Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Harley's birthday today!!!

 Lifelong buds

Harley & Ladde

 Buxton Linear Trail near Banks, Oregon
Harley's most beautiful butt - the boy's got hams!!

 Harley at 16 yrs

Yes indeed, it is Harley horse's birthday today!!  Our baby boy is 16 years old.  I did not miss that one!!  I was right there with Scooter when she brought her beautiful foal into the was awesome!!  And this horse will be with us always and forever - that's what I tell him, and I mean it.

I'll be swinging by the grocery store before heading home this evening to pick up some goodies for the horses.  Apples, carrots and pears are the delectables in honor of the special day.  Some may feel that it's silly to celebrate a horse's birthday, but I don't care, and I don't think it's silly at all.  We love our horses and they are a huge part of our lives.  What does it hurt to provide them with a little celebratory treat to remember the day when they came into our lives?  It makes them happy and it makes us happy, to see them happy!  Reason enough for us!!  Simple pleasures are truly treasured memories that make life special.

 Amazing spots!

 Me and my mountain horse.

 Ready for a ride in La Pine, Oregon
 Camping at Flying M Ranch Yamhill, Oregon

 Me and Harley

 At a Ray Hunt clinic - Dundee, Oregon 2006
Harley, me, Ray and my sister

 Ray Hunt clinic

 Harley & me 

 Always the lover boy...

 Harley Ten Hairs - his nickname because he lost his mane & tail as a weenling 
 When he still had his sight

 Supper time?

 That's my boy!!

As you can imagine, I have so very many more pictures of our life and years many wonderful memories with this guy!  What an amazing horse!!  And to think I almost sold him right after he was born...what a mistake that would have been!!  Cheers Harley - here's to many more memories to come!!

Happy Birthday my little Spunky!!  Always and forever my friend...always and forever.  I promise to love and take care of you.


Story said...

Happy Birthday Harley! Amazing how his color changed from when he was young. I didn't know that appaloosas did that. His spots really are neat. Some of them look like big paw prints. Very distinctive.

We celebrate dog birthdays, cat birthdays, horse birthdays...why not? Always happy to let them know how much we appreciate them.

Kate said...

You should celebrate - having a wonderful horse like him is a great thing - he's a beauty and you are very lucky to have him - but then you know that already!

Stephen Andrew said...

I doubt you'll find anyone here who thinks it's silly to celebrate their birthdays!!! Happy birthday!! Sweet, sweet sixteen :)

Carolynn Anctil said...

Happy Birthday, Harley! You are one fine looking 16 year old.

Annette Mickelson said...

Happy Birthday to Harley!

Paint Girl said...

Happy Birthday Harley!! My oh my does he have some good lookin' spots! And a nice butt! Lol! What a special boy...

aurora said...

Happy Harley Day!! Love the black & whites. What wonderful memories you've shared! Only you could make my eyes moisten on a happy birthday post, listening to your Wild Horses play while reading it on a rainy day probably helped. Give your Harley a birthday hug for me!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Happy Birthday to a very special guy! I'm sure Harley will appreciate his birthday party and treats. We do the same thing with ours.

Cindy D. said...

Happy Birthday Harley!
Of course you should celebrate!

L.Williams said...

Happy Birthday Harley!

C-ingspots said...

Aaawww you guys are just the best!!!
I love each and every one of your comments, and appreciate you so much.

allhorsestuff said...

Harley, You've Inspired A Great Woman. She's Totally in Love With You Because Of Your Beauty, Creatively, Loyalty And Faithfulness.( Those Examples Are But A Few)
We Love You Too, You've Kept Her Safe,
And Trust Her Completely.
Many More Neighs Yo Come Too!
And KK Girl

fernvalley01 said...

Happy Birthday Harley

Lea and her Mustangs said...

Happy birthday Harley from Sage, Ditto, Rosie, Peanut Butter, Rusty,Pepper Raven, Rangler, Emma and Stella and of course ME. Ditto is the only one I celebrate is Ditto and she will be 34 this year.With mustangs you don't have a date.Maybe I will use the date they were adopted. Have those. HMM I gave myself a thought. Harley is a wonderful horse and I am so glad you have gotten to enjoy him his whold life. Blessings, Lea

Kalin ♥ said...

Hello! I just stumbled upon your blog and I must say, I adore your Appaloosa's! My mother used to own several Apps, and she LOVES them, as do I. Your horses are GORGEOUS! I'll be following! (PS: Happy belated birthday to Harley!)
Kalin from