Oahu is beautiful, but there's just too many people for me.  Rains too much on Kuwai  and Hawaii  has all those volcanoes.  I think Maui is just about perfect.  

I'd love to go to Mexico again, just much further south and away from all those touristy destinations.  A traveler can really get a lot of bang for the buck there.  And it's beautiful, and very much tropical too.  But, unfortunately that's not somewhere my hubs is inclined to go.  He says it's dangerous.  I don't agree, but that's alright.  Many other choices on the menu.

Right now, I'm just in dream mode...but the flights if booked in advance, are very affordable.  What a wonderful surprise a tropical vacation would be for our anniversary...this coming July, we'll be celebrating our 30th.  That's a perfect reason for a romantic getaway for two, wouldn't you say?


I'm ready to trade in my muck boots and rain coat for something a little more comfortable.  
Warm sand and sunshine on my shoulders, instead of raindrops falling on my head.  

I've got some dreaming to do...


aurora said...

The only tropical recommendations I can make are very dated, and not in July, but here they are:

Highly recommend Negril, Jamaica at an all-inclusive Sandals Resorts (stay away from the bigger more commercial cities).

I've been to Key West a couple times, but that was a million years ago. I've heard it hasn't changed, still very hippie-dippie.

30 years is absolutely a good reason to celebrate with a special trip! Altho July will be very hot in many tropical places. Best of luck with your decision! Happy dreaming!!

Angel The Alien said...

Ooh, I want to go on a vacation to somewhere warm! It isn't going to happen this winter, but I look forward to living vicariously through you. I've been to Key West and I definitely loved it. I also absolutely adored Maui when I was there a few winters ago! The only cruise I've ever been on was a Disney cruise, but that was awesome too.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Any place warm and sunny sounds perfect to me right about now. I'd actually rather have some rain to wash this snow away. We've had about 60 inches so far this winter and that's enough.

Have fun picking out your trip!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Any place warm and sunny sounds perfect to me right about now. I'd actually rather have some rain to wash this snow away. We've had about 60 inches so far this winter and that's enough.

Have fun picking out your trip!

Michelle said...

We're celebrating 30 years this June, and while I'd love to go somewhere special, just the two of us, I don't see that happening because of finances. I did put my foot down about NOT going on a Boundary Waters canoe trip around our anniversary, though. Sharing my "vacation" with seven other people and a billion mosquitoes is not my idea of romantic!

Carolynn Anctil said...

When I lived on the west coast, I did my best to leave for warmer, drier climes for at least a week in January or February. The skies were always so heavy and gray and the days so wet and chill I needed a break from it. In fact, after nearly 30 years of that, it's a big reason why my husband and I finally moved out of the area altogether. We may get snow and frigid temperatures, but the sun shines and the skies are blue and go on forever. It's amazing the difference it makes.

Hope you get your time in the sun, soon!

C-ingspots said...

Aurora: I'm thinking of next winter, maybe Feb or March - definitely not in July. And if Key West is hippie-dippie, that's definitely for me! :)
Arlene: 60"???? Oh my - that is a lot of snow!!
Michelle: Sure don't blame you about the canoe trip...doesn't sound like one I'd like either. If it were just you two, that would be different. As far as finances go...pish-posh! If I'd waited until I could afford something, we never would go anywhere, or do anything! Remember...it all burns in the end!
Carolynn: Yes, that's perfect timing for getting away, the grey and wet will kill me mentally if it goes on too long. Blue skies make all the difference!

Mary said...

What about Belize? I've never been there, but I've heard good things. If I could afford it, I think that is where I would like to venture.

Stephen Andrew said...

Ahh I know. The best thing February had to offer is that the days do become dramatically longer. But...I'm with you. My entire yard (and therefore Barbie and I) are covered in mud. Someday I hope I can leave for February and March to South Carolina.
Pour a glass of wine and put a drink umbrella and pretend :)

C-ingspots said...

SA: Yes, exactly! *sigh*

Lea and her Mustangs said...

I am dreaming too. Cruises are wonderful, we did not have a dress code. One of the fancier restraunts on board did for dinner but otherwise nada, I loved Key West. We went in March and it was mahvelous. Never have been to Jamaica, nor Mexico. I don't think its safe either Lorie, that would scare me. So I would vote for the cruise. I want warm, a foot of new snow on the ground here and I want to bury my head. I am better. Blessings, Lea

fernvalley01 said...

I just got home form my little trip to dreamland, I too get the winter,blues,but soon spring will be here, hang in there my friend