Friday, February 15, 2013

It really is a wonderful life!

I am just so happy that I really can't believe it.  Everywhere I go, all the blogs I follow, there is just so much joy and so much gratitude everywhere!!  Is it because of Valentine's Day, or are people just acknowledging their blessings more and more?  I'm not sure what it is...but I am feeling the love and the sense of happiness everywhere I go, especially today.

Last night my dear hubbs and I went to a small Italian restaurant in our town and had a magnificent Mama Mia pizza.  The meal was delicious and the company was perfect.  We had a cozy dinner for two, then headed home, relaxed a while and went to bed fairly early.  I was a bit wound up the previous night to sleep very well, but last night, I slept soundly and woke up feeling happy and refreshed.  I am feeling blessed indeed.  :)

And our weather is simply spectacular today!  Beautiful, clear, blue skies and sunshine.  It's so warm and absolutely feels like a spring day rather than winter.  I'm loving it!  I had a couple of errands to run at lunch time, but finished them quickly so the dogs and I could do a quick lap around the park trail.  Was so warm, I considered removing my vest.  And sweet Annie chased so many squirrels that now she's a bit of a gimpy girl this afternoon.  She's a spring chicken no more, and neither's her momma!  But we've been walking four out of 5 days this week.  Not doing quite so well at the water drinking, but I am drinking more than I used to.  I have to remind myself to drink water, just haven't really felt thirsty.  Gah!  I'll keep at it, and hopefully it will become habit.  We've been doing fairly well and eating our fresh fruits and veggies too.  Last night was special, and doesn't count!  Otherwise, we've been doing pretty well.  I still have a lot more healthy inclusions to put into practice, but little by little I'm trying to incorporate more healthy options that will soon (hopefully) become habitual.  Baby steps...

Spring truly is just around the corner, and with the longer days and warmer temps, the easier it will be to remain active longer into the evening hours.  And you know what that means?  Yep!  I'm going to start trying to get some evening riding into my daily schedule!!  So excited about that, especially with our new girl arriving tomorrow afternoon.  We're going to a different church tomorrow so we can get our worship service earlier in the morning and be home by early afternoon to welcome Sugar to her new home.  I can't wait!!

These days where everything feels so right are truly blessings.  You know those days where everything just falls into place and you really feel, deep in your heart, that you are exactly where you are meant to be?  That God truly loves us and absolutely is in control and works hard to ensure that our paths are made straight and true?  Yes.  Like that.  I am so thankful for all the blessings in my life.  I'm very thankful to have a loving and generous husband who really is my best friend, my partner and my sounding board in all things.  I'm thankful for our humble little home, and our little farm, and all our dear, sweet animals that look to us for their needs and creature comforts.  All this and more, I am deeply thankful for.

And for the beautiful bird song in the mornings and the frogs that I hear croaking after nightfall.  These little things that we can oh, so easily take for granted...I am truly grateful.

Resting in assurance...blessings everyone.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the pictures, spring is definitely around the corner. Good for you for getting out and walking. And you're right...last night doesn't count, it's a holiday. You sound so happy you make me smile. Can't wait to see some pics of Sugar!

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

HI Lorie...I know what you are talking about...and I am grateful that we get to realize how blessed we are when it happens.

It's a great feeling.


Jenn said...

Oooh, look at all the lush greenery! I'm jealous. I think the general uplift in everyone's mood and thankfulness has something to do with the longer days...sunshine makes you happy!

If you can't get the water down, try iced green tea instead. I often find I just can't drink a whole lot of water, but will drink the heck out of green tea. boosts your metabolism plus is a fabulous antioxidant.