Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lesson tonight - me and my studmuffin

Ooh, I'm sooo excited!!!  Bill's coming over tonight and me and the Laddmonster are having our first real lesson with the new trainer.....can't wait!!  How I love having orders barked at me whilst I'm riding horseback.  Any other time, I'm quite likely to tell you to "bite me" and just mind your own beeswax!!  But, when I have respect and/or admiration at someone's abilities and am in the learning frame of all means - bark away!!

Lad's got his shoes on now, and I'm looking forward to riding some trails again.  Haven't been trailriding since last fall, and that's just too long.  My hubby had shoes put on his horse, Shad.  First time in several years that he's planning on using Shad as his main rider...and guess what?  Wouldn't you know that the big, red goosebury has a swollen knee?  Dang nabbit all!  It figures!!  Good thing is, he's not lame on it.  He's still thundering around the pasture, bucking and bossing everybody in his path.  That's good.  Then again, maybe he just doesn't have enough sense to realize he's got a bum leg.  Who knows?  I palpated his leg the other night, and he's got a little sensitivity to the pressure, there's a little heat and we've definitely got firm inflammation all around, but especially in the front.  A few weeks back, I'd picked off a little (maybe an inch long) scrab from the front of his knee and there was a little pus.  We cleaned it up, put some antibiotic ointment on it and it seemed fine.  Maybe somebody got a well-placed hoof and that's the cause of the little cut and now this swelling?  It's my best possible guess - either that, or he strained the ligaments during one of his dramatic acrobatic bucking/playing sessions he's so famous for!  That's more like it!!  Anyway, long story-short...the swelling's not going away.  My boss is going to come out and put the U/S on it, and see what we can see.  If nothing shows up, we'll have to shoot a couple of rads and see what that turns up.  I'm pretty sure it's nothing serious, because the fact remains that the horse is not lame.  If I watch him really, really closely; I can pick up on a slight favoring of the leg, and that's it.  It's probably just going to need a little more time, but keeping him quiet is a real challange. 

It's a gorgeous spring day here and I'm loving it!! Mid 70's and a nice, cool breeze.  Supposed to be like this for the upcoming 5-7 more days.  I like it.  The dogs and I have been walking the 1-3/4 mile trail around the park at lunch time for a few weeks now.  It feels so good to be outside in the fresh air again, and not get rained on.  The mud's drying up nicely, and that's always a good thing.  Will keep all of you in the eastern half of the country in our prayers.  I can't even imagine extreme heat and humidity like what you're experiencing. 

Blessings to all,


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun - enjoy yourself!

Michelle said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes -- for both Ladde and Shad! I can't believe I'm finally going to get to see that beautiful chestnut RIDDEN. ;-)

C-ingspots said...

Thank you both!!! I had the most fantastic ride on Ladde - it was a blast!!!! How I've missed someone critiquing me from the ground and bossing me around and giving me something to work on. Sooooo much fun!!! I was so amped up, I got hardly any sleep last night, and am even a wee bit sore around the rib cage. Bill had me lifting ribs and twisting my upper body and doing things I've NEVER even thought of trying before. I'm a trailrider for pete's sake!!! He says I need to remember to have the attitude of a dressage queenie and ride with arrogance and queenly authority!! :) It just amazes me how sensitive Ladde is to these subtle changes in pressure and my body lifting and such...he's a ROCKSTAR!!! I always knew my Ladde was meant to be a dressage horse extraordinaire!!! Sorry...just a tad proud of my big boy today. :)
Thank you Michelle for the compliment about Shad - Biff will love that!