Tuesday, November 26, 2013

season of thankfulness

this morning's sunrise
Have you ever wondered why there's so much frenzy associated with Christmas these days?  Have you noticed that Thanksgiving is all but forgotten in the brash commercialism of what this time of year has become?  I have, and it bothers me.  I'm weary of being rushed.  I wonder why I need to hurry up and get ready...don't let the season sneak up on you.  As if.  As if it has a life of its' own.



Slow down and take a little of that precious time we've been given, and be thankful...for what we already have.  There, isn't that better.
My girls...loyal companions and friends
Thanksgiving isn't about buying, spending, giving, rushing, doing, doing, doing...instead, it really is about taking stock of what we've been blessed with.  Get that?

 I believe that's why so many people gloss right over this beautiful holiday and what it truly represents.  They don't know how to feel content with what they have.  Sometimes we can all be guilty of forgetting to give thanks for so many truly wonderful blessings in our lives.  Think about that for a minute.  Count your blessings.  Be thankful to your Creator for all that you've been graced with.  Like the Bible says, "all good things come from God".  Not just some.  All good things.  *sigh*  I like that.

our perfect weather last weekend
I don't know about you, but when I slow down, take a look around at all the beautiful things and wonderful lives that are in my world; I just can't help but smile and realize that it's okay to be happy with what is.  What I don't have, maybe I don't need.  That's a beautiful thought.  All that I need, I already have.  How nice.

So in this week of Thanksgiving, I'm choosing to fully realize all the wonderful blessings in my life.  I'm purposefully slowing my thoughts down, taking the time to take a deep breath, look around my world; and give thanks.

I have a loving and hard-working husband who takes care of so many of our needs.  I'm so thankful for him.  He's my best friend, and I love him.

We have a cozy home and we're so grateful to be warm.

Missy Sugar

 our little herd this frosty morning

 Merlin...llama dude

 frosty blackberry

 Ladde and the "father" who raised him, Shad

Patch aka One-eyed Patch aka Snaggletooth  :)

I'm so very thankful for all our fat, healthy, fuzzy, dirty and happy horses...they give us a reason to get outside in the fresh air every single day.  We call it free aerobics...who needs a gym?  I'm thankful for sunrises, sunsets, frosty mornings, beautiful clouds and sunshine.

And so, so much more...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Count em.

I double-dog dare ya!!


Anonymous said...

A very good reminder in this time of commercialism run amok. Cultivating thankfulness, any time of year, can be a powerful thing.

fernvalley01 said...

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving

Carolynn Anctil said...

I count my blessings daily, continually. It's really the only way to live, I believe. Even in the midst of darkness, there is always something - something - to be grateful for, even if it's just for the breath we take. Once you stop to really take stock of all we have, it can be quite sobering.

Blessings. Happy Thanksgiving!

(P.S. I think I'm a little bit in love with Snaggletooth)

Cindy D. said...

Another beautiful post with great pictures. I love coming to your place. It always feels like going home. (even if it is only in pictures)

I love the fuzzy ponies, I understand those in the show circuit, and why they insist on shaving the ponies during the winter, but my ponies, like yours, all sport their winter coats and I love rubbing my hands through all that fuzzyness. (whoa that was a looooong sentence)

I noticed that Missy Sugar is wearing boots. Can you tell me more?

For Thanksgiving I am doing nothing, but stuff around the house, riding, and maybe even a motorcycle ride with TC. My kids are all busy with their own families. Yes I was invited to each house, but opted out. I really just want a day to "be still". I will cook dinner on Sunday and they can all come to see me then.

I hate that the stores keep pushing Black Friday on us, and every year is some new marketing scam to start it earlier and earlier. This year it starts on Thanksgiving day. To me that totally negates the whole point of "Thanksgiving" how can you give thanks when you are fighting over your place in line to get the next big deal.

I also am a little turned off by the new FB thing where each day of November you are supposed post something you are grateful for. Shouldn't we be doing this every day, without someone telling us it is what everyone else is doing?

Happy Thanksgiving Dear!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Loved this post. I think the commercialism that has become the norm for our holidays is depressing. I'm sick of Black Friday and Cyber Monday etc. now they even have pre- Black Friday nonsense. It's ridiculous to see people camped outside of stores for days before Thanksgiving. Anyway, have a wonderful and serene Thanksgiving with your family.

aurora said...

Wonderful photos, enjoy your season of thankfulness!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

You have such a talent for posting the most awesome pictures on your blog. So much to be thankful for. Sage, Ditto, Chico, Yuma, Chemmy, Pepper, Raven, Rusty, Wrangler and Rosie plus Raspberry and the chickens of course the top of the list the love of my life Bob and our family. Oh I forgot Skeeter, Pistol Maggie and River, Trouble and Tazzy. Whew, thats a bunch of animals. Have not been able to ride since I crunched my ankle and now we have snow. Not much yet and thats OK. Take care my friend, you are on my thankful list too. Blessing.

Stephen Andrew said...

Beautiful photos! What very happy lives your animals have!! I agree with you totally on Thanksgiving. I just love it.