Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In the Garden of Eden...

it seems to me anyway; these past several days or so have been simply divine,  (swoons dramatically) and dare I say, absolutely beyond perfection.  If you could dream up a breathtakingly perfect spring day, that's what we've been experiencing lately.  *sigh*  It feels sooooo good!  Absolutely delicious!  I'm so thrilled that winter truly seems to be gone, and spring has finally arrived, in all her scrumptious splendor!!!

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago on a day trip to the beach, and a more lovely day couldn't have been hoped for.

But, on the homefront, things couldn't be busier.  We've been working like gangbusters trying to beautify our yard.  We're having to mow the lawn every single weekend, and the grass is growing so fast, you can almost see it grow!  We got our veggie garden planted last weekend, and got the flower beds all cleaned up and added new composted matter (thank you ponies) and pretty, new flowers planted.  I hope to get a few pics to share real soon.  This year I'm going to buy a couple of wine barrels from one of the local wineries and cut them in half.  My tomatoes will be planted in those.  They'll look nice, and my tomato plants won't be so crowded in the garden boxes.  My berries are doing really well too.  I'll bet this year's harvest is gonna be a good one.  Yum!!  We're contemplating whether or not to build another raised garden bed...maybe yes, maybe no.  Time will tell.  Most of my fruit trees are doing well, but over the winter one of the cherries and both of the peaches bit the dust.  So, I got another Rainier cherry to plant.  I still want peaches, but they are fussy little buggers to grow!  Not sure if I want to try again, if so I'll replant this fall so I don't have to water them.

Eagle's abscess is all healed up now.  He was amazingly good at letting us doctor his foot, and he stands in the soaking tub better than any horse we've ever had.  Will wonders never cease?  I don't know why I'm so surprised though, he is just so sensible and level-headed.  Marvelous Mustang Eagle!!!  Now, I need to get back to working with him on a regular basis.  The foot ailment/doctoring episode seems to have cemented our relationship really well.  I feel a deeper sense of trust from him, and because he's more relaxed; so am I.  Just a little silver lining to an otherwise bum deal, I guess.  :)  Don't you just love it when that happens?

All the horses are doing really well.  Shedding like mad and fat as ticks.  One little fly in the ointment was a tiny (pencil eraser sized) scab on Ladde's sheath that refused to go away.  I'd been keeping an eye on it for maybe a year, but it never seemed to change, but it didn't go away either.  So...I suspected skin cancer and had it looked at.  Rick thinks it's cancer as well and advised me to put 5U on it and see what happens.  Whoodoggie, did it ever get pissed off!!!  It's now about 10X the size it was and it's red and angry looking...but, it's looking loose, like it's maybe going to fall off soon.  Hope, hope, hope!!!  Now, I'm questioning what the heck have I done to my horse!? So, I'm hopeful that very soon the nasty thing just falls off and is gone for good.  Ladde eyeballs me speculatively and tries to move his hind leg up in an effort to protect his winky area from mean old me...I hate that!  But, I certainly can't blame him!  Poor guy...
Once it's gone, he's getting super duper sunscreen lathered all over his tender, pink skin whether he likes it or not!

We've decided to sell our big gooseneck horse trailer.  If we get what we're hoping for, we can pay off a couple of bills, refinance our home, commit to staying there for another year and give us a little cash for flooring upgrades that we'd like to do.  Then, probably next spring, if we still want to move to central Oregon, we'll put our house on the market then.  But, if we change our minds about moving, we'll be in a better interest rate, shave off 6 years from our mortgage and our payments will get more bang for our bucks.  I will miss the big, cushy trailer.  It's really nice to tow and very comfortable to camp out of.  But, there's always other trailers if we want to get another one someday.  Right now, it seems silly to have so much cash value just sitting there so much of the time.  If I could only win that lottery...

Here's a few pics taken over the last month or so...most of them before spring made her dramatic (if a tad late) and most welcome entrance.

See that beautiful shade of bluish/green in the water above?  That's the color I'd like to try and duplicate for our bedroom...sooo cool and tranquil.  I love it!!  Maybe just a tad lighter with off-white lace curtains and creamy trim.  Sounds lovely doesn't it?  I'm always so full of ideas, just never enough time, energy, money or hubby to get everything done.  *sigh*

Whatever's a girl to do?  :)

Blessings everyone...and enjoy our beautiful spring weather while it's here.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like you've been very busy. Glad you are having such wonderfully perfect spring weather. We've got rain. Your pictures are very pretty of the water and I think it would look great in the bedroom, my living room is about that color with white trim. Go for it when you have the time.

Good to hear about Eagle and how you have bonded.Hope your other guys (thing) is not cancerous and it just falls off and never comes back.

Good luck with all your plans.

Lea and her Mustangs said...

So good to hear from you. Love your comments on mine. I am glad you came to a decision on your place. A year will allow you to get things done that you want to. I hope you are riding Eagle soon. He has the softest eyes. I rode Sage yesterday and was going to today but we had so much to do that got put off. I did work with her this morning some. Sure wish we could meet in person but don't know when we will get back down to see my uncle. We are needing to go see our BIL while he is still able to visit. Saying goodby will be terrible. Cancer is such an awful thing. Hate it. So my dear friend, hope our weather stays like it is. Wonderful here too. Blessings to you.

aurora said...

Great photos, the color (and sound, cuz I can almost hear it!) of the water is amazing! What a beautiful area you live in. Hope your horses heal up soon.

Happy Spring!

Carolynn Anctil said...

Spring is dawdling here - we got frost AGAIN last night! The colour scheme you have in mind for your bedroom sounds really lovely.