Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heavens to Betsy... the weather!!!

Whatever have we done to have such horrendously volatile spring weather!!?? In the last several days, we've experienced warm temperatures and deliciously sweet sunshine, gentle, nurturing showers, delicate breezes...sleet, angry rainfall, hail, rainbows, stiff winds, more rain, some sunshine...torrential pelting rainfall, gale force whipping winds, a little more hail...back to aaahhhh beautiful sunshine...good grief, I'm afraid to ask what's next for fear I'll find out!!

But, it's certainly not boring!! Tomorrow (according to the calendar) charts the 2/3 mark through spring. Yep, summer's a mere month away - believe it or not. I've yet to complete my garden planting because we're still experiencing night-time frosts on occasion, and our horses are still on about an hour and a half of grass turn-out daily for fear they'll overdose on the lush springtime carbohydrate-rich pasture. They are decidedly unhappy about this unreasonable limiting of their free-choice munch time, but their bellies are proof to the contrary. Will they never be satisfied?? I fear not...spoiled critters!! Our last year's stockpile of hay is severely depleted...we have 3 or 4 bales left. I sure don't want to have to buy more before we get our once a year barnfull - and who knows when that will be with this uncooperative weather. Oh well, I have absolutely zero control over any of it, so que-sa-ra-sa-ra...whatever will be, will be!! You know the song, right? Sing it with me, kay? No!? Oh fine then!!

We've finally gotten the shoes on our horses but have yet to make it to the mountains for that first trail ride outing this me crazy, but I prefer riding when there's little mud and sunshine on my shoulders. Ooh ooh, another song we could sing together...shall we? Can you tell I'm experiencing cabin fever? Hmmm? Oh well...soon, my pretties, veerrrrry soon...

Bye all,

One last thing...all season long, I've been saying it's gonna boil down to the only 2 possible competitors! And guess what!!?? I was right!!! That's right - Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze - ooh baby!! They are the best, and I can't possibly make up my mind as to who the winner should be!! And, I guess it doesn't really matter cuz they're both winners and they're both gonna go far!!! Yeah baby!!! In case there are some of you out there who are wondering what in the world I'm talking about? American Idol Season Finale next Tuesday...Crystal and that show!!

Cingspots over and out :)


Anonymous said...

yikes... sounds like our weather... got caught in snow and monsoon with gusty winds whilst trying to get the horses in this a.m. ... i was in the tack room for what seemed like hours before i could even think about braving the elements... spoke to G-d who told me i can weather the storms.. .both physical and spiritual.

amen! :)

allhorsestuff said...

HAHA! Mudd on the hooves and Sun on the shoulders!
Good combo for exactly THAT- as where we live has plenty to go around these the sun...not too much of that ..ooou...some right at his MOMENT..too bad i have a oil change apt to go to..may miss the opportunity to ride today!
Saw your comment over at "Green Slobber..." I meant to come over sooner too...My mind is in a fog like these days of late. Trying to reduce my pain-in-the-arm-shoulder!
Typing does me in.
Glad to hear from you and read of you too...yea..HAIL/WIND/RAINS/ and more so...every week... just had those 2 days of bliss this mo that I posted about.
2 in a row and weeks on end of----op =sorry to complain...seems pains have made it to my mouth these days too!
So, Lorie, do you think Harley Horse was mostly blind last year for riding? Sticking to wider, probably the best idea..he will always trust going out- with out sight..if you can do that, without incident.
Praying for you.

I am looking for a truck right I agonize with you over the tires being so blame expensive- I bought trailer ties for my sissy last year...bout broke the bank-and she NEVER paid me back anything..An I do not have that trailer either..never going into cahoots with her again ... learned a valuable family dynamic lesson- stay outa business with them!

Well, I hope to some see and ride with you when I do get a truck!...and You can always board (she'd make you a deal)at my Private barn for a few days of pleasure too...should you want to let me take you to our know that they are plenty and nice. of these days...we will RIDE!!!

allhorsestuff said...

Thanks sweet for your my place~
We are going to ride this summer..I am making it priority 1! Got pre approved for a truck today...hope I can find one of the amount they are offering me!
Be well...and please pray for me and my P.B.O. ...some weirdo things have been happening and I hate conflict!

Lisa said...

It has been a wacky spring here in PA too. I believe the horses were in 5 days last week since it rained every day followed by frost! I am rooting for Lee. He's been my fave from the start, I just love his raspy voice and perhaps the fact that he seems such a troubled soul is appealing to me. Take good care of yourself & your critters!

Gail said...

Our weather here is strange too. The hot is not suppose to hit until August. The bugs are more than bountiful but things are growing so I am grateful for that.

prashant said...

was in the tack room for what seemed like hours before i could even think about braving the element
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allhorsestuff said...

I saw you had commented at Gail's...where are you dear Lorie?
We gonna ride this summer? my cell is
503-927-7854 txt me or call anytime~