Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A day in the life of a porkchop...

...or, if you prefer "pasture potato".  Either way, you'll see what I mean.  :)

I decided to take a few pics of the horses last weekend, you know, show them off in their winter woolies and all their unique stages of muddiness and such.  These guys, they've got the life...lounge around all day, eat whenever they want, a little nap here and there...life is seriously rough.  Wouldn't you agree?

 This was going to be my attempt at a herd shot.  When I first saw them, they were all lined up side by side dozing.  I decided to run in the house and get my camera.  When I came back, Ladde was pretty sure treats might be involved, so he decided to mosey on up and check it out.  And of course, he brought Harley in tow.  Missed my shot!

 Here comes the Laddmonster now.  In all his glory.  Man, I love that horse!!

 Harley's like; what did we walk up here for Ladde?  Ever since we removed our wire cross-fencing, Harley hasn't had any mishaps that I'm aware of.  He's gotten really good at keeping somebody (usually Kadie) very close.  When the herd gets playful, he's careful to make sure he's in the middle of a wide open space before he bucks and gallops around in pretty little controlled circles.  He's so cute when he plays!

Dude.  Lllama Dude.  We figured out the other day that Merlin must be getting close to 19 ish years old now.  He certainly smells that old!!  How long do llamas live anyways?  Just kidding!  We love the old fossil even if he does stink to high heaven...he's very entertaining to have around! 

The resident "princess", Kadie showing off some rather un-princess-like behavior here...  Notice how long her hair coat is, I've frequently wondered if she might possibly be developing Cushings disease because her hair coat is very long and she didn't completely shed out last summer.  Other than that though, she has no other symptoms.  My sweet girl is 27 years old now...oh how the years have flown by.  If I could turn back the hands of time, I'd certainly do it with this horse.  Yep, start back where I got her and do it all over again!

Kadie is usually Harley's first choice as his seeing-eye horse.  He has incredibly good taste!!  I'd pick her too!  Sensible, trustworthy, intelligent and kind...all good traits to have in a leader.  Good choice Harley!

I had a good laugh when I saw this picture of Eagle!  He's definitely packed on a few pounds since coming to our house.  The boy loves his groceries, and has officially picked up where Siri left off as the "clean-up" crew.   Siri used to hold that position, she'd never leave the hay until every single morsel was gone.  I see a lot of hill climbing in our future.  :)

Although Shad still has a healthy dose of respect for Eagle, they're getting along much better these days.  If ever there's a problem, it only exists in Shad's mind. 

My handsome mustang is doing very well in his lessons.  We've been trying to adhere to 3-4 times per week, usually an every other day routine.  He's very, very smart and catches onto most things quickly.  My friend that's been helping me with Eagle got on him twice last week.  The first time she just sat on his back, but the last time she walked him around the round pen.  He was quiet and willing.  Now I'm sure he's never been ridden, he's just like a colt who has no understanding of why you're on his back.  Primarily, we're focusing on groundwork exercises for now, but occasionally and gradually we'll start including more of riding as well.  I want to keep his education on the slow and steady course, making sure he has a good, solid foundation and thorough understanding of each lesson before throwing too much at him.  I'd rather be accused of going too slow, rather than going too fast.  My mantra of late is, "there's always tomorrow".  I'm very proud of his progress so far.  The other thing I've noticed lately about Eagle is that he's becoming more and more affectionate.  He's quite the "talker" too...always nickering in a quiet way.  I like that.  I just like this horse; what can I say?  Apparently, I know a good horse when I see one.  :)

Until next time...keep a leg on each side of the horse and your mind in the middle. 


Lorie @ Cingspots


Kate said...

Great stuff - love the photos! And those spots, but of course I love a plain bay horse too . . .

samihob said...

Great equestrian blog! Why not come over to http://hay-net.co.uk/ and post your blog there too at this Equine Social Blogging Network!

fernvalley01 said...

Great shots! and Is Eagle due to foal soon??LOL I have a few here like that too.
Sounds like HArley is doing well with his blindness, sometimes we struggle with it more than they do

Ranch Girl Diaries said...

Nice photos Lorie! Your appy faces are all so cute! Glad to hear that Eagle is doing so well in his lessons! I think my Lo will have the winter off to be a horse, we'll pick up next spring with some serious training. It's too wet and eventually snowy and I have no dry arena to work them in. She got a good start last spring and like you, I believe in going slow. She's only 4 and has plenty of time to grow up and become a big horse!

Carolynn said...

What a great herd you have there. I knew, back when you first mentioned Harley's vision problems, that he would adapt and get along just fine. Animals are so resilient.

Leah Fry said...

Everyone certainly looks like they're weathering the cold well. It's okay to be a bit fluffy in the winter.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love your herd. Great photos that show off their personalities. Eagle is coming along really well. I have the same philosophy...slow and easy because there's always tomorrow. Best to give a horse a good foundation then having to go back and fix it later. You do know a good horse when you see one, just look at that wonderful herd.

Oz Girl said...

Love your blog, been so long since I've had time to visit my friends. You cracked me up when you called them pork chops, or pasture potatoes.... our 3, well at least 2 of them, could claim that same moniker. Paintboy and Stormy look like they could foal SOON. LOL. Murphy is our old guy, so he gets Purina Sr Equine and doesn't look as heavy as the other two!

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday -- loved your comment, "Wish we all could get back to living a more simple life because I'm pretty sure we'd be happier, more carefree and certainly have less debt, which means we'd have to work less." That is so SPOT-ON for me. No pun intended. :-) I miss my days of NOT working and having time to blog and visit blogs, oh I miss it so much!! Working two jobs really sucks!!